Culver City Express Hand Car Wash and Detail
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Culver City Express Hand Car Wash and Detail

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over 2 years ago
Great service, very obliging employees (if I see a missed spot or dirty window, they fix asap) and only hand washing, no brushes for my baby. I go once a week for a Regency Plus wash, which includes vacuum, wipe down inside and wheels cleaned/ tire shine, plus air freshener (I love cherry smell). I've had a full detail a year ago to protect my car from the change in weather here since I'm from Chicago and the sun is harsher ( she was garage kept back home) and lots of bee poop here. 🐝
You know, those little yellow droplets that need a fingernail or good soaking to remove bec they don't just wash off unfortunately - which is why I go once a week. Happy to say I will be returning for a full detail again soon as it's been a year. Fair prices, open every day and if Lamborghinis, Rolls Royces and Teslas are at this place every time I show up. .I'd say they are good enuff for me. Give em a try, tell em Valerie sent you and maybe they'll give you a discount 😉👍🏻