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Nathan Kelly

Hi there! My name is Nathan Kelly and I am the Business Development Manager for both PureClean Carpet Cleaning and PureDry Restoration. Whether you need the healthiest and most thorough cleaning you've ever experienced or if you find yourself dealing with a flood, sewage backup, or fire/smoke, feel free to reach out anytime I can be of service!
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I can't tell you how impressed I have been with AirGanic over the years. Gal and his team consistently serve people on the highest level and their commitment to client satisfaction is second to none. I can't recommend AirGanic highly enough!
American Leak Detection - Snoqualmie
These men and women are the best in the business! John and his team have helped a number of our clients discover the source of the water damage that we were there to mitigate and we've always been impressed with the way they take care of things.
Bodine Construction Services
Ken and his team at Bodine are superstars! They've helped a few of our clients with their drainage issues and we couldn't be more proud of the way they took care of things -- not only do they know their stuff, they care for folks the right way!
Elite Roofing & Remodel
Travis and his team at Elite Roofing are our go-to when our clients need help with their roof. Whether it be helping to uncover the source of water damage, making the necessary repairs, or completely replacing a roof, this team always does it right!
Lifetime Heating & Air Conditioning
Dwight, Darrick, and the team at Lifetime are one of the very few businesses out there to truly care for people. Not only do they serve their clients incredibly well, but they're fully committed to finding ways to give back to their community and do so on a regular basis. This is a team who will treat you right!
Westhill Inc.
General Contractor
The whole team at Westhill is committed to taking great care of people -- yes, on the job, but also in the community. They do beautiful work and client satisfaction is number one!

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