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over 2 years ago
Where to begin? A) these diapers, even after over a month and a half of using them are still as, if not more, fantastic as when i first got them (pros/cons below). The kits are great because for the same price as you would pay for 6 diapers anyway, they add in some of the detergent (works really well) and the liners (are okay--not the easiest size to use with these, tbh). I have only ever air-dried these, either on my line outside or hung in the house--pretty sure this makes the absorbent core MORE absorbent than dryer drying, though i could just be biased. Anyways

-Much easier to use than other AIO brands--really is as close to disposables as Ive found. (Without the waste or chemicals)
-Loops and mitten-like pocket on core makes it easy to remove and replace the attached core from the water resistant part of the diaper.
-super absorbent: rarely have issues if any with diaper rash like i did with disposables
-washing machine friendly: rinse any solids that may have escaped your liner and then toss that bad boy in the wash
-durable: so far, with nearly DAILY WASHING, not a stitch one any of the 16 i have have come loose (at least not that I've noticed)
-SO cute: great variety of unisex designs or plain white if you'd rather keep it simple
-attached design means no losing parts of the diaper; makes reusing them so easy!!
-adjustable, so grows with baby

-some leaking: sometimes will leak around legs, but i think this may be due to either not having them on snuggly enough or liners sticking out (have literally seen pee escape like this!)
-bulkier than some diapers
-may be too large for newborns
-air-drying can take some time
-need to add vinegar to wash or directly to diapers on occasion to keep them smelling fresh

UPDATE: Month 5 and they are still working well, though I will say leaks are more noticeable--particularly at night. Have had success adding additional soaker pad to it for overnight though this makes it much bulkier.

Strongly suggest washing and utilizing a pre-wash feature as this gets them SIGNIFICANTLY cleaner!

Con: difficult to continue using if you end up with a pest problem i the home (new place had fleas and they liked the cloth diapers much more than the disposables--had to swap temporarily until the issue was under control since they kept hiding in them!)

I am debating re-coating the water resistant part with an anhydrous sealer (Crep from Journeys shoes has always worked really well on my shoes so i will start there). Will update with my results if/when i do!