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over 2 years ago
Is it weird to love my irrigation controller? It took fifteen minutes to install, requiring only a lowly screwdriver. It talks to your wifi to look at local weather and adjust the watering schedule accordingly. I'm sure it saved me hundreds of dollars this summer. A bargain, and good for the environment! I love getting the emails reminding me how smart I was to buy this thing.
Carolyn Gracz Hi Adam, I’m looking at one of these but I don’t have anything it can talk to yet. Did someone install the rest of your system?
  • almost 2 years ago
Adam Doppelt The house came with an irrigation system. Swapping out the controller was easy! Are you looking for an irrigation installer? Might be able to recommend one. They have to dig up your entire yard.
  • almost 2 years ago
Carolyn Gracz I have bits and pieces pasted together so I think I need to unify it. If you can recommend anyone I need to have them look at what we have and see what to do. I def. don’t want all my hard work dug up!
  • almost 2 years ago
Adam Doppelt Try City Rain! They get real busy turning on systems in the spring, but maybe that’s done now. Good people.
  • almost 2 years ago
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