The best hair sprays of 2023

Anja Castillo - Supremely great hold and my recommendation for short styles that need gravity-defying volume without using a gel or paste.
Patty Aberham - It holds like no other I've tried and there's no greasy look. No other substitutes will do.
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Rita Homan - BEST after styling product ever!! Does not leave your hair feeling dry or greasy. Such an affordable long lasting product!!
Danielle Williams - This hair spray will have your hair laid and slayed for hours. Honestly it could be days too. This hair spray offers a great firm hold to any hairstyle. I personally use it when I do ponytails and want to ensure nothing moves.
Kristie Presten - I use Redken Quick Dry 18. It gives me a flexible hold (so not too stiff feeling), and works really great even in humidity.
Anja Castillo - Great for a crunchier curl look, with a nice sheen (it is a scruncher and finishing spray)
Brianna Bates - Fights the humidity of DC wonderfully

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