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Seattle homeowner who loves house projects.
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Aesthetica Contemporary Dentistry
I love Dr. Kolia and her team. This practice just moved to a new building with state of the art equipment. You can even watch Netflix while you have your teeth cleaned. They also give you a custom made tray for your teeth with whitening gel for FREE. Appointments are also always on time, which I really appreciate.
Dr. Jessica Lindsay (Polyclinic)
Dr. Lindsay is fantastic and is the voice of reason any new/paranoid parent needs. She patiently listens to the list of questions we bring and provides great answers that ease our concerns. Our son loves her and we feel so lucky to have her as his doctor.
Dr. Kimberly Vanderzee (Swedish Medical Center)
Dr. Vanderzee is very compassionate and an all around great provider. She's also super responsive on MyChart! I had been a patient of my previous primary care doctor for over 20 years until they retired. Dr. Vanderzee had some big shoes to fill and has done really well.
Dr. Leslie Butterfield
I saw Dr. Butterfield while struggling with infertility for a few years. I don't think I would have made it without her! She's great at what she does and I would leave our sessions feeling understood, hopeful, and knew I was not alone.
Full Circle Acupuncture
Casey is phenomenal. I suffered from years of fertility challenges and going to her treatments felt like amazing therapy sessions. She has a tremendous amount of empathy and compassion for her patients. I'd leave there feeling relaxed and hopeful. She also treated me throughout my pregnancy and I look forward to our visits for baby #2.
Hilary Pentz
Physical Therapist
She's magic. I've seen Dr. Pentz for several injuries over the years and had experiences where I've come in, unable to move my neck at all, to having full range of motion by the time I leave her office. She also specializes in women's health and helped me prepare for the birth of my son, as well as put me back together postpartum. I had diastasis recti (abdominal separation) of about 3 inches. She helped me close it up in a a couple of months! Book in advance because it's hard to get in with her!
Modern Dermatology
Dr. Roman was really helpful in getting my rosacea under control in a matter of weeks. I'm so grateful!
Seattle Pregnancy Massage
Emma was such a calming presence during our birth experience and we felt she was really our advocate. I went into labor 2 months early and found myself in a panic as I lay on bedrest in the hospital for 8 days. I felt very unprepared for the birth as we had yet to take our birthing classes. Emma came to the hospital and spent about 2 hours with us, explaining the various scenarios we may have for our birth and put our minds completely at ease. I will never forget that! She also came to the hospital after our baby was born to do an in person and personal "caring for new born" specifically for our preemie. I would (and have) recommend her to first time parents.
Seattle Reproductive Medicine
We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Davis and SRM. We worked with Dr. Davis for our 3rd round of egg retrieval and second attempt at IVF and now have a healthy child. From the moment we started treatment with her, we knew we were in very good hands. She has a wonderful way of explaining options clearly while making you feel comfortable, hopeful, confident, and excited. She adds light to what can be a very frightening and dark process.



Erik Nye the Tree Guy
Tree Service
Erik is a true artist! He's kept our wisteria in line for years as well as trimmed our hedges and other trees in our yard. He and his team do great work and truly care about what they do. During his last visit they did not just take clippers to the top of the hedge. Rather, they carefully trimmed branches away and weaved some of them in so that from the top, you only saw pretty green leaves. Not bare branches. In addition were clearing out one part of the yard and instead of digging up and throwing out one of the trees, they transplanted it to another part of the yard.
Greenwalk Development
General Contractor
Justin and Leandro are very knowledgable and saved our house! We had extensive water damage and a support beam needed to be replaced. They worked quickly, top to bottom, on our 3 story townhome and found/fixed all the points of entry of water. I no longer have anxiety when it rains here in Seattle! The entire team was super professional, did amazing work, and were punctual with arrival times. That's been rare in our experience with contractors :) Cannot recommend them enough.
Mr. Fix It
Florin is the best handyman we've ever had! He is also a home inspector, which makes him a super handyman. He's fixed things for us like sinks that have fallen out of the counter, leaky faucets, water damaged windows, leaking garage roof, and installing a door in what was an open doorway. He's also fixed a bunch of water damaged ceilings and walls. Whenever we have him fix something, we know it will be done right.




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