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242 W 2nd Street, Austin, TX 78701
(512) 910-5240

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over 2 years ago
It would be safe to say that I am a true crime buff of sorts and have been on a few of these tours from different companies. However, this one did not disappoint. They knew more than the average tour guide and were able to take me back in time if you will, and imagine what it was really like in Austin back in the day when nefarious things arose.
over 2 years ago
True crime junkies, and those who are new to the city will enjoy. Explore Austin and retrace the steps of the country's first known serial killer.

So, you will need to go online and order your tickets (paid $40ea). You select the date and time of your "tour". You will meet your tour guide at a designated time and place (communication was great and had no issues finding the guide).

Your guide will then walk you around downtown Austin, and using pictures, news articles, and other time piece memorabilia, will walk you down the very paths, streets, alleyways, steps, and will lead you to the scenes of the crimes committed by America's first documented serial killer.

I wont spoil the fun for you, but you will get a glimpse of what Austin was like pre-dirty-6th-street, while learning about some crazy REAL events that had the entire city up in arms.

Awesome tour. Awesome guide. Awesome experience. Great for a date night, out of town relatives, or go as a group with some friends. Would do it again.
Jim Miles (Owner) - Ryan! Jim Miles here, owner, touratx.com and creater of Murder Walk Austin. Thank you so much for you kind words and I’m thrilled that you enjoyed this true crime experience. Knowledge of the “servant girl annihilator” and the atrocities he committed on our streets back in 1885 is probably the best kept secret in Austin. He is, without a doubt, Americas first serial killer. So ruthless, he would’ve made Ted Bundy blush. I’d love to take you out again for free, please continue to tell everyone you know! Best, JM touratx.com
  • over 2 years ago