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I find the 11 in people and organizations.
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CHaskell99 Recommends


Cynthia Ferucci
I've been with Dr. Ferrucci for the past 20 years and she is the best doctor I've ever had--and I've seen many. She best skill is deep listening. I asked her once why so many of the younger doctors pepper me with questions and so often the wrong ones. She said, "I tell them to be quite for the first 5 minutes - the patient will tell you all you need to know if you just listen." She proactive based on your input and her examinations and tests. I cannot think of a better partner and advisor to have in managing my health.
Dr. Connie Manuel (Espresso Dental)
Yes, they actually serve you espresso after you get your teeth cleaned. It's a thing. I've been with Connie Manual and her team for about 20 years. A bit about the experience: Connie hires amazing people. The staff loves their work and being part of a great team. They genuinely seem to like each other and you can't help but feel a little piece of that as a customer. The practice is housed in a neighborhood on Phinney Ridge. One of the offices overlooks a backyard garden, and they give you a fleece (men would likely not admit this little fact, but honestly, when I have a 7 am appointment I'm not interested in chitchat, but I do want that blanket and a view of the back yard). When I was between jobs and my night guard cracked, they found a way to fix it so I wouldn't need a new one. And, they have a program for folks without insurance that brings your overall costs down. Most importantly, they remember me and take an interest in my life - and vice versa.
Dr. Kathleen Kinney
Eye Doctor
I've been with Kathleen Kinney for about 20 years at the recommendation of a friend. Kathleen is just good people, a good listener, and very present. So often people go through the motions and treat you like you're a checklist item to get through their day. Kathleen takes a genuine interest in her clients.
Footworks Physical Therapy
Physical Therapist
Neal helped me through a double leg and ankle surgery. The recovery was brutal and I originally picked him just because he was in my neighborhood and there was good parking. He's a nice guy trying to make a difference in a field with small margins. He's been creative about how he's established his practice, and I admire his perseverance. He's a hardcore cycler and had a weak spot for my dog which I used to walk around the neighborhood before she passed. Hint: If you get him talking about politics, it makes for a deeper massage. :-)
Sofina Lin
Sofina came as a recommendation from a surgeon for pain management. While it didn't prevent the need for me to have surgery, she became an essential component of what comprised a small personal care team during a very difficult period. I hadn't had much exposure or belief in acupuncture prior to meeting her. And, I can't say I understand how it works now. But I can say that I have proactively recommended her to nearly anyone I hear who is dealing with pain because she put me in a different zone. That's all I can describe because I just don't have the words. She is a healer.




John Bagley LMP
Massage Therapist
I met John when I was under some of the greatest pressure in my life. He was part of a small group of people that saw me through an incredibly challenging time, where everything was happening at once. I was completing a dissertation, dealing with impending leg surgery, and changing jobs. I share the context because when you walk into someone's space carrying all that "stuff" the presence you are met with matters. He had all the same "tell me where it hurts" worksheets that other massage people have. But he was very present and attuned to what I needed. Also, his approach differed. For instance, he keeps the lights on. There is no music or insense. The only "zen" is whatever it is he is adjusting. And he helped me deal with what felt like chronic body pain and somehow unlocked acute areas where movement had been all but impossible. John is, in every sense of the word, a healer.
Sweatbox Yoga
Laura Culberg and everyone at the Sweatbox got me through my PT following a difficult leg surgery. I went almost every day for a year and it paid dividends beyond just helping me walk again. Beyond yoga, Laura's little studio is an example of a community well-tended. She chooses her instructors carefully - they really live their beliefs in a way I don't see in larger yoga franchises. She takes an interest in everyone that walks through the door and tends them the way she does the community. Cap Hill has built up all around her studio and she holds strong--proving that community, in the end, is what keeps you in business.