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Stephen Nash

Single dad to a Yorkie mix, a Havanese and a Parrotlet
Joined over 1 year ago

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Convertibles Only
Auto Mechanic
Les and team have been taking excellent care of my 1999 BMW convertible for over 12 years. I've had troubles with the convertible top on/off for most of those 12 years. They have ALWAYS found a way to keep it working. Whether it be an adjustment, a new motor or a new top they have always fixed the problem. In addition, they stand behind their work....even after a year! They installed a new top in Sept 2018; in Nov 2018 I brought it back as it had developed a small leak. Not only did they fix the leak, they made adjustments to make the top work even smoother and reattached some liner pieces that had come loose.....all at no cost!! I am a customer for life!!
Fat City German Car
Auto Mechanic
I’ve been taking my BMW to Lance for over 10 years. I trust him implicitly. My car will be 20 yrs old on 1/31/19. Lance gets credit for at least half of that!
Island Detail
Pat has performed magic on my 20 year old car. I can’t remember the last time that it looked this good!!
Metro Auto Rebuild
Body Shop
I initially brought my 1999 BMW convertible in for body work in 2013. My car looked better than it had in years. I recently brought my car back for some post-accident body work. I worked with Jules Cooper and his level of customer service truly exceeded my expectations. I brought my car by and he took pictures and notes in order to provide me with an estimate. I accepted the estimate and dropped my car off for the repairs. Once my car was inspected by MAR's experts, Jules asked me to come back to review their findings. They had noted every single imperfection. Jules reviewed these with me so that I could pass on those that I didn't care about. I was also able to authorize those that I didn't notice, but wanted to have corrected. During the entire process I felt that Jules had my best interests in mind and wasn't looking to gouge me on cost. I picked up my car and it looks better than it has in over 10 years!
Repair Revolution
Auto Mechanic
My dear friend, Eli Allison, owns/operates Repair Revolution. His staff is incredibly helpful and the service that they provide has exceeded my expectations. I just recommended RR to a friend at work and she was also thrilled with their work and customer service.







Stephen's Conversations

Stephen Nash
6 months ago • Madison Valley
Hello! Can anyone recommend a company that can clean/unclog gutters and remove moss from a roof?