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Kirby Winfield


I like this place.
Joined 9 months ago

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Dr. Garrison Bliss (Qliance Medical Group Of Washington)
Dr. Bliss founded Qliance, but is back on his own with BlissMD now. Office on Madison (in Madison Valley across from Cafe Flora). Dr. Bliss has a unique philosophy for a doctor - in essence, he believes less medicine (testing, drugs, etc) is better medicine. He is very focused on consulting his patients on diet, physical activity, and general wellness. I have worked with him for 20+ years and he basically saved my life when I had pneumonia, and then again when I was in terrible health overall. I highly highly recommend Dr. Bliss. He's a great guy, an entrepreneur, and funny to boot.
Dr. Gary Spector (Polyclinic)
Dr. Spector was roommates with John Belushi in college. The funny rubbed off on him! But what really matters is Dr. Spector's dedication to his patients. He never takes a day off, he works overtime to help his sickest kids, and he's there when you need him (like, when our daughter was born a month early, with Down syndrome, and emergency surgery, and the neonatal ICU, he was THERE to help us process, and assure us we and the hospital were doing the right things). Dr. Spector has been a stalwart resource for both our kids and we are fortunate to have found him!
Dr. Kean Lawlor (Seattle Skin & Laser)
Dr. Lawler is thorough, candid, experienced and flexible. Got moles? He's not gonna force you to remove aggressively but rather will give an evaluation and share best practices/thoughts and track issue areas over time.
Fey & Grey Orthodontics
I saw Michael Fey growing up and now my son sees his daughter Kristina - and they are as friendly, professional, experienced and talented as you could hope or imagine. Lifetime customer, highly recommend!
Northwest Pediatric Dentistry
Super patient with my nervous daughter, and super thorough and efficient with both kids. Location could be better but worth the trip.

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Hi friends! I'm looking for an amazing speech coach that can help me prepare for delivering a keynote. Know anybody? Emphasis on the amazing!