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Laura Butler

I Marie Condo'd my life in 2019 after leaving Microsoft, in preparation for diving into the local tech scene and investing. I'm the co-founder of a startup called UpLift Group. We provide owner-centric data + help + tools for HOAs (condos and townhouses), the kind of things we ourselves want as condo owners and board members.
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Laura Recommends


Allbirds Underwear
The shoes are of course fabulously comfortable, made for toe-wiggling, and I own several pairs in different colors and styles. But this is a recommendation for their new women’s undergarment line, specifically the thongs. Sorry if it’s TMI but they fit great and hit in just the right spots without chafing the others. You can have your cake and eat it too, being comfortable while avoiding panty lines. Chef’s kiss, mwah mwah, to the good folks at Allbirds for yet another winner.
Amba Face Mask
Bath Towels
Amba makes two-sided masks with gorgeous fabrics from Ghana. It's the side hustle of Jessica Dennis, the General Manager of Haymaker East (and Haymaker East is an awesome restaurant). I bought 3 and love 'em. I found out about Amba because I was eating at Haymaker and asked her about her fab mask.
Dell Xps Laptops
OK I may have a problem. I have the older model Dell XPS 15”, the one where the camera is on the bottom of the screen. Other than that it was great. But I couldn’t help myself and I bought the new XPS 17” and 13” versions. They are truly the most perfect laptops of their size I’ve ever had. Now I have a fairy tale of productivity devices. Daddy (old 15”), Mamma (new 17”), and Baby Bear (new 13”) and Goldilocks (iPad). We all know that Apple stans are princesses so there you have it. ;-)
Mac Lipstick Retro Matte
Love me the orange and red shades in the retro line of M.A.C. Lipstick, especially the matte versions. Who wouldn’t feel better wearing Dangerous Red, Russian Roulette, Diva, or Ruby Woo? It’s like transporting yourself to the 1930s and being a dangerous femme fatale international spy when you put these on.
Modkat Litter Boxes
Cat Litter
First you gotta love the slogan. "ModKat: Where modern cats do their business". Also their logo, which is reminiscent of Azure & OneDrive. See photo #1. More importantly their litter boxes really work and aren't ugly. By really work I mean don't cause tons of little bits of litter to get all over the floor. They make a model that's like a batting cage, open with a shield around it. It's good. They make a top entry only one too but for small cats and older cats it could be awkward. The best one so far I've tried looks like a recycle bin with a folding top. The cats love it and I have 90% less mess and dust. See photo #2.
Paula's Choice Liquid Exfoliant
I got a small sample as part of a free beauty package that Nordstrom included with another order. I’m now a daily user of 2 versions. In the morning, the 2% BHA with salicylic acid before moisturizer. It keeps your skin clear and clean. In the evening, the 8% AHA with glycolic acid before night cream. It helps with sunspots and wrinkles.
Solely Fruit Jerky
I stumbled upon this line of snacks at the Metropolitan Market. The Pineapple-Coconut one is the best of them all but they are all good including the Banana-Cacao. Low fat and clean food so you feel virtuous, but they taste amazing. You just need a blue slushy drink with an umbrella to imagine yourself in Hawaii. The Met literally cannot keep these in stock. I buy a whole box whenever they appear and it seems like others do too. Stock up when you can!
Wide Ruled Rebel
Elizabeth Geri is a local entrepreneur who previously was a product & marketing genius at Sur La Table. She’s made completely recyclable and high-quality products like notebooks, binders, and pens. The notebooks are stitched and lay flat and don’t degrade if you tear out a sheet. The pens write smoothly. Like Zoom, she’s innovated in an area that few would have thought had room.

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Laura Butler
about 1 month ago • Capitol Hill
I met the founder Emily Darchuk at a Female Founders Alliance event. Wheyward Spirit ( is based in Portland. They produce vo...
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