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Mike Torres

Father of two amazing little humans... Director of Kindle reading at Amazon... Passionate "student of strength" and Team Leader in the StrongFirst system of strength... Lifelong martial artist, currently getting choked out as a blue belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu... Insanely curious about the intersection of Ancestral Health and Biohacking...
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Mike Recommends


Arctic Glow Cryospa
Kimberly at Arctic Glow is the person I contact when I'm feeling sore, or not recovering well. 3 minutes of -130 degrees F and not only do I feel more alive and alert, but my achy muscles and joints rebound much faster. Much easier to do than an ice bath or a cold shower, and it's extremely effective for me.
Axe Kickers
Axe Kickers isn't exactly a gym or a fitness facility, but throwing is a core human skill - and I practice throwing axes here. They have various options for targets and a fun atmosphere to both learn how to throw, and to improving your skills.
Banya 5
Concrete and brick parilka that gets *far* hotter (240 degrees) than most dry heat saunas, a Turkish steam room, a salt water mineral bath, a 47 degree cold plunge pool, and a 104 degree hot tub. It doesn't take long to feel completely rejuvenated from a hard training session. I don't go all that often (a few times/month max) but when I do, I wonder why it's not part of my regular routine.
Framework BJJ
Jiu Jitsu
Drew and Christine Vogel have created an incredible culture at Framework BJJ. Drew is a 2nd Degree Black Belt under Rick and Phil Migliarese (2 of the highest ranking Gracie Jiu Jitsu Black Belts in the US) and Chrissie is a Purple Belt under Drew. While I've trained in martial arts for most of my life, I simply didn't know what I was missing until I started working with Drew. Drew is patient, incredibly knowledgeable, and an amazing coach of both the fundamentals and the more intricate game of jiu-jitsu in the gi, without the gi, and for self-defense.
Andrea and Vic at Kettlebility are excellent coaches and my "go to" for advice on movement, kettlebell, barbell, and bodyweight training. Andrea is a Master Instructor with StrongFirst, a global "school of strength" with thousands of certified instructors. Vic is a Master Instructor with MovNat. Combined they are Wonder Woman and Superman with a studio designed to help everyone get stronger and move well.
Krav Maga Seattle
Martial Arts
I trained at KMS for about 2 1/2 years in the Krav Maga program, as well as their "Fight" program. The owners (Cat and Chau) are fantastic people and take what they do very seriously - yet every class has humor and is seriously *fun*. The instructors are all top-notch. They recently added Bang Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, and other combat sports. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in exploring martial arts more deeply.
Leah Kangas LMT
Massage Therapist
I've been working with Leah for several years on an "as needed" basis. She is a runner and trains with kettlebells and does heavy Olympic lifts - so she gets the kind of minor strains and aches/pains that athletes can sometimes run into. If I'm feeling a little "out of whack", Leah can usually put me back together in just one or two 75m sessions.
Northwest Cryotherapy Institute
Bellevue-based clinic with a sweet electric cryo chamber, an infrared sauna, local cryo, compression sleeves/boots, and a massage table. I always feel great after doing whole-body cryo here as it's *actually* whole body (vs. just neck down) and once you have experience, they will have you go for an extra minute for a total of 4.



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