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Rebekah Bastian

Ballard • Seattle, WA
Joined over 1 year ago

Rebekah Recommends


Buddhi Acupressure Mat
Massage Tools
This mat is amazing. You lie on it (carefully - it’s pokey!) and literally feel your entire body relaxing. I ordered it from Buddhi- my friend’s company that’s also a great cancer survivor & thriver community)
Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub
Hot Tub
We got this as a fun option for getting outside in the winter. It is so awesome, just as comfortable as a regular hot tub, and about 10% of the price. Highly recommend!
Fast Penny Spirits Amaricano
Liquor & Spirits
This is my new favorite alcohol! It's amazing on its own, and is the secret ingredient for the perfect Manhattan and Old Fashioned. It's made by a couple of women in Ballard. Definitely stock up!
Fly by Jing Sauces
I love these sauces so much, I did an interview with their founder!
House of Wise Stress Gummies
Cbd Products
House of Wise is a woman-founded CBD brand for women. They make gummies and drops for stress, sleep and sex. I've been kind of obsessed with the stress gummies - they definitely take the edge off! If you want to order with my link, you'll help support my habbit ;)
Website is a peer-to-peer support system that drives meaningful personal and professional development for women. Through OwnTrail's proprietary technology, women can own and share their authentic stories as Trails, see people who look like them in the places they aspire to, and empower each other to navigate obstacles and opportunities.
Uncle Nearest Small Batch Whiskey
Liquor & Spirits
Laura Clise of the Intentionalist introduced me to this whiskey. It's really, really good. Apparently it's named after Nathan "Nearest" Green, the slave that taught Jack Daniels how to make whiskey.
Vuori Joggers
Agree with other reviewers - I live in these!



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