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over 2 years ago
I'm a longtime customer and kept my subscription during COVID. I switched over to focusing on tops that would look good on Zoom calls. I love the experience of selecting new items each month and how high quality the pieces are! I never would have looked twice at a $400 blouse, but now I'm a huge fan of Sarah Alexander's beautiful tailored blouses. Because of their business model, I was able to keep/purchase the one that I loved the most at a 'used' price.
over 2 years ago
Armoire has been my "just for me" thing for a few years now. No matter how much of an over-extended mom/CEO/writer/all-the-things-I'm-supposed-to-be-right-now I feel like, having new, unique and non-wasteful clothes all the time gives me that extra sparkle!
almost 3 years ago
Also a big fan and have been a member for over 2 years. Totally worth it to rent clothes (and these are higher end clothes that I normally wouldn't be able to buy on a regular basis).
Ambika, aka boss lady, is a wonderful person to boot!
about 3 years ago
I love this product! I use it all the time, especially for travel, because it’s nice to have a refresh when you’re going somewhere new.
almost 4 years ago
Great resource to bring more life to your wardrobe!
almost 4 years ago
Great option for try-before-you-buy clothes, or just to mix up your wardrobe without having to actually go shopping (ugh).

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Jen Hope Liz Pearce I was an early adopter of @armoire and they've totally changed my approach to clothes. I honestly NEVER go shopping unless I need basics! I do love my custom style appointment at their local boutiques though. The. Best.
  • almost 4 years ago
almost 4 years ago
I am a clothing snob. And I. Love. Armoire. What's really astonishing is that they "get" me, they "get" my taste. They serve up items that I actually really like. And the process itself is super easy. You sign up for a monthly membership and give your size and fashion profile. They share several dozen options that fit you, and you pick 4 of them (or more if you get a bigger membership). They mail them to you with a return label and package. You wear the items as much or as little as you'd like. Then you mail them back, and repeat the process with 4 more pieces, etc. If you fall in love with an item of clothing they've sent you, then you can buy it from them. I am a huge fan.
Jen Hope Lindsay Pedersen Totally agree! They are so great. I also love the in-person style appointments where I can go in and try stuff on and take it home if I love it.
  • almost 4 years ago
almost 4 years ago
Armoire has changed the way I shop. Now I only buy basics and rent fun things to mix up my wardrobe from Armoire. If I find something I really like I can also buy it.
Jen Hope Jana Kleitsch I have the exact same approach now. I'm also having WAY more fun getting dressed than I ever have before.
  • almost 4 years ago
about 4 years ago
Buying new clothing is so out. Renting amazing fashionable clothing (or buying used) is DEFINITELY the way to go.

About Armoire

How it Works

  • Step 1- Take a 3 minute quiz that helps designers at Armoire learn a little bit more about your style.

  • Step 2- The stylists will choose a selection of styles to fit you.

  • Step 3- Select your 4 favorite styles and have them delivered to your door.

  • Step 4- Return each item at your convenience or purchase your favorites at a discount. Shipping is free with a prepaid envelope.


Capsule Service- 4 items/month

  • Rent 4 items at a time
  • Swap after 30 days
  • Free shipping both ways
  • $2000+ of clothing a month
  • Unused swaps roll over

Unlimited Service- Unlimited swaps

  • Rent 4 items at a time
  • Unlimited swaps
  • Free shipping both ways
  • $5000+ of clothing a month