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Vanessa Laughlin


Proud 15+ year U-District Neighbor | originally a PNW island dweller | currently balancing life as a start-up entrepreneur and mom to one elder canine and two young primates | native language = Spanglish
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Liz Pearce
10 days ago • Montlake
I promise, this was on my list long before the current crisis! But now that I have some extra time on my hands, I'd love to cross it off my list. W...
Della Glein
29 days ago • Wallingford
Does anyone have a home healthcare recommendation for the south end?
Vanessa Laughlin
7 months ago • University District
Hi there- Good news, my Kaiser Permanente doc prescribed massage . . bad news, I'm having trouble finding North Seattle or First Hill located thera...
Lindsay Pedersen
8 months ago • Ravenna
My lovely mom is going through chemotherapy right now, and chemo sucks. I've learned that naturopathic oncologists can be helpful in managing the s...