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over 2 years ago
This is a local (Seattle), family-owned business with more options than I knew existed in the world of beds and bedding. Their salespeople are professional and knowledgable and helpful, without being burdensome or overly sales-y. Their showroom is huge, so you don't have to just pick and guess how a piece will look in your home, and they offer a variety of styles to suit your decor. If you're feeling Victorian and flush, they even sell an $80k bed made of horsehair.
about 4 years ago
We love this place. Wish the prices were a little lower, but the value and quality meets our expectations. We've now purchased several beds from them and we love the new line of easy chairs.
over 4 years ago
So I might be biased, because I went to HS with one of the family members that runs this business, BUT, they really are the place to go to get a new fantastic mattress. The shopping experience is educational and NEVER with any pressure, and the entire staff is really wonderful.