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Megan Popa
16 days ago • Phoenix

Any good dating apps out there?

Alright I have a love/hate relationship with dating apps... well, actually not a whole lot of love... Anyone recommend any one over another? Positives/Negatives of different apps? Any success stories out there?
8 replies
3 days ago
Have you tried bumble?
I’ve tried it and it’s been a good experience so far.
* profiles are more complete according to your interests (age, location, job, education, what you are looking for -friendship, relationship, etc-, zodiac signs 😅, political views, food and leisure and more).
* when you make a match you have 24 hours to make the first move, so you avoid having uncomfortable moments in case you were confused about the person you gave a like to…
* most people tend to verify their accounts so you know you’re dealing with the one you are seeing in pictures.

Cons: if you don’t make the move in 24 hours you might lose the match.
15 days ago
Thanks for the detailed info... I'll give it a shot!
14 days ago
I was super lucky with Tinder I meet my husband there. At the same time, I got the bad part before I meet him, creepy people and a lot of unsolicited pictures. I always recommend people to try it, but tell them to be safe and be careful when they are meeting other people in person.
14 days ago
Met my husband on a free trial of! I figured I'd try the 7 days and hopefully set up a few dates and then delete. Only set up one with him and deleted after 4 days because there were too many "matches" and I got overwhelmed (and obviously very lucky)! But honestly I liked the concept of looking for a relationship vibe and thorough profiles were nice to weed through.
12 days ago
Wow! Congrats on these success stories! Definitely makes trying some of these out more appealing!
11 days ago
8 days ago
Not necessarily an app, but I've been seeing Single's Meetups in Denver or whatever Metro you're in- simply type in "Single's Meet Ups in X" on Google. I'd say Facebook groups that host outdoor adventures for both finding friends and potential matches are a nice, organic way to potentially find the one because at least you'll have one thing already in common (hiking, whiskey tasting, painting etc.)
6 days ago
Bumble is the best for females! It let's you control when the first move is taken!
3 days ago

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