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Mandi Pacer

Colorado Born. Visionary & Creator. Live Music Lover. Iced Tea Aficionado. Owner of The Moxi Poppy - Creative Co-Op in Historical Morrison, CO + Small Business Branding and Digital Media Consulting
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Mandi Recommends


Aha Sparkling Water
Sparkling Water
If you're trying to avoid drinking soda, this is a wonderful substitute!
Airspun Loose Face Powder
Airspun Loose Face Powder should be a staple in all makeup kits arsenal. It goes on light and the coverage is unbelievable. This container lasts forever and it's wicked cheap!
Apple Ipad Mini 4
I purchased one of these for my small business and love to utilize it for shop transactions and administrative needs!
Such a great product to have on hand after getting a fresh tattoo or facing intolerable dry, cracked skin.
Arm & Hammer Fresh Sensations Carpet Odor Eliminator Island Mist
Carpet Cleaner
For those of us with pets or "smelly"/messy kids, this should be in your cleaning toolkit. Whether it's to freshen up a "ripe" sofa or chair or to deodorize your floor/carpet with a vacuum, this product does the trick. You can find it at the dollar store, too!
Armor All Cleaning Wipes
Car Detailing
ArmorAll has an extensive line of wipes to use for cleaning and detailing the interior and exterior of your car. They leave my dash brighter than before and help get the nasty gunk out of cup holders and random compartments in your car.
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Conditioner
Hair Care
Shh... don't tell my hairstylist about this, she'll have a field day, but this product has worked so well for me for many years now. I know you aren't supposed to buy drugstore shampoos and conditioners as they are full of parabens and sulfates, but this is one I will never not have. My hair is dry and prone to some crazy knots, so I use this a few times a month to keep it in check. Beautiful silky and smooth results with every wash.
Bare Baked and Crunchy Snacks
Afternoon snacking session approved! I've been on a dried fruit kick lately and loving the flavor profiles of these snacks (strawberry and banana are my favorite). They are light, airy, and a healthy alternative to chips or candy.
Batiste Dry Shampoo
Being a natural brunette it's been quite the task to find a dry shampoo that doesn't leave a weird white residue. My best friend who is blonde let me try this out and I was instantly sold. A nicely scented and economically priced option for those of us who couldn't be bothered to wash, dry and style our hair more than twice a week.
Bibamba Chocolate
Patrick, the owner, is originally from Cameroon and he sources all of his cacao from a family farm back from where he's from. He started with his dark chocolate covered plantain bark and due to high demand he ventured into two other flavors, coffee and coconut. I am very fortunate to have his amazing chocolate for sale in my shop. I love the aspect of sustainably sourced ingredients in food.
Blackstone 4-Burner 36" Griddle Cooking Station With Side Shelves
This grill is perfect for Carne Asada and Hibachi-style grilled meals. The heat is evenly disseminated across the heating plate and always cooks the meat and other sides perfectly.
Blowfish Malibu Slip-On Sneaker
For the everyday, on-the-go sneaker lover! I've owned at least half a dozen of these pairs of shoes ranging from animal prints, tie-dyes, distressed and slip-on/ with laces. The rubber sole provides substantial support and breaking them isn't an issue. You can find them at major shoe department stores including Off Broadway and DSW and they come in at such a reasonable price!
Blue Diamond Nut Thins
All my gluten-free friends, listen up! These crackers are my absolute favorite and I don't mind paying a bit more to avoid "the gluten fog" I get with any other traditional crackers. My favorites are Country Ranch and Cheddar Cheese. They are great pairings with cheese, salami and wine!
Brazi Bites
I am lucky enough to know many amazing Brazilian people and was introduced to Brazi Bites a few years back. These yummy cheese guys are gluten free bread rolls and super simple to make in the oven or a deep fryer. I like to eat them with all meals and as snacks. I'll even spread some cream cheese blended with bacon bits and everything bagel seasoning to really bring out all the fun flavors. If you speak Portuguese, these are the American version of Pao de Queijo (or cheese bread).
Bull Dog Face Wash
Facial Cleanser
Truth be told this is a product for men and marketed to men, but it didn't stop me from giving it a go after being recommended by my good friend from college. I have very sensitive and dry skin living in Colorado and love that this product in tandem with the moisturizer are light-weight and moisture packed.
Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
Lip Balm
Living in dry Colorado is harsh on your skin and lips, I always have one of these in my pocket. My absolute favorite is the pomegranate flavor - very juicy and refreshing!
Carhartt Beanie
In this state, beanies are a mandatory staple in your wardrobe. You can find a variety of neutral colors of Carhartt Beanies at Dick's Sporting Goods starting at $18. I like to wear them every day and they're super warm and comfy. They are meant to be for extreme winter sports and hunting, but I love them as a fashion statement, too!
Chantal Tea Kettle
Tea Kettle
This guy sits on my stovetop as a permanent fixture! For morning, afternoon, or evening tea I prefer to boil my water on the stove vs. heating up in the microwave. It's such a pleasant experience to hear this kettle whistle when the water is ready to go!
Chosen Foods Avocado Spray
Cooking Oils
We're always using the stove for multiple meals throughout the day and rely on this spray to keep our pans free from food stick. We prefer this over the traditional Pam or Olive Oil Sprays as it is healthier, less greasy and doesn't soak the food in a weird taste. Don't be deterred by the price tag the switch will be worth it- pinkie promise!
Chromecast (3rd Gen)
Streaming Media Player
We share streaming platforms amongst the family, so this little device has been a godsend! I can cast Xfinity and Amazon Prime to my Smart Tv. An investment every household should make!
Dang Coconut Chips
I've loved coconut since I was a young child. Snack-worthy and mildly sweet to conquer any sweet tooth!
Dash Express Egg Cooker
Egg Cooker
If you love a good hearty breakfast, but don't love to stand over a hot stove this is a good alternative. This guy can make eggs all the ways you love them, poached/ hard or soft boiled/ omelette etc. I like to make egg salad sandwiches and do not have to babysit this machine while it cooks my eggs perfectly. Bonus points, it has a cute little jingle when the eggs are complete to notify you.
Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue
Light Blue comes in both perfume and cologne and it's to die for. I like to wear it in the summer as it's light and has a pleasant citrus scent that works well with everyone's body chemistry. I need to purchase the cologne for my boyfriend since I am a big fan of it in the perfume form.
Dr. Teals Pure Epsom Salt
Bath Bombs & Salts
I am a big fan of self-care and take at least one bath a week! With tired feet and achy muscles, I seek relief with my Dr. Teals Epsom Salt. They have a diverse line of scents and products and I've loved each one I've purchased. You can find this product line in any grocery or drug store and it's inexpensive for the big bag they offer!
Dry Bar Southern Belle Volumizing Mousse
Hair Care
On my 30th birthday last year, I treated myself to a stylized blowout at a Dry Bar in Highlands Ranch and the stylist used this product on me to lift my flat, dull hair. I like to apply it as soon as I get out of the shower and with damp hair. The product doesn't feel heavy and gives my straight hair some volume when I blow dry, curl or use a flatiron.
Dry Dock Apricot Blonde
I gravitate toward lighter beers and fruited sours so this has become a staple in our household for parties and weekends. I love how refreshing and tart it is! Bonus that it's brewed right here in Aurora, CO.
Emergen-C Vitamin C Super Orange
If I feel the slightest signs of a cold coming on, facing a hangover or am finding myself extra sleepy, this is part of my boost regimen. I like to mix liquid herbs and edible essential oils in the concoction, as it seems to do a good job masking odd flavors of said certain vitamins and supplements.
Eos Lip Balm
Lip Balm
Colorado is dryer than the devil's armpit sometimes and you need to be constantly applying lotion and lip balm to get through the day. My lips feel soft and quenched whenever I use EOS! Love their entire line, sweet mint is my favorite.
Freedom Moses Sandals
You can only find these amazing slip on sandals online and some high end boutiques. They mimic the famous Birkenstocks but are made out of eco-friendly and vegan materials. They feel like you're walking on air. They are super comfy, sustainable and supportive. I have the tie dye ones and hoping to grow my collection over the summer. The somewhat jaw dropping price tag is worth the quality and compliments you'll surely receive!
Giotto Large 1 Gallon/128oz Motivational Water Bottle
Water Bottle
Nalgene has always been my preferred as I like to take never-ending sips and I don't care for the taste that tin ones create.
Gold Peak Tea
If I can't have Tejava, then this is my second favorite bottled tea beverage. It's difficult to capture the "fresh brewed iced tea" taste, but this product definitely hits the nail on the head. I like to toggle between unsweet and the green tea when I purchase this tea.
Harney & Sons Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea Sachets
Tea and Beverages
Don't get me wrong I love loose leaf tea, but less mess with sachets! I was gifted a tin of Jasmine Tea and this has now become a household favorite for me. So calming and serene with each sip!
Hask Coconut Dry Shampoo
Dry Shampoo
Another favorite dry shampoo in the beauty lineup... I like to switch it out week-to-week, so my hair doesn't have build up and this product is perfect. No weird white streaks and it smells like the beach! One can can last a long time if used sparingly!
Heat Resistant Silicone Mat Pouch
Hair Styling Tool
If you own any heating tools (curling iron, straightener etc.) you need this mat. I can't tell you how many times I've had my heating tool fall off the counter and either cause injury to myself or potentially start a fire. This is a nice way to place your hot tool in between uses and the pouch is beneficial for traveling purposes.
Hempz Body Lotion
The power of hemp is unbelievable. I've been using this product line since high school and have loved every scent I have stumbled across. As an eczema and sensitive skin sufferer, this lotion has helped me battle the daily itches. You can find this product in stores like TJ Maxx, Kohls, or online at
Heritage Store Rosewater Mist Spray
Face Mist
The perfect way to wake up your skin and face each morning! I like to apply this after I shower or put on makeup for the day. Very inexpensive and one bottle can last up to 4 months easily.
Home Brewed Soaps
Hand Soap
Melanie is the soap maker of these novel soaps! They seem to be such a hit with all the tourists that stop in my shop. I love all the scents and beer profiles featured in each batch. Melanie is a delight to work with, too! Check out her entire line here:
Hot Air Brush
Hair Styling Tool
This device is a two-in-one styler. It blow drys your hair and can add some amazing volume and curl without having to utilize a curling iron or flat iron. I'm not big on having to stand in front of a mirror for long periods of time to get glam, so this is a nice alternative to kill two birds with one stone! The price is very reasonable, too!
House Day Black Magic Hangers Space Saving Clothes Hangers
Coat Hanger
It's spring cleaning season and these are the perfect tool to condense your space use in your closet. I couldn't believe how much extra rack room I found after implementing this into my wardrobe- it was night and day!
Ilansley Wax Kit With Blue Hard Wax
Hair Removal
I purchased this waxing kit from Amazon late last year and finally was able to put it to use. It comes with a heating container, flat wooden application sticks to spread the wax and wax beads. No more trips to the salon, waxing is painful at the hands of someone else, so it's nice to be able to do it in the comfort of my home.
Instinct Raw Boost Mixers Beef Recipe Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Dog Food Topper
Dog Food
Take your dog's dry food up a notch with this amazing topper! I found about this after pet sitting a little Labradoodle and now I spoil my dog every meal.
JBL Speaker
I purchased one of these for my shop and man does the bass hit! My shop may be small, but the speaker seems to equally distribute the sound and it automatically connects each day I come in to work.
La Croix Flavored Sparkling Water
Sparkling Water
When I decided to nix soda a few years ago, I decided to substitute it with flavored carbonated water. My top flavors are peach pear, watermelon, mango and apricot from the La Croix canned line. I love the fizzy-burn sensation from soda, but without the nasty sugar additives, so this was a perfect switch.
Lamo Sheepskin Boots
If you want a fur boot that will hold up against the harsh elements and keeps your feet warm and cozy these boots are a great choice! I found them at Big 5 for under $40 and they have now lasted me through two winters and lots of wet snow. They keep their stiff shape (unlike Uggs) and they are so comfy to be in all day, also they dry out very quickly. Better watch out Ugg!
Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
Lip Balm
I am a low-maintenance self-care kind of gal and this product exceeded my expectations. Living in Colorado where you're constantly having to put on moisturizer since it's ungodly dry here, this is a must-have in your beauty tool kit. I use it 3 times a week, and my boyfriend appreciates my lips going from formerly cracked to now kissable.
Le Salon Rubber Dog Grooming Brush
Pet Grooming Supplies
For being shorthaired, my dog sheds A TON! I cannot use a traditional wire brush on her as it would destroy her skin and it hurts her. This rubber brush acts double as a deshedder and massager on my dog. She always loves to be brushed and it helps to get off the top coat that's always filled with all the nasty dander.
Left Center Right Game
We always break this out during the holidays when things are getting rowdy with the family.
Malicious Women Candles
I feature Malicious Women Candles in my shop and love their mission to give back in the mental health arena. They donate a portion of the proceeds to programs centered around suicide prevention. My absolute favorite scent is "Ungrateful Teenager" it smells like a bowl of Froot Loops. I am a candle freak and have at least a dozen at home, so this line is always in the rotation. The candles are also soy based which is much safer than your typical store bought candle that contains toxins and carcinogens. The company is based in Washington, but they can ship to anywhere in the U.S.
Milk Day Leave in Conditioner
Hair Care
I am a pretty low key gal that doesn't fuss with getting "all dolled up" every day, so this leave in conditioner has been a dream come true. It leaves my hair silky, smooth and smelling rich after showering the night before. My comb brushes through my hair like a breeze when I apply this product and believe you me I have some gnarly knots, so I need all the help I can get.
Modge Podge
During the pandemic, I found myself tapping into my creative side and loved utilizing Modge Podge for a plethora of projects including mixed media, fabric and painting. You can find a variety of different types at all the major craft stores including Hobby Lobby, Michaels and JoAnn's Fabric.
Moon Valley Organics Mint Lavendar Herbal Soap
Hand Soap
My retail neighbor, who is an apothecary, has this hand soap in her restroom and it's to die for. I was a bit sticker shocked looking at the price tag, but foam soap can last a long time!
Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner
Cleaning Supplies
A former neighbor introduced me to the Mrs. Meyers cleaning line and I never looked back. I don't mind paying a little extra to not feel like I'm suffocating from all the nasty chemicals found in traditional cleaning solvents. My favorite products from the line are the everyday spray (use primarily in the bathroom and the kitchen/countertops) and the hand soap. My favorite scents are Lavender, Rain Water and Basil. It's like lighting a nicely scented candle in my house after using these cleaners.
Water Bottle
I am on my feet 8 - 10 hours a day and have to remind myself to stay hydrated. I've loved Nalgenes and used them since high school. They are durable and easy to clean. Bonus Points- they're the perfect "blank canvas" for all of your cool, artsy stickers.
Nature's Way Echinacea Herbal Supplements
Whenever the first signs of a common cold strike or I am feeling under the weather, I always incorporate Echinacea in my daily routine. It's some powerful stuff!
Neff Beanies
Living in Colorado, you need to be prepared for the unexpected snowstorm to appear at any given moment. I love these beanies and admittedly have one in every color. I like to wear them as a fashion statement and have them in my wardrobe as a functional winter piece, too!
Oxy Clean Spray Laundry Stain Remover Spray
Stain Remover
Growing up my dad and grandma would use Spray n Wash and it never seemed to fully work. Then, when Oxy Clean came into the laundry world it was a no brainer. I've used this laundry stain remover into adulthood as nothing else comes close or scratches the surface! You don't have to pre-soak or scrub like with many other laundry stain removers.
Pedialyte Electrolyte Drink
I cannot be the only one who has discovered that this drink made for children is also the ultimate hangover and sleep deprivation elixir. When I come home from a long day and failed to stay up on water consumption I often get crazy migraines from the dehydration. This drink has been a lifesaver, and I can't believe I dismissed it for the better half of my early twenties. We always have it in our fridge!
Purple Mattress
I always thought I'd be a forever fan of a pillowtop, but I was converted to a Purple lover last summer. I was reluctant and it did take a few months to get adjusted to it (mostly because I felt like I was levitating), but now I would never go back. The price tag can seem scary, but you sleep at least 7 years of your life away, might as well have the best of the best
RBX Tech Flex Capris With Pockets
My top from TJ Maxx are the RBX Tech Flex, they are very stretchy and breathable. Plus, they have a phone/mask/chapstick pocket!
Royal Family Japanese Rice Cake Mochi Daifuku (Red Bean)
You can find these yummy treats at World Market. I love that the consistency is like a marshmallow filled with a sweet center.
Sippin' Pretty - Odell Brewing Co
The tangiest, most tart fruited sour I've ever stumbled across! Another local brewed treasure and beverage I like to have on hand at special events.
Smith's Rosebud Salve
Lip Balm
Constantly putting on balms and chapsticks to fight the dryness in Colorado, this has become a staple in my daytime and nighttime lip care routine. It goes on very smooth and silky and the scent smells like a beautiful rose garden. You can find it at Ulta or Amazon.
Sol De Janeiro
The "soft as a baby's bottom" product! This Brazilian bum cream is the best and the scent is simply divine. The price can be a bit shocking, but a little bit can go a long way!
Square Terminal Pos
Credit Card Reader
Before opening my small business, I only looked into one other POS software (Clover). Although the fees can be a bit high to stomach at times I appreciate how seamless the Square Terminal POS machine has been for the last 8 months. It allows me to capture customer data and see historical analytics and sales reports behind each month. I've been approached by half a dozen other SAS/POS software companies and have declined as this is definitely the best.
Sriracha Hot Sauce
When cooking or topping off many of our meals, we love to add a little spice. Sriracha is a staple condiment in our house and adds just the right kick to any Asian dish.
Sun Bum Sunscreen Lip Balm
Lip Balm
Visiting my best friend in Florida a few years back she introduced me to this amazing lip balm that was perfect for a sunny day at the beach or skiing the slopes back here in Colorado. This product is starting to show up in many more stores here (hair care, lip care, and sun care). My favorite flavor in the chapstick is the coconut, it goes on very thick and really quenches a dry, chapped lip.
Tangle Teezer
Hair Care
My hair doesn't always like to fully cooperate, even after various applications of conditioner/ detangler spray etc. so this hair brush has been a godsend. I don't feel like I am losing hair when I have to work through mangles and it doesn't make my hair look frizzy after drying it.
Target's Jersey Sheet Set
You shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg for a good night's rest. These sheets are like sleeping on clouds and they never lose their shape/ get all wrinkly after washing them. They are a step down from flannel sheets and are more breathable during warmer seasons.
I consider myself an Iced Tea Connoisseur and I am extremely picky when I eat out at restaurants when it comes to the tea being freshly brewed vs. coming out of a soda machine from a premade mix. I thought finding a bottle tea that mimics the real thing would be damn near impossible until I tried Tejava and was blown away by how bold and refreshing it is. You can buy a huge case of these at Costco for under $20. I have iced tea for dinner every night, so as you can imagine I go through it very quickly.
Teva Original Universal Sandals
Living in the Great Outdoor State of CO having a pair of durable sandals is a necessity. Teva's come in many different colors and styles and their perfect for everyone in the family. I like the velcro strap aspect as they feel secure and they don't cause weird blisters like many flip flops and other sandals do.
Thomas' Everything Bagel Thins
I am a sucker for a good bagel and when I cannot make a trip to Einsteins, I'll opt for a yummy breakfast sandwich at home. I prefer the skinny bagels over the traditional as they don't weigh me down all day and less calories. I like to load these up with cream cheese, avocado spread, eggs, bacon, cheese and everything seasoning.
Too Faced Hangover 3-In-1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray
Setting Spray
My top pick is Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray. I love that I can use it to both prime my face, give my tired face a boost, and also set it after putting on makeup.
Torani Syrup
Making my favorite Italian Soda at home just became so much easier with this line of simple syrups. I love the watermelon and peach for soda and the hazelnut and vanilla for coffee drinks.
Trader Joe's Spicy, Smoky Peach Salsa
Salsa is great for an afternoon or evening snack while making your dinner! I like to mix this with a bit of whipped cream cheese and sometimes go nuts with a dusting of everything but the bagel seasoning. I use it not only with chips and crackers, but also with breakfast items including eggs and tator tots.
Tree Hut Body Butter
I have suffered with Eczema and dry skin since I was a child and have aimlessly searched for body lotions and moisturizers that actually heal my skin and smell pleasant. This lotion was a godsend, and came as a recommendation from my dad. It's relatively inexpensive and can be found at all major grocery and drug stores. It is long-lasting and my skin feels incredibly quenched! I've loved all the scents, but the Coconut Lime and Verbena is my favorite go-to.
Tree Hut Tahitian Vanilla Bean Shea Sugar Scrub
Body Scrubs
If your feet are rough and cracked, this is the perfect solution! I like to pair it with their shea body butters after for the ultimate pampered feet.
Two Faced Born This Way Liquid Foundation
I am pale and dry, so it was a difficult task to find a foundation that didn't make my skin break out or make me more of a ghost. I had a makeup consultation at Sephora and the stylist used this foundation on me. If you can get past the sticker shock, the coverage and results are worth it. It doesn't take more than a few small drops to cover my entire face, so I usually get anywhere between 2-3 months out of this small bottle.
Tyler Glamorous Wash High Maintenance 4oz Fine Laundry Detergent
Laundry Detergent
I found this product on TikTok from a user who gives home cleaning tips! I love mixing a dash of it with water in a spray bottle and using it as a deodorizer around my house and boutique. The scent isn't for everyone (it's very woodsy/patchouli forward) and a little bit goes a long way for an air freshener, I doubt I would use it for its intended purpose as a laundry detergent.
Wet N Wild Ultimate Brow Retractable Pencil
Eyebrow Color
A more economical brand that has been around for ages. Makeup doesn't have to take you to the cleaners, I love this pencil to fill in my brows.

Special Occasions

Adam's Mystery Playhouse
I've been here for a few birthdays and it's always a riot! The food served up was tasty and the entertainment was phenomenal. I love a good mystery and the gamify aspect of figuring out "who done it" in a Clue murder type setup. If you enjoy theatrical fun and plays this would be a good date night.
Ana's Norwegian Bakeri
I hosted a February popup and invited Ana to sell her baked goodies at my shop. All of her freshly baked items were a hit and I cannot wait to invite her back. I especially loved the School Rolls which resemble a Danish filled with vanilla custard and coated with coconut, but instead of being overly sweet they lean more toward a Hawaiian Sweet Roll flavor.
Burrito Express
My boyfriend and I eat here at least once a week. He loves to get the carne asada burrito with green and red sauce on the side. I spring for a simple bean and cheese burrito with a refreshing Horchata (cinnamon rice milk drink). Their drive-thru is always at least 5 cars deep and worth the wait every time!
Charmant by Jenn
Jenn is such a glowing example of an up and coming jewelry artist who stretches the limits. She is featured in my shop, The Moxi Poppy, and it constantly being commissioned for one-of-a-kind metal art and high vibe jewelry. I personally own a few pieces from her collection and am always excited to see her newest releases.
Events by MAG
Wedding Planner
Meghan goes to the ends of the earth to ensure her client's special occasion is everything they hoped it would be. She specializes in everything from corporate events to grandiose weddings. She is polite, professional, prompt and on point!
Forever Flowers
For any sort of special occasion, this is my top recommended florist. When you want to really put a smile on a special loved one's face, a bouquet is a perfect way to do so. Bryan and his team are dedicated to meeting your style preference and quick turnarounds.
Genesee Country Store and Candyland
We purchase our variety fudge flavors from this candy store and have had good feedback from our customers. Many return weekly for the fudge! I love the mind and raspberry chocolate dream, but my customers tend to gravitate toward cookies and cream and rocky road. You only need a tiny sliver to satisfy a sweet tooth as these little squares are packed with rich, sweet goodness.
Good Juju Company
Clothing that is high quality and adorable! I helped Patricia out with her branding, marketing and social media last summer and enjoyed exploring her amazing clothing line. From casual tee's to cozy hoodies and all the athleisure in between, Good Juju has you covered. While she doesn't have a physical brick-and-mortar yet, you can purchase her clothes online and/or find her at tradeshows and markets across the U.S.
Home Brewed Soaps
Looking for a fun way to suds up? Look no further than Home Brewed Soaps. Be it for yourself or a gift, the entire line is divine. I carry most of their soaps in my shop, but am curious to try out their other self-care beauty products!
Howe Eventful
I met DJ Brian Howe when I worked up at Ameristar Casino Resort. He was considered a resident DJ at our main venue, Bar 8042. He is well-versed in the entertainment industry and has supplied the beats for many special occasions. He has a fun personality and he works hard to ensure his clients are pleased! Such a groovy soul and comes with plethora of music to cater to any crowd.
Iwayama Sushi
Your first sign this restaurant is a total gem is that it is always filled to the brim and is it difficult to get a table. It really fits the bill of "small hole in the wall" with the welcoming family feel. A perfect blend of Hawaiian and Japanese-inspired dishes makes this spot one of my top places to support. If you go, order the Veronica Roll, you will not be disappointed!
Jake's Brew Bar
An unassuming watering hole on the main street in downtown Littleton that has its own local microbrewed beers. I spring for the fruited sours and love that you can take home your own bottled beer.
L & L Hawaiian Bbq
Escape to the Hawaiian Islands without having to leave the state when you enjoy the yummy cuisine of L & L Hawaiian BBQ. I was first introduced to this gem 8 years ago when working for a local catering company and decided to stop here after a delivery in Aurora. I try to make a visit once every month and my top picks are the BBQ Chicken Plate, double mac salad, spam musubi, poke and two hawaiian soda drinks. You'll be pleasantly plump after feasting here!
La Boutique Des Boudreaux
This charming boutique has been in Morrison for 30+ years and has a very classy vibe. My favorite items to explore include antiques, Turkish lamps, and Native American jewelry. The owner is delightfully sweet and it's clear she loves making the perfect sanctuary for anyone who visits.
Lab Photography
Leah is incredibly talented in portrait and special event photography. Whether it's an intimate session for a couple, fun and quirky senior photos, or a large-scale special event, she's your pro! She was kind enough to gift me a photography portfolio for a nonprofit-driven event I hosted last year. It was so nice to have photos to be used for social media/ branding efforts.
Lair O' the Bear Park
Recreational Activities
Located a short drive from Morrison in Idledale is one of the best hiking spots in Colorado. Lair o' the Bear offers different types of hikes based on difficulty and length. The very basic hike is approximately 2 miles from start to finish and even has a fun castle to view around the midway point.
Littleton Cafe
Looking for a cheap and hearty breakfast? This is your spot! The boyfriend and I would frequent here a few times a month when we lived in Old Littleton and could get out the door pleasantly full for under $25 to include tip. Their menu is similar to Sam's No. 5, but the prices are lower. My go to is a breakfast sandwich and oatmeal (I am boring, I know!).
Lucile's Creole Café
They recently closed the location in Littleton which was my absolute favorite Cajun Cuisine breakfast bistro, but there are still four other locations to try out. To not have to go to NOLA to get a divine powdered sugar warm beignet is amazing! I've tried quite a few of their breakfast dishes, but the eggs benedict is a home run and when you couple it with grits, goodnight Irene!
Morrison Mercantile
I am very lucky to be located across the street from this amazing shop. If you're looking for something country themed or adorable home goods make a pitstop here. Claire has done a fabulous job of curating the space and making it different with every visit. I love checking out every nook and cranny for unique finds or simply a little retail therapy. Next time you visit Morrison, make sure to stop in!
Motomaki- Sushi Burritos & Bowls
I could eat Poke once a week for the rest of my life and be a happy camper! I found this fast-casual Poke place shopping at Colorado Mills and it's now in the monthly dining-out rotation. My number one pick is the Nacho Tuna bowl!
Mountain Mantra
Erika has captured the essence of fierce and fun metaphysical jewelry. Her unique line features single and double-wrapped crystal necklaces and earrings with a charm included. Her paper crane earrings are such a hit in my shop I can't keep them longer than a week after she restocks!
Namiko's Sushi
For living in a landlocked state, this restaurant doesn't skip a beat on creating the freshest sushi rolls this side of the Mississippi. My good friends recommended this joint and now it'll hold a permanent place in our dining out rotation. Libra and Less than Zero have become our favorite rolls, but the entire menu is packed with tasty choices.
Pho Littleton
Over a year ago, I was living in old Littleton and was happy to have discovered this local gem. The family that runs it is delightful and always very generous with their portion sizes. Having visited quite a few other Pho and Vietnamese restaurants this one takes the cake on flavor, authenticity, and price. It sure was convenient to be able to walk to this spot whenever I was craving pho, nothing in my new neighborhood compares.
Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Recreational Activities
I grew up in Colorado and this place is pure heaven. Be it for a hike, a photo session or to experience a concert, Red Rocks is my favorite venue all around. Whenever tourists come to my shop in Morrison I make it a point to ask if they've had a chance to check out this amazing Colorado landmark. I was lucky enough to have my high school graduation here, too!
Rib City - Littleton
If you want finger lickin', fall of the bone ribs, this is your BBQ place. If I have a hankering for baby-backs, smoked turkey, coleslaw, and sweet potato fries with spicy ranch (I know very specific craving) I find myself here. Their sweet tea is made to perfection, too!
I am a big boba fanatic and discovered this spot thanks to a friend who kindly brought me an Iced Thai Tea with Pearls (Boba). They have some obscure and quirky flavors and are always busy. A nice treat after a long day or while you're doing retail therapy in Belmar.
Simms Steakhouse
I've dined here with my better half and family at least half a dozen times and each experience has been top tier and elevated. The main dining room overlooks Lakewood and into Denver and the service is fabulous. Expect to pay fine dining prices, but it's worth it for special occasions. I almost always order the prime rib (medium rare and juicy just the way I love it!).
Soda Lakes - Bear Creek Lake Park
Recreational Activities
When the weather turns nice and hot, this is my number one spot! Whether for a BBQ or paddleboarding on the water, I love making many visits to this park in the summer. You can buy an unlimited pass for $70+ as a local which pays off within 5-6 visits alone.
Souders Studio Food & Beverage Photography
Rick has an amazing studio where he shoots incredibly beautiful and realistic food and beverage displays. I rented out his space for a birthday party a few years and the eclectic stylings fit my 90s theme perfectly. The space is multi-faceted with various rooms, a kitchen and a main space with high vaulted ceilings (perfect for lights and DJs). Highly recommend this space for special occasions even though it's not always advertised as such.
Stella Presley Designs
Looking for a quirky or fun mug? Stella Presley Designs has a wide selection of cute handmade mugs and will create a custom mug as well! Her mugs are sold in my shop and add a little something extra special to my inventory.
The Alley
This adorable establishment in Downtown Littleton has become one of my favorite places to dine for hearty Mexican dishes turned into shareable appetizers. With each visit I've made it a point to try something new and have never been disappointed. From a salty or sweet margarita to a savory loaded nacho plate, this place is for anyone that loves Latin Cuisine.
The Chill Squirrel
If you find yourself up 285 in Bailey, this is a pitstop you need to add to your list. Jeff has curated a beautiful shop filled to the brim with exciting local treasures and gifts. The best way to describe this shop is eccentric and eclectic since it houses a little bit of everything under one roof. Bonus points, it's very reasonably priced throughout.
The Cow Eatery
My local go-to for delicious and hearty breakfast food. Their green chile is the perfect complement to any dish and the service is always so welcoming and quick!
The Emporium
I recently visited this huge creative co op and was really impressed by the layout and the sheer amount of fun, local items to peruse. As a small business owner in the creative co op industry, I aspire to reach this size someday. There's at least 50 local artisans and vendors to checkout in this massive space and you should dedicate at least a few hours to take it all in.
The Fort
A neat, historical destination dining experience for both locals and tourists. The Fort in Morrison offers an exquisite fine dining experience unlike anywhere else. If you're feeling adventurous try out the Quail. Anticipate a high bill, but worth it for the service standards and the savory menu options.
Tommy's Subs
You can't beat a sub from Tommy's! I've been visiting this spot since high school and while it's changed ownership, the subs haven't changed a bit. I love that they don't cut corners when it comes to high quality, fancy deli meats. My favorite sandwiches include the Banh Mi and the Ribeye Cheese Steak. So much yum packed into one sandwich!
Tony Rigatoni's Italian Kitchen
Tony's has been in Morrison for 30 years bringing locals the best pasta dishes and savory pizzas! I always opt for the hearty 3 meatball appetizer dish with breadsticks. They have a beautiful rooftop patio that is a perfect pit stop before a concert at Red Rocks. I've partnered with the manager on a few events with my shop.
Ty's Treats
These cookies are dreamy! Leann's work is polished and pretty. I was the proud recipient of a few cookies branded for my shop. I look forward to hosting Leann as a bakery vendor in the near future.
Urban Events Colorado
Event Planning
Michele is one of the most talented wedding planners I've had the pleasure to come across. She is so keen on meeting the client's needs and adding some real razzle dazzle to every BIG DAY! Just following her Instagram gives me Bride/Wedding Envy.
Wash Park Studio
Perfectly situated in the Washington Park neighborhood in Denver, this venue is a charmingly intimate spot for a small wedding ceremony or a special event. I haven't been to an event here as a guest, but have worked as part of the catering staff.
Willys Wings
Going to a show at Red Rocks? Be sure to add Willy's Wings to your dinner before the show. This place is iconic and is always packed with locals. I go for the Honey BBQ wings and my boyfriend loves the XXX Hot. Not to be missed when going through Morrison.
Y.Lo Epicure Catering
This local catering company is your go-to for special events, corporate meetings and quick deliveries! They can build out a custom menu or you can pick from their already established crowd pleasers menu. I worked for Lisa (the owner) after graduating from CU Denver and have come to recognize as a small business owner the power of consistency and quality. I am always over the moon when I get to enjoy Y.Lo's food- it is simply exquisite and my mouth is watering thinking about it!


Aspen Art Co
Sean creates whimsical and wonderful reclaimed wood art. Whether you're looking for something outdoorsy or a customized piece, he'll gladly make it happen! He is also an incredible scenic and portrait photographer.
Blue Spruce Heating and Cooling
Jeff and his team have over 29+ years combined experience in the industry specializing in commercial and residential HVAC inspection, repair, and installation. With over 80 five-star reviews on multiple platforms, it's clear that they are one of the leading HVAC contractors in the Denver Metro. Highly recommend for your next in-home or business space HVAC need.
Fae Foilage
Plants make any space more brilliant and inviting. I had the pleasure of doing a popup with Morgan and Wendy of Fae Foliage late summer 2020 and they had such an amazing selection of plants to pick from. They now have a beautiful She Shed filled with green beauties. Highly recommend swinging by to see their shop.
Found Antique & Artisan Mall
Three floors of trinkets, treasures and unique finds- holy cow! As the owner of a creative co-op, I found this shop to be such a neat space that I aspire to have my shop be like someday. I spent an hour in here, but could have easily spent 3 if I wasn't on a time crunch. The shop features over 100 local artists and vendors and it has an eclectic, everything under the sun, new and old vibe! It's in an unassuming part of town, but not to be missed!
Hondo's LLC
My brother and his fiance purchased their first home late last year and had some big renovations requiring contractors. Hondo was recommended to them as a one-stop-shop general contractor and ended up being the perfect fit. They had a giant, outdated stone fireplace that needed to be demoed out. They prematurely put in their beautiful marble flooring before having the fireplace taken out- oops. Hondo was meticulous, clean and very careful with his work given the challenge of keeping the floor pristine and protected from potential damage. I couldn't believe the results of the before and after, I was completely floored. Not only was he professional, skilled, and courteous he was very reasonable when quoting out pricing.
Jared's Nursery Gift & Garden
My mom shopped here when I was a child and I can recall it being a pleasant experience. After many years, I returned for a small house plant and again found an enjoyable visit. They have a vast selection to check out and their prices, even for being a small business, are reasonable and not shocking.
Jurado Best Painting LLC
German specializes in both residential and commercial indoor and outdoor painting. His most notable project was the Oskar Blues Brewing Co. in Longmont. He is polite, professional and comes in at a reasonable price.
Neighborhood Helping Hand
What started as a lawn cutting company in 1997 has now grown into a full service grounds maintenance and handyman operation. Cody and his dedicated team can do everything under the sun including snow removal, tree grooming, lawn care, painting, carpentry etc. They currently partner with quite a few apartment complexes and elderly neighborhoods.
Pyramid Print & Graphics
As a small business owner who opened up my shop in summer 2020 I had a lengthy list of collateral needs. Tom and his team tackled all my requests including business cards, stickers, and shop signage with ease. We went through many rounds of revisions and I was overly satisfied with the products I received. They also specialize in banners, brochures and other paper goods!
Sisu Studios
Linsey's nature themed originals are to die for! As a Coloradan I appreciate her beautiful works and am so glad to have her as an artist in my shop. The tourists go nuts over her stickers, prints, magnets and greeting cards. I personally own a few wooden painted ornaments and hope to expand my collection.


Fantasy Cuts Salon
Hair Salon
My boyfriend, who is in the Army Reserves, is a freak about getting his hair cut every couple of weeks. He was recommended to this barber/salon about 8 years ago and will make the commute from anywhere to ensure his "fade is on point".
Lauren Hair Artistry
Hair Salon
Lauren has transformed my hair not once, but twice now! I wanted some funky teal and turquoise peek-a-boos in the summer last year and she gladly obliged. When it was time to tone down and get ready for an upcoming wedding she took me back to more of my natural roots with a pretty cherry dark brown and a fresh cut. I won't go to anyone else! She currently has a booth up at Ara Spa in Ameristar, but also does in-home visits.
Something Creative Tattoo - Paul Berkey
I went to high school with Paul and while I haven't personally had a tattoo done by him yet, many of my mutual friends have. His work is clean, pristine, and brilliant. The beautiful, bold strokes and polished line-work showcase an unmatched talent. He does well with coverups, too, which in my mind showcases a higher skill level of a tattoo artist since you aren't working with a blank canvas, to begin with.
Spidermom Says
Sara is the queen of adorable baby clothes and other handmade and sewn goods. She is a delight to work with and I feel very lucky to have her line in my shop. If you want to shop for a new baby and are looking for something more edgy and bright, she is your girl!
Stillwater Goods
Intricate toiletry bags, clutches, wristlets you name it this gal makes it! Her items are "sew cute" and my favorite thing about each of the bags is they have a different designed lining when you unzip- talk about a fun surprise! She uses both vibrant and neutral patterns to cater to all different tastes and design preferences. My favorite bag that she makes is an upcycled upholstery clutch - very vintage and functional all in one!
Succulent Skin Studio
Skin Care
Amber is a delightful person with a passion for finding the perfect treatment for your skin. I have dry and sensitive skin and she tailored a facial to meet my needs. I truly enjoyed the jelly skin facial as it gave my skin the moisture and replenishment it craved!


Denver Sports Medicine
Sports Medicine
About 5 years ago, I was involved in a sports related incident that rendered my left knee practically useless. Luckily, I didn't tear my meniscus, but I had some lose cartilage floating around that caused major pain and limited mobility. I found DSM on a Google search and decided to give them a try since the reviews written about them both highlighted their excellence and fairly priced for services. I saw them for over a year to condition my knee and I was able to get back out on the soccer field with necessary PT. I was rear-ended about two years ago and suffered intense neck pain and migraines. I went to this specific office for my pain management knowing that they would take such good care of me and my specific needs. I was once opposed to Chiropractors, but after seeing amazing results with a few adjustments and microneedling, I have been turned into a believer.
Dr. Daniel K. Duvall
I've been seeing Dr. Duvall since being a toddler. When my dad's insurance changed and we were forced to go to a new guy I wasn't a happy camper. Into adulthood, I decided to go back to Dr. Duvall and I am sure glad I did. Getting your teeth cleaned or any sort of oral procedure isn't always a comfortable experience and this dentist and his team ensure all procedures are quick and painless - pun intended!
Dr. Lisa K. Lewis
A few years ago I had a cancer scare and was referred to a GYNO in Littleton that charged me an absurd amount of money for routine visits and treatments. I threw in the towel on that office and after a quick Google search stumbled upon Dr. Lisa K. Lewis in the Golden/Lakewood area. The receptionist, assistant, and doctor are always welcoming and make a yearly visit as comfortable as can be. Dr. Lewis is down-to-earth and nothing is off the table when you need to ask seemingly odd questions she takes the awkwardness out of it instantly.
The Wellbeing Path
Jessey is skilled in helping a person find their true potential and path to success through intuitive coaching and healing. She focuses on self-care and the journeys through growth, change, success, wisdom etc. Outside of offering her naturopath services, she also has a line of holistic aromatherapy and natural products including balms, sprays, and blends. I personally love her Ground and Access Spray as it helps center me when anxiety and stress kick in.


Bayaud Enterprises
I worked as a marketing intern for Bayaud Enterprises after receiving my BS in marketing from CU Denver. What an experience it was! This nonprofit organization is centered around offering vocational services for underserved, disable and veterans. Think job seeking, interviewing, placement and follow up. They have been around for over 100 years and offer many other distinct services to the community such as secure paper and document destroying. There is a very welcoming atmosphere here and I enjoyed my time with them!
Belmar Library - Jefferson County Public Library
I haven't always been a big reader, but having access to scholarly articles and journals through grad school was very beneficial. This library is sizeable and the selection is impressive. Perhaps this summer I'll turn the page to become more of a book worm.
Joyful Journey Hot Springs
Moffat, CO
Travel only 3 hours outside of Denver to go off the grid and be surrounded by 360 degrees of mountain panoramic views (Rocky Mountains and San Juan Range). We stayed in a yurt that was in very close proximity to the public restrooms, mineral baths, front desk and dining hall. You have to go in with an open mind as the resort itself is rustic and quirky, but the mineral baths are worth the weirdness. It's a notch down from glamping to stay in Yurts, and it was nice to have a breakfast and dinner included in our stay. We checked out Salida as a short drive from this resort and the fun, metaphysical small town of Crestone
Recenter Therapeutic Massage
Massage Therapist



Real Estate




Art & Craft Co.
Art Supplies
Jen is a truly lovely person who has such a stark passion for fabric, sewing and jewelry. I have the awesome honor of being able to sell many of her handcrafted items in my shop The Moxi Poppy. She's a wonderful teacher and offers sewing and jewelry making classes at her space in Denver.
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
A short trip from Denver to Colorado Springs and you'll find this fun destination spot. Check out all the wonderful animal exhibits before heading over to hand-feed the giraffes, talk about an experience!
Colorado Gators Reptile Park
Mosca, CO
If you ever find yourself traveling in Southern Colorado, this tourist trap is a must-see! My boyfriend was reluctant, but I convinced him we had to give it a go and sure glad we did. We checked out many different reptiles, alligators, and birds before getting the chance to hold a baby alligator. Whether you are with kids or just need a good laugh, this zoo has quirky entertainment written all over it!
Daddy's Homemade
Consumer Product
Amber and her husband have created an amazing collection of syrups that are free of additives or high fructose corn syrup. You can use them on your pancakes, waffles, or french toast or even as a simple syrup in your favorite drinks including coffee, tea and lemonade. I haven't been able to try everything, but love the elderberry syrup.
Eldorado Natural Spring Water
Restuarant Supplier
There's no water quite like the water that comes from Eldorado Springs in Boulder County. I grew up drinking this water and it's no surprise that many Coloradans spring for this over standard tap water. It's incredibly refreshing and crisp.
Hello Coffee
Coffee Shop
I like to swing by here for meetings with clients or after a visit to my preferred Chiro/PT Office. The vibe is laid back, the decor is simple and welcoming and the baristas are always friendly.
Speciality Food and Wine
Drinking tea is such a mood booster and being able to go to a space to pick out a batch from a wall of amazing herbs, floral and other teas has become one of my favorite past times. The associates running the store are always so friendly and willing to help you find your perfect cup of tea. I am basic and stick with jasmine and floral teas, but they have everything under the sun you could love from white, black, rooibos and green.
Little Legs Ranch
Farm Store
Allie is a kindhearted gal with some really adorable goats at her family farm in Northern Colorado. She creates a line of fabulous goat milk soap which I carry in my shop The Moxi Poppy. The farm opens a few times a year for visitors to check out!
Precision Photons
Laser Cutting Service
Aaron recently joined The Moxi Poppy as our seasoned woodworking/ laser cutting artist. He specializes in aerial maps of cities or by using notable topographic landmarks and street outlines. He can make customized pieces for anything you can imagine. Check out his work and consider having him curate a one-of-a-kind creation for yourself or a special someone.
The Morrison Joe
Coffee Shop
This adorable little coffee joint is located right by my shop and I cannot resist stopping by there at least once a week. I switch off between hot jasmine tea and iced caramel macchiatos. They have an extensive menu of hot, iced and blended drinks.
The Nook Coffee
Coffee Shop
I am not from Wisconsin, but with how much I feign for quality cheese you'd think otherwise. This charming coffee shop has some amazing drinks and divine breakfast sandwiches with the gooey cheese curds to send your taste buds to cloud 9.
Upstairs Circus
What a fun place to visit for a birthday or special event. They give you the option of picking a specific craft you want to work on be it woodworking, painting, sewing... the list goes on. Get a good group together and let the creative juices flow while you enjoy cocktails, as well!

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