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Leslie Feinzaig
almost 3 years ago • Seattle

At home climbing wall

I want to set up a bouldering wall somewhere inside or outside my house to gift to my husband. Who does this type of work and what’s the ballpark of how much it could cost? I’m totally in the dark but climbing gyms have been closed for months and he can’t go in the mountains during covid. I’d love to get something he can do at home.
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almost 3 years ago
I don't have an answer to this question, but I'd like to know too. I'm an occasional climber and I've often thought of mounting a wall on my garage wall. My light investigation led to these guys - It's an offshoot of vertical world, the popular Seattle climbing gym. On their residential pricing page they gave a rough cost estimate for bouldering - $35-40 per square foot not including holds or flooring.

Of course, you also might want someone to swing by every few months and place new routes :)
almost 3 years ago
Thanks Adam! I left them a message and will update if we go for it. Anyone else have any insights?
almost 3 years ago
BTW, I was poking around some more and found a subreddit where they discuss this. Apparently this is called a "woody" or "home wall"

A writeup from a covid DIY:
almost 3 years ago
I found this company Metolius that sells the gear you'd need to purchase if you had to DIY it, in which case you might get a handyman to build the structure from one of the online guides (White Glove comes to mind). We're going to keep digging....
almost 3 years ago