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Liz Pearce

Montlake • Seattle, WA
Co-founder & CEO @ Fresh Chalk. Mom to two awesome kids and a pup. Montlake by day, Montlake by night.
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Andalu Citrus Kombucha Face Wash
Facial Cleanser
There are three cardinal sins of face wash in my book: failure to remove eye makeup, being overly perfume-y, and leaving a film on your skin. This product hits the mark on all three, and also doesn't dry out my skin.
Bonavita Coffee Maker
Coffee Maker
I think I've actively hated every coffee maker I've ever owned. They get clogged, brew slowly, and confuse houseguests. I don't need tons of fancy clocks, alarms, "keep warm" settings. I just want reliably good, fast, coffee that I can still manage to make when I'm barely awake. I finally found all these things with the Bonavita. One button: on/off. Two movable parts: basket & carafe. The coffee brews quickly and stays hot in the carafe for a decent amount of time. This is a fool-proof coffee maker for people who care about good coffee but not a bit about bells and whistles.
Cloud Paper 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper
I first bought a case of Cloud Paper earlier this year when TP shortages were widespread and tucked it away as a backup. I finally cracked the case open recently and was pleasantly surprised by the quality. Just ordered my second case, and might not buy toilet paper any other way after this!
Conair Fabric Defuzzer - Shaver
Lint Remover
Go ahead and laugh, but this little $12 appliance helped me save my couch. The couch is a light silver/gray color and was covered in pills, and it was driving me nuts. In just a few minutes this product had the couch looking almost as good as new.
Cotopaxi Batac Del Dia 16L
I asked for a day pack for my birthday and received the Cotopaxi as a gift. There's a lot to love about this pack. It's made from repurposed material (scraps of fabric from other manufacturers' production runs). This has the added benefit of making each one bright, colorful and unique looking. And it's functionally smart - roomy with plenty of pockets, but still lightweight and very collapsible. Cotopaxi is a Certified B Corporation -1% of their revenue goes to addressing poverty and supporting community development.
Davines OI All in One Milk Spray
Hair Care
This product was recommended to me by the lovely @Anni, and I'm loving it as a leave-in conditioner/pre-blow dry treatment. My hair has way less frizz and a better texture when I use this. Smells good, too!
Alcohol Delivery
Sometimes you just need cocktail fixings delivered straight to your doorstep.
Ella's Flats
My latest snack food obsession. These light crackers are made almost entirely of seeds (flax, sesame, pumpkin, etc.) and they're grain-free, gluten-free, vegan, and high in fiber/antioxidants. Of course I had to go with the Everything flavor. Super good with hummus, cheese, or plain.
Ember Coffee Mug
Coffee Mug
If coffee isn't iced, it has to be HOT - like, really, really hot. I've spent my years as a coffee drinker making many trips back and forth to the microwave to heat up my cup. Then I received the Ember coffee mug as a gift, and it's been a game changer. The coffee mug is battery powered, and keeps your coffee at the exact temperature you specify until you're done drinking it. It never gets cold! It's a freaking miracle. The mug has to be hand washed and carefully dried, but just plop it on the charger each day and you're good to go. I love it so much I've given it as a gift to both my parents and both sisters.
Erligpowht Tripod
This $14 item has been a game-changer since the pandemic hit and we now do all of our interacting via the screen. This tripod stays by my side almost throughout the day. At my desk, it's my 3rd screen -- supplementing my laptop and exterior monitor. While I'm in the kitchen, I can safely prop my phone up and chat with friends and family. I even bring it in airplanes so I can give my neck a rest while watching shows on my device. It's easy to switch between a horizontal or vertical orientation, and the bendable legs are a decent match for unstable surfaces.
Evan Healy Whipped Shea Butter With Olive Leaf
I've been cursed with super dry and sensitive skin, and it wasn't until an employee of Pharmaca suggested this product that I've been able to stick with a facial moisturizer. Although it does require that you leave a little time for absorption after you apply it, this shea butter will provide moisture for a solid 12 hours and never irritates or causes breakouts.
Global Knives
If I'm not sitting at my computer, there's a decent chance I'm at the kitchen counter, and there it's all about the knife. For a long time I had a bunch of cheap crappy knives and one lone Global knife that I received as a gift. Since then, I've gradually built up my collection to the point where the good knives are outnumbering the bad. The Global knives are irresistible - the blade, the weight, the cut are all on point. They make the difference between enjoyable meal prep and irritable meal prep. (That's why after my last vacation rental experience, I'm now considering getting some kind of travel case for them... )
Hanote Spiral Notebooks
List-making and note-taking are core to how I work, and there's something about putting actual pen to paper that makes both more effective. I love the Hanote spiral notebooks: they are made of high-quality paper, have multiple dividers, and include pocket for holding receipts, etc.
Hoka Running Shoes
Running Shoes
I bought Hokas after seeing so many recommendations from other Fresh Chalkers. At first I was a little put off by how wide the base of the shoe is, but the comfort and stability it provides makes up for it. I tend to pronate quite a bit and these seem to help. I had also been experiencing some knee pain in my last pair and it's all but disappeared with these. I'm hooked!
Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara
Purchased based on FC recs and happy I did. No more of the annoying flakes and smearing I was constantly getting with my last brand (which I have now erased from memory.) Good definition and easy to remove.
Judy Emergency Kits
Emergency Preparedness
These ready-made emergency kits come in three sizes -- a fanny-pack version to throw in your car, a backpack version if you need something portable for a few days, and a crate-sized version for sheltering in place. Everything you need is organized, efficiently packed, and ready to go. Emergency kits have been on my to do list forever -- it's great to know that we now have a stock of supplies in case we need them.
Khala Reusable Beeswax Wraps
Beeswax Wraps
I feel like I'm a little late to the party with these beeswax food wraps. Since I'm cooking more than ever (and trying not to waste food), I was constantly running out of food storage containers and resorting to plastic bags or wrap. These are great because they are eco-friendly and don't take up a lot of storage space. They require a few seconds of warming in your hands before they'll attach properly, which I use as a reminder to take a few deep breaths!
Left Center Right Game
Left Center Right is a simple but surprisingly entertaining dice game that even little kids can play. It's especially fun if you swap out candy or coins for the plastic tokens the game comes with (kudos to @GingerE731 for the idea). I also love that it's small, portable, and inexpensive.
Lodge Cast Iron Grill Press
Grill Tool
This is another inexpensive, versatile kitchen tool that I often find myself reaching for. I use it to keep bacon flat, to cook chicken breasts faster, to make hash browns crispier, as a sandwich press, and more.
Outward Hound Zipzoom Tail Teaser Lure Wand
Cat Toy
I felt a little ridiculous buying this toy for my dog (it's a cat toy, right?), but he totally loves it and it allows me to play with him without leaving the couch. Note that my dog is about the size of a cat, so I'm not sure how well this would work for a larger breed.
Picnic at Ascot Picnic Cooler
The name of this picnic cooler is terribly snooty, but the cooler itself is extremely practical (if you think stemmed plastic wineglasses at a picnic are practical). Those aside, this baby is the perfect companion for a quick casual picnic or if you're packing food to bring to a friend's or on a short trip. The insulated main compartment has two beverage holders and a roomy area for bulky items. The front pocket contains everything four people need to eat (plates, cutlery, napkins, a cheese knife, and a wine opener.) Then you've got an outer pocket for your personal items. Did I mention it rolls? I grab it by the handles when I'm going short distances, but slide it onto the roller if a walk is involved. I use this thing multiple times a weekend in the summer.
Simple Human Dual Compartment Trash Can
Trash Can
This is trash can is so sleekly designed and discrete that I don't mind having it visible in my kitchen. It has both recycling and garbage containers inside and a step so you can deposit things hands-free. The lid closes softly and the pieces are easy to remove, replace, and clean. I like to get the custom liners that fit the bins precisely so the bag doesn't fall down the sides and create a huge mess.
Slime Subscription From Sloomoo Institute
On a pre-COVID trip to NY, my kids & I visited the Sloomoo Institute (aka "The Slime Museum") and got, well, slimy. I realize the slime fad has probably had it's day, but my kids still get a kick out of it. A new jar of slime has a short lifespan, though, which is where the slime subscription comes in. My son got a 3-month subscription as a birthday gift and got increasingly excited with each impending delivery. The unboxing of this subscription is super fun - it's got a healthy variety of slimes to experiment with, plus mix-ins, stickers, tattoos, and other goodies. If you're looking for a gift for a slime-lover, this checked all the boxes!
Stashers Reusable Food Storage
Silicone Reusable Bags
Wasting food makes me sad, but using plastic wrap and plastic bags for food storage makes me even sadder. Someone recommended that I try Stashers -- silicone food storage bags that are dishwasher & microwave safe, and totally reusable. I'm using way less plastic ever since. They don't take us much storage space, they clean easily in the dishwasher, and they have a range of sizes so you can store even small amounts of food. The food stays fresh longer, too, as far as I can tell -- bonus.
We purchased Storyworth as a gift for my dad @MrBruAl, and he's off to a great start. I love the sneak peek of the chapters as they come out, and I'm excited to see the finished product at the end. I will note that it wasn't lost on him that this "gift" came with a lot of homework, but he's being a good sport about it!
Taco vs. Burrito
In our constant quest for new forms of screen-free entertainment, I ordered the game Taco vs. Burrito. The game was invented by a 7yo Seattle kid, which makes me even happier to purchase it. We played 3 times in the first 2 days, and my 11 yo son declared it, "one of the most fun games I've ever played!" There's a nice mix of luck and strategy, and you can both ramp up and get through the game quickly if need be.
Terro T300 Liquid Ant Baits
These are quick, cheap, effective and non-toxic to boot.
The Always Pan
Pots & Pans
This pan doesn't stick! Easy to clean, nice conductive heat surface, and has a basket for steaming (which I admittedly never use).
Tokki Face Mask
Face Mask
Great, unique face masks (I wear mine all the time and sent some to family members!), reusable gift wrap, and other fun gifts from Seattle entrepreneur Jane Park. Check them out!
Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel Seasoning Blend
You can never have enough everything.
Tramontina Nonstick Pan
Pots & Pans
This might be my favorite item in my whole kitchen. I use it so often (many times for 3 meals a day) that it simply goes from my stovetop to my sink and back again. Heats quickly and evenly, nothing sticks but food browns nicely, and the silicone handle is super practical.
Trixie Activity Board Dog Toy
Dog Toy
This summer I interviewed Julie Forbes, a local dog trainer, and one of her tips was that dogs need to be intellectually exercised, not just physically exercised. I started looking into "brain toys" and found this line on My pup has been advancing up from "beginner" to "advanced" on the toys and he totally loves them. They've been a great distraction during these days when we're stuck at home. (Not just for the dog, but also for the kids who like to watch him puzzle it out :)
Vuori Joggers
Everything you've heard about these joggers is true. So soft and comfortable.


Action Jackson Plumbing
Used them for a sewer scope - very professional and seemed to know their stuff. Family-owned business.
Alpine Specialty Cleaning
Carpet Cleaner
I've been ignoring that nagging voice in my head that says "You should really get the dryer vent cleaned," for, oh, my whole life. But when the dryer gave me an actual warning light this weekend, I finally listened. Alpine Cleaning came out on the same day I called. Good service, a bit more expensive then I thought it would be ($179), but now I can stop worrying about it for at least another year.
Atlas Junk Removal
Junk Removal
We hired Tao to help us clean out the last of our office furniture (😟) and he delivered as @amy_woidtke and @SaraEizen promised! Fast, flexible, and cheerful.
Blue Flame Heating & Air Conditioning
They did a solid job installing central air in my home. The post-install inspection process was a bit of a mess (unclear what was happening when and if someone needed to be home) but otherwise good work.
Bosanko Furniture Repair
One of the legs of our couch snapped off last weekend (!), but luckily it was still under warranty. The store where I bought it (Couch) sent Jeff from Bosanko over to fix it within a couple days. It's obvious he's very experienced and was able to repair the broken leg within a couple hours. He specializes in furniture that's been scratched, dented, or damaged in a move, and he takes pride in matching wood colors and grain precisely. Also, he does a lot of work on yachts, so if you're lucky enough to own one, you might want to bookmark this business.
City People's Garden Store
Great selection of indoor & outdoor plants, friendly & helpful staff, and a sweet gift shop to boot.
Crystal Panes Window And Gutter Cleaning
Window Washing
Nice work on both interior and exterior windows. Professional and respectful staff.
D.A. Burns & Sons
Carpet Cleaner
No fuss, great work.
Davidson Galleries
Art Gallery
I was looking to purchase some art for my new house and found this gallery through online resources. If you want original work but can't spend a fortune, Davidson is a good option. They have work on paper from tons of classic, contemporary, and modern artists. If you see something you like in the back, Rebecca can pull the artist's full portfolio and take you on a tour of their pieces. There's a little reconnaissance involved, but that's part of the fun. They also have an extensive collection online.
Frederick's Appliance
I ordered a new dishwasher and had it installed by Frederick's. The sales person I worked with was knowledgeable, the install timeline short, and the installer was on time, friendly, and efficient. He got the job done quickly and without a mess. If you're anticipating needing a new appliance, now might be a good time to get one -- you'll already be home for the delivery :)
Gallery Frames
This shop was recommended to me by the Davidson Gallery. They framed two large prints for me and did a great job.
Green Dry Cleaners
Dry Cleaner
Reliable, fast, and they do alterations.
Ironwood Tree
Landscape Architect
David Berleth did a beautiful job! He took on a massive project of removing structures, old bricks, and lots over overgrowth. He installed a beautiful fountain, new pavers, a new fence, and even oversaw moving the position of the front stairs.
Liz Mullan
Personal Assistant
Life is better with Liz Mullan around! She has been a great help to our family over many years in many different capacities. She's a wonderful cook, meticulous in her work, and completely reliable. She's also just lovely to be around. If you're in need of an extra set of hands to make life manageable, I highly recommend Liz.
Madsen Modern
Madsen Modern did a beautiful job repairing a vintage teak dining chair for me. You can't even see the break in the wood any longer. Lifesavers!
Peter Lavagnino Garden Design and Management
Landscape Design
I found Peter through recommendations from @kimr and @SeattleAmy. He created and executed a plan for my front yard's landscaping, including redefining the hardscape/grass boundaries, picking a beautiful selection of plants and trees, and procuring/placing/planting them. He accommodated my budget by breaking the overall project into phases, so the work will continue into next year, but it looks great already!
R&S Landscaping
Roberto and his crew come reliably every two weeks to keep my yard in shape. They are very conscientious with mowing, edging, and weeding, and have also helped me out with some other odd jobs from time to time. Roberto is friendly and easy to work with.
Rathbone Interior Painting
Sandi is the Paint Fairy. You don't have to move furniture or belongings before she comes. She paints about one room a day, and when she leaves you literally cannot tell that anyone has been in the house. Over three days and three rooms + a hallway, I never saw a drop cloth, piece of tape, or any mess whatsoever. The painting was beautifully done to boot. Highly recommend! (Thanks @lauraliz )
Ravenna Locksmith - Howard Nevitt
Howard is a pro.
Recycling Services
We just signed up for Ridwell and are so excited about it. The kids are even getting involved! I love not feeling guilty about disposing of plastic film, batteries, and more the wrong way. Phew.
Seattle Design Solutions
Window Treatments
We used them for a house full of blinds and curtains. They go for quality but will work with you on budget. They also do a great job with custom shelving for closets.
Simple Solutions
I had a positive experience with Scott. I needed a drain unclogged and he did that quickly and cleanly, then threw in a few extras, including giving me an educational tour of the plumbing of the house (which I was sadly ignorant of :) Price was reasonable and he was responsive in communicating.
Susan's Green Cleaning
House Cleaner
I recently switched to using Susan's Green Cleaning, and I'm very happy with the move. The house looks spotless when they're done, and I appreciate that they use environmentally-safe methods and products.
The Fixit Sisters
I just started working with Kelly based on the recommendation from @SaraEizen. She's been helping me get my new house in working order and it seems like she can do it all. She's super friendly and flexible and has already saved me lots of headaches. Highly recommended!
Wirecraft Electrician Services
Great experience with these guys on a small job. With Wirecraft you always pay a $79 transportation fee, but for that they will come on site, provide an estimate, and do the work right away if possible. I recently used them for hanging a chandelier. The electrician got stuck in traffic and was a bit late, but he called to let me know and did a small freebie project to thank me for understanding. I will definitely use them again!

Special Occasions

Alexander Wilson
He did an amazing job at a dinner party I attended. He single-handedly served a complex appetizer course and four sit-down courses after that, each with multiple components, all delicious.
Great option for try-before-you-buy clothes, or just to mix up your wardrobe without having to actually go shopping (ugh).
Dingfelder's Delicatessen
Yes, I realize that $22 for a sandwich is kind of insane. But if you are dreaming of bagels, whitefish, lox, pastrami, brisket, pickles, and all of the other deli goodness that is easy to find on the east coast but almost impossible on the west, look no further than this place. Dingfelder's is so special it's worth the damage to your arteries!
Electric Boat Company
Recreational Activities
If you're looking for a special occasion activity that is outdoors, this is a fun one. The company is easy to work with and seems to be taking all the necessary protections to keep the experience COVID-safe. They have catering and food/adult beverage options as well, if you fail to prepare adequately!
Elliott Bay Book Company
Book Store
Love, love, love this place. Beautiful store, excellent selection, helpful staff, and a great little cafe to boot. You can get lost for hours browsing. A Seattle institution - I take all my out-of-town visitors here.
Knack Shops
I used Knack Shops to order some gifts for far-away friends and family. It's an awesome gifting experience, with both flexibility to create your own gifts and lots of pre-made options to choose from. Easy checkout experience, too, which is so important. Great resource to have for the holidays and all year!
Little Water Cantina
The post-vaccine lunch meetings have begun! This spot on Eastlake has a great waterfront deck, free parking, and not-terrible Mexican food. Ordering and payment are all through an app, so contact with people outside of your party is very limited. The view definitely makes the experience.
Megan Mary Olander
Gorgeous, unique arrangements.
Millsweet Flower Co.
Jacki is amazing! Beautiful, unique choices and a great eye for design. She taught a floral design class I attended and I learned a ton :)
I tried this service this weekend and it was very cool! They arrange a multi-stop experience -- including transportation -- based on the preferences you share (including budget) in their on-boarding survey. You don't know where you're going until you pull up at the location! If you like surprises and having other people do your planning for you, you should give this a shot.
Puzzle Break Belltown
Escape Room
I'm addicted to escape rooms now, thanks to them.
Sea Wolf (Wallingford)
The pretzel rolls alone are worth a trek. Luckily they are opening a new Montlake location this fall!
Seatown Sweets
Kayla at Seatown Sweets created a beautiful succulent/cactus themed cake for my daughter's birthday party. The decorations were flawless and the cake itself was light and delicious. Worth the drive to Kirkland from Seattle! Thanks @Cassiejohnson73 for the recommendation.
Seattle Flowers
The folks at Seattle Florists went to great lengths to make a delivery even in a hard-to-access building, and were super friendly in the process. The flowers were gorgeous, too!
Sweet Mickey's Candy Shoppe
I had the excuse to visit Sweet Mickey's in preparation for our October Karmadays event. Never has my willpower to avoid sweets been tested like this. They literally have walls of delicious and whimsical treats in every variety to choose from, and the employees are lovely and welcoming. The store will pack up and ship gifts all over the country, too, which was a great way to celebrate Halloween this year with my extended family. If you find yourself in Ballard, check this place out!
Terra Plata
Takeout from Terra Plata has been one that has saved me throughout COVID. I can't get enough of the Peruvian Chicken, and their homemade potato chips are to die for.





Real Estate





Gage Academy
Art School
My daughter has gone to summer camps here for many years and loves the environment.
Humble Design
Donation Center
Love this organization. They furnish homes for people who are coming out of homelessness. You can donate your gently used furniture or household items (or of course make a cash donation). They will come pick your stuff up for a $50 fee if you can't deliver it yourself. Check out their FB page for some awesome reveal videos!
Joyce's Market and Cafe
Speciality Food and Wine
This place is a hidden gem at the edge of the Central District at MLK & Union. Great selection of homemade, prepared food (fresh and frozen), nice wines, some baked items, cheeses, and meats. Their sandwich counter has a yummy menu of healthy-ish sandwiches and other items. The owner is usually there and super helpful if you're shopping for something specific (I purchased our holiday main course there and also a bunch of holiday gifts, for instance.)
Shapiro's Delicatessen
An Indianapolis institution. This place has it all, from bagels and desserts to all of the traditional sandwiches and plated entrees. Go hungry!
The Postman Mail & Business
Postal Services
If you live in Cap Hill, Madrona, Madison Park or the CD, you should mail your packages at The Postman on MLK. Great, friendly service, motivated local young entrepreneur, and convenient location.
Turned Yellow
If you have a true, die-hard Simpsons fan in your life, you might consider memorializing them as a Simpsons character using Turned Yellow. You choose a background, submit some photos, and a few weeks later, voila. My son was thrilled to get this for his birthday this year and still lights up talking about it.

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