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Elexa Martinez
over 2 years ago • Austin

Beach Gear

We are heading to the beach for a week soon and this is the first time taking our kids and for us in over 10 years so we have no beach gear. Would love all your beach gear recommendations. Lookin at something for shade, chairs, toys, or anything you have found to be super helpful for a day on the beach.
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over 2 years ago
Things that really helped us when going to the beach with little kids was a rolling bag to carry all the stuff required for taking kids to the beach There are several types of beach carts/bags available. We used the Radarbulle bag from Ikea, and that worked well. I bought a mesh bag with water and sand toys and it was handy to have the bag to put everything back in to. My kids also really enjoyed digging in the sand, so we got them little shovels. Another really handy thing was a drying line you can hang in the shower. It was nice to place to put the wet suits so they aren’t just strewn around the room.
over 2 years ago
Oh I love the drying line that’s smart! Yes a rolling bag had not thought of that. I have been looking at mesh bags for sure seems smart so it doesn’t collect the sand. Thanks so much.
over 2 years ago