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Travis Heights • Austin, TX

Julie Joyce

Travis Heights • Austin, TX
Long time Austin resident. Know little bits about lots of stuff. Kid stuff, cooking and baking stuff, elementary school stuff, and stuff stuff.
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5 Gallon Waterbottle Pump
Water Filter
The pump sits on top of a 5 gallon water bottle. No need for a large water dispenser taking up space. It was super handy to have during Austin’s recent water issues. Charges with a USB and seems to hold the charge for quite a while. Also has a light so you don’t overflow your cup or bottle.
Gardening Accessories
Such a fun way to grow herbs indoors. The kids really enjoy it because they can help set it up, and watch it grow day by day. Fresh herbs year round.
Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner
Cleaning Supplies
We have a front load washer and sometimes it can get a little mildew smelling, especially in the humid Texas summers. I pop one of these in, and no more smell.
Bare Minerals Mineral Veil
A nice, lightweight finishing powder that is designed to go over the BareMinerals foundation. On days when I’m in a hurry, or just need a little bit of coverage, I use this on its own.
BareMinerals Skin Longevity Vital Power Infusion
Skin Care
A great, lightweight serum, that I use morning and night. I am not always loyal to a moisturizer, but I am always loyal to this serum. As the first layer, I feel it makes everything else work a little better.
Beautivity Rapid Effect Reduction Eye Serum
Eye Cream
No false advertising. The description said it was effective in reducing under eye puffiness and dark circles. It really does. I am quite pleased.
Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds
Smoky and salty goodness! Plus, almonds, I get to feel healthy.
Blue Lightening Boomerang
My son got this boomerang recently and I have to say it has held up remarkably well after being thrown vigorously, and quite wildly, by several 11 year old boys. It has helped sharpen my ducking reflexes as well.
Boo! Scare Lice Leave in Spray
Hair Care
We used this for a good portion of our elementary school time, mostly in the younger grades, and we made it through with out a lice incident.
Bosch Built-In Microwave
We had to replace our built-in microwave oven a few months ago and decided to go with the Bosch. We couldn’t be happier. Works great, super quiet and looks very sleek. Lot of pre-programmed buttons that seem to cover everything you can do in a microwave. We are going to need to replace our oven soon, and are so happy with the microwave; we are planning to go with the Bosch oven.
Button Lamp
Adhesive LED lights that have an off/on switch so they aren't on all the time. Keep them with our power outage stuff.
CamelBak Podium Chill 24oz Water Bottle
Water Bottle
My kids had CamelBak bottles when they were younger, and they held up really well on many outings. There were several cute patterns as well. If I remember correctly, there was a straw that flipped up for drinking.
Chafon Inverter Generator
Power Storage
This was great to have during our recent power outage. We were able to charge the generator in the car, and use in the evenings to power a lamp. Handy for recharging phones and computers as well.
Cloud Paper 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper
So happy I found this toilet paper! This product is made from bamboo, so no old growth trees are cut down to manufacture. All packaging is recycled paper and ink is soy based. It seems to last longer than a regular roll of toilet paper and bottom line, pun totally intended, it is soft and absorbent, which is what you really want from your toilet paper.
Crane Droplet Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
We have the Crane Droplet Ultrasonic Cool Mist humidifier. Had the cute animal ones when our kids were little but they didn’t seem to last too long. Finally decided to get a not as cute, but much more durable model. We have been happy with this humidifier.
Cuisinart Smart Stick Immersion Blender
A go to in my kitchen. Comes with several attachments that all work off of the “smart stick”. Use it to blend soups in the pot, chop veggies, puree, and more.
Dash Mini Waffle Maker
Waffle Maker
A fun dinner to do with the kids. Easy clean up.
Deva Curl
Hair Care
I have used the Deva Curl line in the past, and liked the product for curly hair.
Duplo Lego Blocks
My kids enjoyed the Duplo blocks. They could build all kinds of things. Fun, colorful and easy for little hand to manipulate. They come in containers as well for easy storage.
EBL Rechargeable Batteries and Smart Charger
Battery Charger
We primarily use these for anything our kids need batteries for. Inevitably, something gets left turned on accidentally, and I feel so much better popping them into the charger, as opposed to trying to find recycling for them. We have both AA and AAA.
Fujifilm Instax Mini 11
My daughter said this is her “favorite birthday present by a million”. There were several fun colors to choose from in this model line. It has been easy to use, and the pictures are a better quality than I was expecting.
Geryon Vacuum Food Sealer
Vacuum Sealer
This has been a freezer food saver. No more freezer burn and I am able to fit more stuff in the freezer since there is less bulk from plastic container.
Greatergoods Digital Food Kitchen Scale
Food Scale
Good scale for the kitchen. Measures in fluid ounces, milliliters, pounds, and grams.
Hearth and Hand Sugared Birch Candle
I like to keep candles in the kitchen in case something leaves a lingering cooking smell. I was afraid this might be a little too “Christmas” but no. A really nice, not overpowering scent.
Helteko Air Compressor/Tire Inflator
Air Compressor
Bought this to keep in the car in case of emergencies, and it has come in handy more than once. Seems there is never a really good time to run over a screw or nail.
Higher Gear Trunk Organizer
When we bought our Subaru Forrester all the extra cargo space was great, but we needed a way to keep things from rolling around and generally being a mess. Purchased this organizer and it has been great. Two large main compartments and smaller outside pockets offer lots of spaces to put things. Soft sided so there is give for items of unusual sizes.
Home Depot Bucket Head Wet/Dry Shop Vac
Vacuum Cleaner
Sits on top of a utility bucket and becomes a super handy wet vac. We were having some roof leaking issues, and this was so helpful until the repairs were made.
Honeysuckle White Italian Turkey Sausage
I use this ground turkey quite a bit in pasta dishes. The links have a nice Italian spice to it and my kids think it’s great. I use this in two dishes that my daughter says are her favorites. It freezes well if you don’t use it all in one dish.
Ikea Radarbulle Bag
Things that really helped us when going to the beach with little kids was a rolling bag to carry all the stuff required for taking kids to the beach. There are several types of beach carts/bags available. We used the Radarbulle bag from Ikea, and that worked well. I bought a mesh bag with water and sand toys and it was handy to have the bag to put everything back in to.
Ikea Raskog Utility Cart
Kitchen Cart
We have two of these. They are very useful. They have had several uses throughout their lifes in our home. One is currently an art cart and the other is a shoe cart.
A collapsible crate that tucks nicely into the back of your car. Great for bulky (think Costco) type items that don’t always fit well into a typical sized grocery bag. Plus, my cat thinks it is the perfect place to sleep after the groceries are unloaded.
Intelluce Reading Light
Desk Lamp
A great USB charging clip on reading light for places with no outlets. Got it for my son when he got his loft bed and there wasn’t a good source of light for his bedtime reading. Has a nice, strong clip.
Jack Link's Premium Cuts Beef Steak Individual Snacks
Great on the go snack since they are individually wrapped. A nice change from crackers or chips.
Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer
Self Tanning
I use Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer, and have for a few years. It comes in two different skin tones and builds up gradually. When my legs haven’t seen the sun for a while and I use it and I am always pleased. Easy to apply and not greasy.
Kim's Magic Pop
This is Korean snack cake. It is a crunchy crispy snack my kids and I enjoy. There are different flavors, something for everyone. They are always a hit at play dates and I like them instead of crackers if I am looking for a change.
KitchenAid Mixer
This is a kitchen workhorse! I have been doing a lot more baking and pizza making during the pandemic and this mixer has stepped up to task. I love all the different attachments you can change out. We have also used it to make pasta with the pasta roller attachment. This was a wedding gift, which was 14 years ago, which speaks to its longevity.
Kong Toys
Dog Toy
Our dog gets so excited when he sees the Kong being taken to the kitchen because he knows there is going to be a peanut butter treat!! Keeps him occupied for a good amount of time and so far has been indestructible.
Labyrinth Family Board Game
Fun, easy to learn board game, that really is for the whole family. Tiles slide around the board, changing pathways as you try to collect all your treasure.
Legendog Cat Treat Dispenser
Cat Toy
Our cat has so much fun batting this around to get his treats out.
Lg Wt7300cv Washer
Washing Machine
We have the LG front loading washer and dryer. It has been a workhorse. We got the model with a sanitizing cycle because when we bought it our kids were still little and we wanted that for all the germs, and such, that comes from little ones.
Little Tikes Jump & Slide With Arched Canopy
Bouncy House
We bought this for our kids for their fourth (I think) birthday and they got tons of use out of it. The canopy was great for keeping the sun and leaves out of the jumping area. Well, come start of the pandemic, when they were 10, and we got a bunch more use out of it. We would set it up and they would do some of their virtual learning in it. Has held up amazingly well.
Love Poems (For Married People)
A hilarious gift from my husband. We heard the author, John Kenney, being interviewed on NPR and he bought me the books. There is also Love Poems (for People with Children). The poems are so funny and so very relatable. Need a quick laugh after a long day? Read a couple of the poems. Almost guaranteed to at least make you smile
Makeup Eraser
Makeup Remover
Remove makeup with just water, no additional remover or soap needed. Very soft and gentle on skin, and machine washable.
Master Lock Door Security Bar
Home Security
A bar you can place under your doorknob that keeps anyone from getting into your home by forcing open a door. A little peace of mind.
Messy Mutts Double Silicone Feeder With Stainless Bowls
Pet Bowl
These saved my floor. Our cat, for some reason, started pulling on the water bowl. This led to the water bowl being knocked over several times. We ordered this, and it has been great. He still tries to pull the bowl, but at least now he can’t knock it over.
NETGEAR AC2000 Dual Band Wireless Access Point (WAC124)
Wifi Extender
We got the NETGEAR AC2000 Dual Band Wireless when we were doing schooling in place. It seems to be working well and there was less freezing/getting thrown off.
Newentor Weather Station
Weather Station
Has indoor and outdoor weather sensors, color display, a weather forecast station and an atomic clock.
Olly Goodbye Stress Softgels and Gummies
Decided to give this line a try after looking at it for a while. I really think it is helping. Not saying I have become zen, but don’t feel quite as stressed as before. The gummies have a pleasant taste.
Ooni Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven
We really enjoy our Ooni Pizza Oven. Sundays have become family pizza night. Everyone gets to top their own. Website has some great videos.
Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Cleaner
Wood Cleaner
A great, easy to apply hardwood floor cleaner. Does the job and I like the light orange scent.
Photo Clip String Lights
We got these for our daughter for Christmas and they are perfect for an 11 year old girl. You can hang pictures from the sturdy, clear clips. As the name suggests, it lights up and you can change the pattern of the flashing lights with the remote control.
Pro-Fit Active VeryFitPro Fitness Tracker
Fitness Tracker
My son has the Very Pro-Fit. Pretty basic. Step counting, active minutes, time, and a few other things. He doesn't remember to wear it everyday, but he has had it for over a year, and it is still going strong. I do have to have the app on my phone as he doesn't have a phone, however it updates very quickly.
ProForm 6.0 RT Folding Total Body Workout Treadmill
We bought the ProForm 6.0 RT Folding Total Body Workout treadmill from Target and we have been happy with it. I like that the walking piece folds up fairly easily. Has programs you can follow, and has bands that attach to the machine that you can use for an arm workout while you are walking.
Quirky Kitty Cat Toys
Cat Toy
Our cat loves his Quirky Kitty toys. We got him the chicken and tuna set for Christmas, and he carries the chicken around the house looking for someone to throw it for him.
Rabbitgoo Dog Harness
Pet Harness
We have a Rabbitgoo brand harness and it is an easy on/off.
Rambler Sparkling Water
Sparkling Water
A sparkling water produced in partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation to ensure a quality product that protects sensitive water sources. They have plain, grapefruit and a lemon/lime flavor. They also work with local groups to help preserve the natural areas we all enjoy.
Recchiuti Confections Black Box
Received this box of chocolates as a thank you from a friend, and oh my goodness!! They are divine! Interesting flavors such as - Lemon Verbena, Rose Caramel and Star Anise and Pink Peppercorn, to name a few. The chocolates themselves were works of art. Almost too pretty to eat. Almost.
Renpho Rechargable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager
Massage Tools
My husband has back problems and this massager has been great in getting deeper into the muscles that I was able to with a hand massage. It isn’t too heavy, which makes it easier to use.
Ryobi One + Cordless Drill/Driver Kit
Handy drill that has lots of bits and accessories that get the job done. One of my favorite features of the Ryobi line is that the batteries are interchangeable among the products.
Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
I bought these at Costco yesterday because they were on sale. Yummy chocolate caramel salty goodness. I will be going back to buy more.
School Smart Paper Edger Scissors
Bought these for my kids a few years ago for crafts, and they are still going strong. In addition to crafts, we use them when they make birthday cards for friends and they have come in handy for me when I am making gift tags.
Shark Duoclean Lift-Away Upright Vacuum With Self-Cleaning Brushroll
Vacuum Cleaner
We have the Shark Professional and I think it works well for stairs. The canister lifts away from the base, so you aren’t lugging the whole thing up and down the stairs. It also comes with a pet hair attachment and the hose detaches for hard to reach corners
Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352
Vacuum Cleaner
This is what I consider my “heavy duty vacuum”. Different settings for carpets vs. bare floors, has a lift-away canister that is handy for stairs, and a good assortment of attachments for hard to reach spots and pets. Powerful, yet not too heavy.
Shout Color Catcher Dryer Sheets
Dryer Sheets
Throw in the washing machine, and it catches dyes that may bleed on to other clothes. I put in with every load.
I am a big Skechers fan. Comfy, and some really nice designs.
Snaptain S5C
Hands down, this is my son’s favorite birthday present. Flight is smooth, and it is easy to operate. Enough bells and whistles to make it fun, yet not overwhelming. It comes with two batteries which is a real plus. Drone batteries tend to expend pretty quickly, so now he can just replace and keep flying
Soap Brite LED Lighted Dispenser
Soap Dispenser
A fun add to the kid's bathroom. Three colors to choose from. Lights up when the lights are off.
Starbucks Honey and Madagascar Vanilla
Coffee Pods
This is a limited edition Starbucks flavor out currently, and it is so good!! The smell alone helps me wakeup!
Subaru Forester
We have a Forester and I have been happy with the car overall. It has x-mode, traction enhancer, which was super helpful during our winter/snow/ice event. Haven’t gone off roading, but have done some unpaved ranch roads and it was fine.
Target Circle App
An app that lets you choose from tons of discounts on items at Target, Download the app, scroll through all the different departments, choose the deals you want and scan the barcode at check-out. The deals change weekly, so there is always something new. I saved $37.90 in the last 30 days.
An easy and straight forward online tax filing site. I use this every year to file my mom’s taxes. The information carries through year after year so you don’t have to do repeat entries every year. You can purchase different upgrades depending on how complicated your taxes may be.
Trader Joe's Brie Bites
My daughter’s newest Trader Joe’s obsession. She is back to in person school, and she takes one to school every day for lunch.
Trader Joe's Crunchy Curls
A yummy lentil and potato snack in a fun curl shape. I could pretty much eat the whole bag by myself.
Trader Joe's Pretzel Bagels
Our newest Trader Joe’s obsession!! We went through the first pack of six in two days. Bought two packs last time we went. As good as they sound. Even better toasted with cream cheese.
Trader Joe's Zhoug Sauce
I was looking for a dip for veggies other than hummus. Saw this at Trader Joe’s and decided to give it a try. New taste sensation!! It is billed as a “very spicy green herbal sauce with Yemeni roots”. It is great with everything from sweet peppers to sourdough. Used it on a wrap for lunch and it added a nice zing.
Tulip Tie-Dye Kit
Tie Dye Kit
The kit comes with dye pre-loaded in plastic squeeze bottles and you just add water. Felt much safer than bowls full of dye. Kit also includes gloves, rubberbands and ideas.
Tullofa Planner
I ordered this planner recently when I started making plans again, after a year not much planning required. I’ll be honest; I ordered it because it was 40% off since it was already March. I was pleasantly surprised. It has double page month planner as well as larger week by week pages. It is a little larger than I normally choose, but has been a good start back into organizing and planning.
Uniball 207 Designer Gel Pen
A nice writing gel pen that comes in a 10 pack of fun colors (5 colors, 2 of each).
Urtheone Hair Brush
Hair Brush
My daughter has long, thick hair and we were always fighting the knots. She got this hairbrush for Christmas, and it was a game changer. It is a boar bristle brush, so it is strong enough to go through her hair, but doesn’t pull too much. A nice wide paddle so she is able to get more hair at once.
Wonderful hand cream.
Vera Bradley Hightlighter
Vera Bradley has a great highlighter. Two different tips on the same highlighter, which can be handy. Never have any problem with smearing ink.
Vera Bradley Market Tote
Tote Bags
Very sturdy, and larger than your average grocery tote. I like that there is a little pocket inside the tote that you can slip cards and small items into so they don’t get crushed in the bag. Plus, super fun and colorful patterns.
Weber Genesis Grill
A nicely laid out grill. There is a burner on one side and the other side has a nice little counter type space you can set things of so it isn’t a balancing act at the grill. Has held up very well through the long Texas summers of grilling.
Weeknights With Giada
This is one of my favorite weeknight cookbooks. Most recipes are 30ish minutes or less, and there is a good variety to choose from. One of my go-to’s is Beef and Cannellini Bean Minestrone. Great with crusty bread, and the left-overs freeze well.
Weiman Furniture Wipes
Wood Cleaner
Great for a quick wood surface cleanup.
Wisdom Panel Health
Dog Dna Test Kit
We used the Wisdom Panel brand for our doggie DNA test. You register your kit when it arrives. You do the swab and send it back in the prepaid envelope. They will email the results when they are completed. It was very easy. I believe it was accurate. He is a super mutt, and it made us understand where is very long, very skinny legs, that do not match the rest of his body, came from.
My favorite escape app. Crossword type game with changing nature backgrounds that change as you level up.
Yeti 18oz Rambler
We have several Yeti products, but the one the family uses the most is the 18oz Rambler. It fits in the car cup holder and in the bottle pouch on most backpacks. Never have your ice-cubes melt in your cup on a long, hot hike again. I also enjoy my Yeti wine tumbler. Doesn't sweat if you are out by the pool with a nice rose. Plus it isn't glass. Safety first. ;)
Yeti Camino Carryall
Tote Bags
A very versatile, roomy and sturdy bag. Good for everything from the park to a road trip.
Yeti Hopper Soft Cooler
A soft sided, very durable cooler that really keeps things cold. Great for the park on a hot day, and the beach anytime. Cleans easily and you can purchase dry bags that attach to the outside of the bag for smaller items.
Yeti Tundra Cooler
Yeti coolers can keep ice-cream frozen even at an outdoor birthday party in the middle of July. Plus, now they have lots fun colors and sports team logos.

Special Occasions

Alliance Children's Garden
A wonderful new, all ages able to play playground! There is large climbing structure, slides, swings, musical instruments, a climbing wall for the littler kids with a soft landing material on the ground, and so much more. Also has shaded picnic tables, seating for adults and hungry turtles in the pond that are always eager for a treat.
Amy's Ice-Cream
Ice Cream
Lots of traditional flavors, with a few non-traditional ones as well. Flavors of the day, some even spiked for the grown-ups. Part of the fun is choosing your "crushins". Fruit, candy, cookies and lots of other choices that will be crushed into your ice-cream while you watch.
Austin Gift Company
Excellent source for Austin and Texas themed gifts, tees and souvenirs. There are also booths that are rented by local artist to sell their work.
Big Top Candy Shop
The normal candies you would expect to find, plus international candies, and the unusual, like bacon flavored mints. Lots of things you can buy in bulk, and an ice-cream counter. Sugar heaven.
Blazer Tag Adventure Center
A fun laser tag arena with three stories of ramps towers and bridges to run around and battle. There are also arcade games, where they can earn tickets to get prizes. The food is decent and there are discount days and specials during the summer. Can be a little loud for the mom, but the kids have a blast here.
Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum
A wonderful place to go to learn more about the story of Texas. Three stories means there is lots, and lots to see. There are several different movies that play as you work your way through the exhibits, as well as exhibits that have interactive components . There are exhibits that change throughout the year, so it is a good idea to keep an eye on their calendar of events. There is an IMAX theater that shows Texas themed movies, as well as first run theater movies.
Book Store
An amazing independent bookstore, and so much more more. Truly something for everyone, and not the same stuff you see everywhere else/online. Well laid out with lots of room to browse, or sit and explore a book more thoroughly.
Brenda Ladd Photography
Brenda is an amazing photographer! Best Christmas cards we have ever had. We received so many compliments. She is great with the kids and manages to catch everyone smiling.
Callahan's General Store
Family-run farm store selling everything from western wear to Texas-inspired gifts to livestock. When our school had chickens, I used to love to go pick up their feed and explore the store. So many things, that you have trouble seeing it all in one visit. My favorite was going out to the barn to see what livestock they had. It never gets old looking at cute baby chicks, ducklings and goslings.
Book Store
Great selection of books in Spanish for kids.
Easy Tiger
Large outdoor area. Great menu with lots of hot and cold sandwich choices, as well as soup salads and sausages. Wonderful fresh made breads and rolls.
Esther Price Chocolates
These chocolates have been a favorite of my husband since he was a wee tot growing up in Ohio. Still his favorite and it is easy to see why. The chocolates have a smooth flavor and the boxes have a nice assortment of fillings. You can order milk chocolate, dark chocolate or a mix. There are several gift options available on the website. I order them for him twice a year, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. I have only had an issue with a shipment one time, and customer service made it right in a very nice way.
Galaxy Cafe
A favorite lunch spot. There is something for everyone. The food feels fresh, healthy and so tasty.
Half Price Books
Book Store
We love Half Price Books. One of my kids favorite places to go. Huge selection of new and used books. As the name suggests, most of the used books are half off the cover price. New releases are 10% off. They also sell video games and movies. You can sell your used books, games and movies as well. Of course, I always spend more in the store than I may have gotten for selling items.
Hayleycakes and Cookies
Beautiful, and delicious, cookies in so many themes. The cookies can look like, flowers, animals, superheros, sharks, and even tacos!! They even have a party box that you can pick up. We got one for a Christmas party and it contained plain holiday cookie shapes, icing bags and sprinkles for decorating.
Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
Ice Cream
Oh My Goodness!! Tried Jeni’s for the first time and it was amazing!! Smells like heaven because they make the waffle cones in the store. The ice creams truly were splendid. No false advertising there. We will be back.
Jungle Island
Recreational Activities
A great indoor play space for the younger kids. A large, four story jungle themed climbing, sliding bouncing structure, as well as an arcade area. I liked the fact that it wasn’t so massive that I felt like I had to keep an eye on my kids every moment. Always clean and well staffed.
Kendra Scott
Wonderful, unique jewelry. Started in Austin Texas. Always a great place to find a gift, or two.Plus, you get half off one item during your birthday month if you sign up for the email list.
La Patisserie
Macarons, eclairs, croissants, cream puffs, scones, crobrios, I could go on and on. Everything is so good.
Lucy in Disguise With Diamonds
Not your run of the mill, October only, costume shop. Tons of options. Plus, vintage offerings as well.
Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
Recreational Activities
The Villages, FL
Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park tells the story of our 36th President beginning with his ancestors until his final resting place on his beloved LBJ Ranch. It is a really interesting walking/driving tour that is primarily self-guided, with lots of information along the way. There are also bison, longhorn cattle and white tail deer on the grounds.
Mandola's Italian Kitchen
Mandola’s has a nice menu of home-style Italian cuisine, plus a grocery for wine and Italian specialty items to look through while you wait.
Monkey See Monkey Do
Colorful, novelty shop with fun selection of quirky gifts, knick-knacks and toys. Great place to find a birthday gifts for my kids friends.
Peter Pan Mini Golf
An Austin tradition since 1948. Two different courses to choose from. Every hole has a statue, theme or just a bit of whimsy.
Playland Skate Center
Recreational Activities
A fun place to take the kids in the middle of the Texas summer, or really any time. They have supports you can rent for the novice skaters, and they do different activities during the skating time; races, limbo, etc. We have been to a few birthday parties here, and they do a good job keeping everything running smoothly.
Sue Patrick
If you need something burnt orange for a UT game, this is your go to place! Lots of fun and unusual gifts as well.
Sugar Mama's Bakeshop
A bakery in a vintage building, with lovely and delicious cupcakes, cookies and cakes. They seasonal and boozy flavors as well. Also sell bars and do custom orders. We ordered our kids first birthday party cupcakes from here.
Sweet Berry Farms
Strawberry picking in the spring. Pumpkins in the fall. A corn maze, giant bouncies for the kids, barrel train rides, flower picking and so much more. Lots of parking.
Taco Deli
Super tasty breakfast tacos. Locations all over Austin, and even sold at some local businesses. Highly recommend the Jess Special with the spicy green sauce.
Taco Joint
Yummy tacos hand rolled in fresh tortillas. Several breakfast and lunch options are available. Also have several choices of fresh made salsas. Quick and friendly service. Outdoor dining, curbside pickup and carryout available.
Texas Co-Op
Book Store
If you are a fan of the Texas Longhorns, this is your store for everything burnt orange! They also buy and sell text books and have a wide selection of school supplies.
Thai Fresh
We have passed by so many times and said “we need to try this place” and we finally did from the Fresh Chalk recommendations. So good!! My husband and I shared two appetizers and one entrée and it was more than enough for the two of us. The veggies were so fresh and cooked perfectly. The spice of the meat was wonderful. Definitely going back, soon.
Tiff's Treats
Warm, fresh cookie delivery to your door. You can even add a bottle of cold milk. What could be better!
Tiny Pies
Tiny pies are made from scratch and baked fresh daily. There are sweet, savory and seasonal/holiday flavors. I have never seen someone not smile, when they get a tiny pie.
Urban Air Adventure Park
Amazing indoor play space for kids. Includes zip line, 3 story playscape, climbing wall, basketball, and so much more. We have spent many a hot Austin afternoon here.
Our absolute favorite place to go in Austin for celebrating a special occasion, or, a Thursday. We always sit at the bar to people watch, though the dining room is very nice. We have never had a bad meal. Their daily specials are always so good, and their seasonal offerings keep us coming back for more.
Waco Mammoth National Monument
Waco, TX
This place is amazing. Located in Waco, it is a National Park built around a Woolly Mammoth herd discovery. You can take a guided tour with the park rangers and get so much interesting information about all the types of creatures that lived in this part of Texas, way back in the day. There is also a Junior Ranger program the kids can participate in. The are given a booklet with things to find, and when they are done, they are given a junior ranger badge and are "deputized" by a park ranger. We have been twice, and I want to go back again!!
Westgate Lanes
Always a fun place to go. We used to take our kids a couple of times a month. We would go on Sunday mornings. There is a bar, restaurant and pro shop as well. They also do birthday parties, leagues and have special pricing/events on some days.
Zilker Botanical Garden
An absolutely beautiful botanical garden, not far from downtown Austin. We have been several times, and always find something new depending on the season. There is an annual faerie garden trail in the summer that is so much fun and the Japanese garden is always a delight. There are virtual tours on-line as well.


ABC Home & Commercial Services
ABC takes care of our lawn service, pest control, and HVAC bi-annual maintenance. They are also great with any type of plumbing and electrical issues. We have a contract on our HVAC maintenance, so we get a discount on our other services. I have recommended them to several people.
A must if you are traveling around Texas. Convenience store doesn’t do it justice. There are the usual convenience store snacks and such, but there are also Buc-ee’s branded clothes and snacks and lots of Texas themed artwork. There is also a meat counter that does sandwiches and breakfast tacos if you want something hot, that isn’t the usual fast food.
Clarke Kent Plumbing
We needed some drains replaced around our pool. Prompt service and friendly staff.
Great Outdoors
So many choices. Herbs, flowers, trees, seasonal, pots, decorative garden items, and lots of soil and fertilizers. There are even Koi you can feed if you ask for food at check out.
Their slogan is "No store does more" and that is true. Vey heailvy involed in the Austin community. They donate to the food banks of their area, among many other community programs they participatein. Were very well coordinated during the pandemic and the recent winter storms we had.
Harbor Freight Tools
Hardware Store
A hardware store that is less overwhelming than some of the big box hardware stores. A good selection of tools, hardware and equipment, as well as some cute outdoor decorative type items.
Hill Country Water Gardens & Nursery
Beautiful place. Pond supplies, including Koi and water lilies. Large selection of plants and herbs. Many styles of pots and planters.
Lake Austin Pools
Pool and Hot Tub
Very reliable. Have been taking care of our pool since before my husband even bought the house.
Shoal Creek Nursery
Great nursery with lots of plants, flowers and all the accessories you may want or need. Helpful staff that seem happy answer questions or give suggestions. I used to live around the corner, and would go frequently to see what was new.
The Natural Gardener
Wonderful organic nursery. So many wonderful plants, flowers and landscaping options. Great resource for herb and butterfly garden supplies. Great place to roam, and become inspired. Very helpful staff.
Thom's Market
A nicer than your average corner market. A good selection of pantry staples, organic options, and food choices from local companies. Some prepared meal options and a nice beer and wine selection.
Tiny Grocer
The sign says Tiny, but has a nice selection for a small, lovely space. Feels open, airy and well lit.



Altitude Trampoline Park
Great place for the kids to burn energy when it is too hot to be outside. Fun place for birthday parties.
Anna's Toy Depot
Toy Store
We heard about Anna's from a friend with kids that were as obsessed with Lego as mine were. You can buy used sets, or, you can buy them by the baggie full. You can fill a quart or gallon baggie from the tubs of Legos that they have. In addition, there are other toys, new and used.
Austin Reptile Shows
Kids Entertainment
We were at child’s party and Austin Reptile Shows was doing a presentation. It was well done and the kids were very interested. The presenter made sure to give good, but not overwhelming information on each animal. He had a mix of snakes, lizards, tortoises and turtles. He made sure that everyone that wanted to pet or interact with the animals had the chance but if a child was not interested, he moved on. The booking was for an hour, and he made sure he was there for the full hour.
The Dinosaur Park
Kids Entertainment
A fun experience for the whole family. A large outdoor park with life size dinosaurs to explore and discover. There is a trail you can walk that has many things to discover along the way. You will get a map when you check in. There is also a playground, picnic tables and a gift shop. When my kids were younger, we liked it so much that we had an annual pass.
Always something too do here and the kids always find a way to get wet. Visited almost weekly when my kids were younger. We were big fans of the Little Bloomers program.
Toy Joy
Toy Store
Toy store doesn’t do it justice! Toys, puzzles, collectibles, games, a large Sanrio section, and so much more. I have as much, if not more fun, than my as my kids in this store.





Real Estate


Ace Mart Restaurant Supply
Restuarant Supplier
If you like to cook or bake, you have to check this place out! It is a restaurant supply store, but they are open to the general public. Have t-shirts from local restaurants hanging from the ceiling.
Austin Yeti Flagship Store
Consumer Product
Your place for all things Yeti. Coolers, tumblers, bags, gear, clothing, etc…. You can get drink wear personalized on site, with lots of Texas college logos available. The store itself is something to see. Large, bright and airy, with great displays and a friendly staff.
Cafe Monet
A nice pottery studio for the kids, and adults, to explore painting your own pottery. Lots of different items to paint to choose from to paint and the staff is helpful explaining different types of painting techniques and how the layer colors for best results.
Central Market
Speciality Food and Wine
Central Market is a grocery store, that is a little bit more. I enjoy cooking and they almost always have anything unusual I may need for a recipe. They have a really well stocked bulk section, so if I only need 1/4 teaspoon of something, that is all I have to buy, not a whole jar. My kids really enjoy the candy part of the bulk section. The staff is helpful with questions and recommendations. It is fun to just walk around there sometimes to get inspiration. The produce, meat and seafood areas are very well stocked. Lots of pre-made choices as well, if you are in a hurry.
Hobby Town
Art Supplies
My son purchased a RC car from Hobby Town yesterday, and the staff was wonderful. Very helpful and made sure we had everything we needed to make it a success from the first time out of the box. Encouraged us to call, or come back in, if we had any questions.
Jerry's Artarama
Art Supplies
Large art supply store with SO MANY wonderful supplies to choose from. Easy to spend quite a bit of time wandering the aisles and finding things you can’t live without. They also have a frequent buyers program.
Jo's Coffee
Coffee Shop
A great corner coffee shop with fresh baked goods, friendly service and Taco Deli breakfast tacos. Their “I love you so much” mural has been the back drop to many pictures. Outdoor seating area that looks on to Congress Avenue for excellent people watching and the occasional celebrity sighting
Juice Bar
Yum! Great way to get my kids, and husband, to drink their fruits and veggies.
Coffee Shop
A lovely coffee shop with tasty sugar cookies. Very involved in the local community. They did a fundraiser for our elementary school that donated a portion of the profits from a specially designed sugar cookie to our school.
Papa Wood - Fire Wood Delivery
Consumer Product
Delivered wood to our house, and stacked it in our firewood holder. Very friendly guys.
Petticoat Fair
Great place for bra shopping. Staff will help you find your proper fit and size. Great selection of styles and sizes.
Thrift Stores
This is my and my daughters, favorite Austin thrift store. Well organized with lots of choices. You can earn discounts when you drop off clothes and house hold items as well.
Coffee Shop
An old house that has been converted into a nice retail shoe space, with a coffee bar. If you aren’t familiar with TOMS, they invest ⅓ of their profits in grassroots efforts, like organizations creating change at the local level, and driving progress from the ground up. So you can get some cute, comfy shoes, a nice coffee and help your community. You also get to enjoy the sunshine in the nice outdoor seating areas.
Twin Liquors
Speciality Food and Wine
Nice stores with great wine, beer and spirits selection, with a helpful, knowledgeable staff. Gift type items and some snack type stuff as well.

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