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Detlef Schrempf
about 2 years ago • Seattle

Chimney repair

Anybody know of someone who can fix the flashing on a chimney to prevent any potential water leaks once the rain will come again?
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about 2 years ago
My friend Scott at Renue will hook you up. He has fixed the flashing on my roof..
see - ReNue LLC
about 2 years ago
I've been through this and it was quite painful. We've had several leaks, some repeats too. I'd start with a handyman and escalate if it seems like they can't get it done. One thing I learned is that preventive caulking goes a long way.
about 2 years ago
Try Eder Quintana of Monumental Roofing for an evaluation and estimate. 425 286-0324
about 2 years ago