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Amy Posner Wolff

Mother of three and a labradoodle, track coach, passionate about holistic healing, connecting with new/old friends, the great outdoors, recycling and overall lover of life!

Amy Recommends


AIRDOCTOR 4-in-1 Air Purifier
Air Purifier
Air Doctor- so far so good with my new Air Doctor. It came highly recommended.
Cuisinart Air Fryer
Air Fryer
I love this appliance! I replaced my toaster and toaster over for this one appliance and am loving the air fryer function. The kids and I air fry potatoes all the time. They are done in a flash and taste great! Last week I air fried falafel.
Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum
Vacuum Cleaner
My family loves this vacuum. The attachments make it easy to transition form the floor, to stairs to the car. As my daughter says, "It's so rewarding to empty out the bin" after each lap of the house. Find a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon to bring down the price.
Feit Electric Led String Lights
Led String Lights
Got these outdoor lights at Costco. I'd wanted to get them for a while. Outdoor Covid gathers encouraged me to finally purchase them. Love them!
Hoka Running Shoes
Running Shoes
I was an Asics girls since junior high. Eight years ago I got planter fasciitis and it was suggested I try this new brand of running shoes called Hoka. They were really bulky looking (reminded me of moon boots), but I didn't care, because I needed the support. Once my foot healed I tried to go back to my old brand, but Hoka won me over. I'm been running in Hokas ever since. The good news is they look way better now:)
Hydro Flask
Water Bottle
This well loved Hydro Flask has traveled, climbed mountains and over all been by my side for over five years. It has never failed me.
Insight Timer is my favorite meditation app. I love all the options: guided, music, live, yoga, etc. there is community around the world. You can join for $20 a year and/or on donation basis. I'm on 70 consecutive days. I love it!
Nite Ize Raddog All in One Collar Leash
Pet Harness
This is the coolest leash for hiking! When your dog loves to run off leash and you quickly need to leash them up for oncoming dogs/hikers, all you have to do is grab the handle on the collar and the retractable leash comes out.
Zerowater 5 Stage Advanced Filtration
Water Filter
A friend recommended the ZeroWater filter and we love it. It has five layers of filtration. The site even says it can turn wine to water (sounds backwards:). I no longer even use the filtered water from the fridge.

Special Occasions

Home Grown Mercer Island
Home Grown Sustainable Sandwich Shop is literally home gown on Mercer Island. The two founders graduated form Mercer Island High school. I am thrilled they opened up shop in our little city. Not only is the food delicious, but I love all the thought that goes into sustainability, from the compostable packaging to the eco friendly building materials.
Island Treats
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I'm looking forward to picking up treats for the family at Island Treats in downtown Mercer Island. I love that after many years of creating their magical goodies, they finally have a brick and mortar on the Island.
L'Experience Paris
If you are looking for fresh, delicious pastries in the morning or lovely wine for happy hour, this is your place! They provided the pastries for all the local guests at the Mercer Island Youth and Family Services fundraising breakfast. What a wonderful addition to our community.
Lara Buchan Randalls Photography
Lara does the most whimsical, creative mostly outdoor photoshoots. If you are looking for unique, super fun kids or family photos, Lara is your gal. Check out her work at
Mercer Island Florist
Very friendly and helpful.
Mioposto Mercer Island
Mioposto Mercer Island has done an excellent job adjusting to Covid. They set up a tent which will now compliment the 25% indoor seating. Darren the bartender, now manager is awesome!
Sano Cafe
I love having a healthy yummy option so close to home. The Banana Nut Butter Sano and Avocado Toast with Salmon are my favorite!
Shawn's Cafe & Bakery
Shawn's Bakery is the Island's best kept secret! Visit Shawn for homemade soup of the day, pretzel rolls and yummy treats. My favorite of all is his fresh challah on Fridays.
The Boutique Lounge
Kerry has the cutest products here. It is also fun to see some fun Mercer Island specific gifts as well!
The Pumphouse Bar and Grill
The Pumphouse is a Bellevue iconic dive bar. It's been around for over 40 years and still going strong despite the building and growth around the building.
The Roanoke Inn Mercer Island
The Roanoke is the oldest business on the Island, yet has never gone out of style. They have done an amazing job adjusting to the new restrictions. They build permanent "cabanas" in the back, each with a tv and heat. Meeting friends at the Rowey never gets old:)


Cindy Haba Momentum Coaching
Life Coach
Cindy Haba with Momentum Coaching is a wealth of knowledge and support whether transitioning back into the workforce or launching a new career. She offers weekly topic calls and has even written a book. Check her out.
Fitness Outlet
Fitness Equipment
The Fitness Outlet has a wide array of fitness equipment both in the store and online. They are very helpful and easy to work with.
Happy Hour By Marisa
Marisa is such an inspiration! She has built an amazing community. She is motivating, encouraging and vulnerable. Everyone should have a Marisa in their life. Covid my have limited in person meetings, but her online presence has been able to reach her full community near and far. Check her out, and follow her on Instagram for daily motivation.
MI Athletic Club
Ginny is amazing. She had worked her butt off to ensure her members and fellow Islanders have a safe place and community to workout especially during these crazy times when exercising and movement are so important.
The Mouvment
Casey is incredible! She pushes you beyond your own expectations. Her livestream classes have been kicking my booty. Give it a try. You can find her classes on the Mind Body app.
Tummy Temple - Seattle
Massage Therapist
I heard of the Tummy Temple a few years ago and finally booked an appointment last week. The space was very clean and calming. The staff were all very friendly. I look forward to going back.
I have enjoyed all the instructors I've had at Yogabliss. Some of who have become friends of mine. They have done a solid job moving to an online presence during the pandemic. I am happy to support a local business.







Real Estate


Amy's Conversations

Amy Posner Wolff
7 days ago • Mercer Island
Hello Fresh Chalkers, I need a recommendation for a quality, reasonable body shop. My car was hit while parked and I need the front fender repaired...
Ali White MacBeth
11 days ago • Ravenna
I do not have a green thumb, and on top of that I've never been into having house plants. However, our house is big and I would like to fill in som...
Victoria Grinde
11 days ago • Aurora
Non-stick pans .... what is your all time favorite! I am on rhe hunt for a TRUE NON-STICK pan! I have been eyeing the Always Pan but I am intereste...
Autum Grimm
14 days ago • Marysville
Does anyone have a realtor for the North end of Western WA? Snohomish county area? I need a referral for someone to sell my house. Cheers, Autum
Ali White MacBeth
21 days ago • Ravenna
I want to get some dumbbells and Target and Amazon are sold out of the 20lb. I have 3,6,12lb. Is 25lb too big of a jump in weight? Any advice is we...
Cindy Sersig
23 days ago • San Tan Valley
I bought a few air plants yesterday and I'm so excited to display them. There are so many different ways to display them. Does anybody have air pla...
Sanjay Puri
about 1 month ago • Bellevue
Our 15-yr-old has been diagnosed with ADHD. We'd love to work with someone who comes highly recommended and can help with coping, management and mi...
Liz Pearce
about 1 month ago • Montlake
What do you do about the aches and pains you get from running? One of my knees has been bugging me on runs for a month or so. I’ve been stretching ...
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