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Ben Stull
over 1 year ago • Capitol Hill
Executive coach with a background in the tech industry
Considering working with a coach to help me navigate the new engineering leadership responsibilities I've taken on at my fast-growing startup - anyone know a great executive coach with a background in the tech industry?
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12 months ago
Well, that would be me! Unless you are seeking someone who specifically has technical leadership background versus extensive executive coaching experience in the tech industry. Chris Armstrong works with technical leaders more in a mentoring capacity since he's not a certified coach at this point. He's a fantastic CTO and VP of Engineering though so if you're seeking that type of person he's terrific. In terms of someone who can help you with executive presence, being an effective part of a senior leadership team, growing and developing as a people leader, communication skills, etc. that's exactly what I do working with senior startup leaders. Email me at and I can introduce you to Chris or we can do a call and sort through your needs and I can help you get clear on what might be best for your needs and maybe suggest others.
Executive Coach
Executive Coach
  • over 1 year ago
Fantastic, thanks so much, Janis! I'll reach out via email to schedule a call.
  • 12 months ago
Calling Chris Manderino... My friend Chris is doing executive coaching for half a dozen clients in Seattle. Highly recommended!
  • 12 months ago
Mikaela A Kiner I would get in touch with Mikaela at Reverb People - they're brilliant
  • about 1 year ago
  • 12 months ago

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