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Janis Machala

I’m an executive coach who works with entrepreneurs who want to scale and corporate execs who want to adopt a growth mindset, become more nimble and entrepreneurial. Corporate execs looking to transition and do “the next thing” thing lovely “startup of you” approach and amazing connections to activate a network to find their next happy place.
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GoDog Dog Toy
Dog Toy
Yes, we have very spoiled Dandie Dinmont Terriers who have way too many toys, especially if you read and follow the Monks of New Skete who say any dog only needs 3-4 toys and you should control their access. Nope! Ours have 2 big toy boxes full and the most played with are the menagerie of GoDog Toys. Hairriot's favorite is the CHICKEN and not the medium sized as appropriate for her size but the big ass chicken, the one she used to teach Aether how to kill a chicken when he was a mere 4 months old (grab it by the neck and shake the dang thing until it gives up the ghost). Aether's favorite is the beige lama which he found one day at the pet store by diving into a basket of them and slobbering enough on them I was embarrassed into buying him one. For him, the bigger the squeaker sound the better and these animals do not disappoint. His previous favorite was the dragon. Why are they so good? These dogs destroy most toys with their fierce canines and incredible jaws of death (they were bred to take down possum, otters, rabbits, fox on the estates in the Scottish Borders region) but the Chicken survives many trips into the yard being hauled around, many a shaking death, many washing and drying to bring it back to human life. HINT: Home Goods often has GoDog toys in their pet section albeit not the chicken, that's likely a best seller of the company.
The Flippy
Tablet Stand
When I first saw this on Amazon I thought it might be cheezy but I needed something to put my ipad on to read laying on the couch, in bed, sitting in a chair. This is the best simple "Wish I'd thought of this myself" thing ever. And it comes in fashion colors so it sits on our coffee table blending in with the decor. Super light weight, soft and squishy but also firm to the touch at the same time. Everyone who sees this at my house ends up wanting one after seeing it and getting it's usefulness!





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