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Carl Haynes
2 months ago • Ballard
Fiber internet provider
With quarantine and now school streaming we are hitting the Comcast data limits (We've come close or gone over the last few months). The kids now spend all day streaming school and the rest of the time on zoom with their friends or streaming content and September is our highest usage yet.

I figure as long as I'm switching providers may as well upgrade to fiber and get a speed upgrade (we have an old slowish plan now).

Looking for recommendations for providers that don't have caps or have reasonable caps (Comcast is 1.2TB limit before charging $10 per 50gb). We currently pay about $80 a month so would also be interested in how much it costs in the real world (just internet, we cut the landline and tv cable cord long ago).

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2 months ago
Just pay the additional fee to go unlimited. I think it was $50/mo. I did that for a while. I’m on Wave now that I live in Kirkland and have 1Mb/s up/down with no data limits. But, for Comcast/XFinity, it made sense to pay for unlimited data w/ no caps.
  • 2 months ago
Do you have a choice of providers? So jealous. Most areas are limited to Comcast cable and/or Centurylink fiber. If you have are in a dense neighborhood you might be able to get Atlas.

I only hit Comcast data caps once. I was running a screensaver that imitated the beautiful AppleTV 4k idle videos. The author of the screensaver eventually figured out that he should implement caching... Whoops.

I can't even check our usage on Comcast at the moment. See below. Maybe cause I'm using my own modem?
  • 2 months ago
Thanks, looks like the unlimited is $30 a month extra, which I may just give it a few months to see if we pay more than that in extras. Took a look at Atlas, but it looks like its just for buildings.
  • 2 months ago
Usually you can get Comcast to back off with the larded up fees by giving them a call and threatening to leave. How much is two hours worth to ya? :p
  • 2 months ago
We have Ziply Fiber and pay $60/month for 1 gig. No contract required. We have it for about 1 month now and working great.
Internet Provider
  • 2 months ago
They look good, unfortunately it looks they they dont serve my house 😖
  • 2 months ago
Centurylink fiber is great once you get through the install. Cheap too, often they have a $65/mo unlimited 1gbps symmetrical offer for homes...
Internet Provider
  • 2 months ago

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