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Steve Dossick

Mad Scientist and entrepreneur, living in a 115 year-old house on Capitol Hill.
Joined over 1 year ago

Steve Recommends


Cuisinart Electric Kettle
Electric Kettle
If you're a coffee or tea snob, you need an electric kettle that is accurate. When I want 175F water for green tea, or 190F for morning coffee, that's what I get. Also super easy to clean if you live in a place with hard water.
LG Laser Projecter
This is the greatest projector I have used for a small home theater, bar none. You can sit it just inches from a projection screen and get up to a 120" incredibly sharp and bright picture on the screen. If you don't like the noise of a ceiling mounted projector above your head, this is your solution. It's bright enough to be used with some light entering the room as well, unlike many home theater projectors.
Sonos One Gen 2
Literally it just works. Plop a speaker into a room, set it up instantly, and you've got music. Yes, they're more expensive. But if you don't want your spouse staring daggers at you every time your hacked together alternative doesn't work when he or she wants to play music, just get the Sonos system. Their soundbars are similarly great, and you get the bonus of great music playing when you're not using the TV.
Tramontina Nonstick Pan
Holy crap, you want a non-stick pan that you can really use and that won't lose its non-stickiness instantly? Tramontina is probably the brand your professional chef friends are using at home or at work. The handles even have silicone handle covers that can go in the oven to 400F. They've even got an extra-large 14" size that is amazing for cooking for your family if you've got the space on your stove.
Wusthof Serrated Bread Knife
This is a great knife for slicing bread, ripe tomatoes, or even steaks off the grill. It's also small enough that an older child can handle it easily (with proper supervision of course). It holds a sharpening super well for a long time too.


Better Meat Inc.
Amazingly old school...need a leg of lamb for Christmas or Easter? Best place to order it from.
Capitol Hill Handyman
Just amazing service, came for a quick outside gate repair, great communication and got the work done same day. Highly highly recommended!
Internet Provider
Centurylink fiber is great once you get through the install. Cheap too, often they have a $65/mo unlimited 1gbps symmetrical offer for homes.
Create a Scape
Michael and his crew are great at keeping our lawn and plants looking great all year long!
Froula Alarms Systems
These guys have gone the extra mile to adopt a security system in our new home, rather than trying to force us to buy something new. Family-owned local Seattle business as well!
Greenwood Heating & Air Conditioning
Awesome and thorough service every time.
Jack Russell Wildlife Control
Super great work sealing up an under porch area that had seen some raccoon/critter intrusion.
Lee Smith Electrical
Super professional guys, always go the extra mile to get the job done quickly.
Marquiss Construction
Marquiss Construction did a great job on some smaller repair projects for our house. They are great to work with!
Nancy Ralston Interior Design
Interior Designer
Super organized and really understands our priorities with regards to our interior design needs.
Rain Shadow Meats
Excellent butcher, and they have a great service where they email you a "Fresh Sheet" on Tuesdays, with free doorstep delivery on Thursday afternoon.
Seattle Sight and Sound
Home Automation
Easy to work with, and listened to what our needs actually were while putting together some great recommendations.
Sky Nursery
Just a great place to buy beautiful things for your garden, and super knowledgeable staff to answer questions about the plants and keeping them happy.
The Fixit Sisters



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Steve's Conversations

Edward Yim
4 days ago • Bellevue
The HDMI cable for my home theater broke. I need someone to either fix the end connector which broke or run a new cable through the wall. Any help...
Mina Yoo
12 days ago • Rainier Beach
I need a contractor for small jobs around the house like laying a couple bricks that fell off, installing a spout from our roof. I am in South Seat...
Carl Haynes
2 months ago • Ballard
With quarantine and now school streaming we are hitting the Comcast data limits (We've come close or gone over the last few months). The kids now s...
Brooklyn Benjestorf
3 months ago • Capitol Hill
We're bringing home a new puppy at the end of the month and also aren't crazy about our current kitty vet. Hoping to find a new place on Capitol Hi...
Liz Pearce
3 months ago • Montlake
Hi, friends. Hoping someone in my network has some guidance on getting a home security system in place. Do you have a company that you’re happy wit...
Lora Shahine
4 months ago • Madison Park
Prefer mobile groomer that can come to our house in Seattle. But all recommendations welcome. Thank you!!
Sanjay Puri
5 months ago • Bellevue
After 19 years in Seattle, it seems like we'll need to bite the bullet and install air-conditioning this summer (thank you Coronavirus). Any recomm...
Lisa Mesplay
5 months ago • Federal Way
Has anybody worked with an HVAC company to install a multi-split system in your home? We have a modest 1968 bi-level and we don't want to do centra...
Steve Dossick
7 months ago • Capitol Hill
Help -- we're seeing an influx of racoons getting into a small crawlspace under a wraparound porch at our house. Would love a recommendation to an ...
Darlin Gray
7 months ago • Seattle
We've discovered that our electric furnace was wired incorrectly and are in search of an amazing person or company that can do that work and (with ...
Liz Pearce
9 months ago • Montlake
Murphy's Law: the dishwasher dies the day out-of-town guests arrive. The appliance repair person (Mark Wiseman) said to cut my losses and get a new...
Steve Dossick
10 months ago • Capitol Hill
Looking for someone who can disassemble an upholstered sofa so it can be moved into a (finished) attic. We have a great couch for our upstairs atti...
Abbe Tolzmann
11 months ago • Queen Anne
Who are my best choices for all the home A/V, automation and networking projects I have piling up? I want to set up a new home theater, and I have ...
Liz Pearce
about 1 year ago • Montlake
Hi, FC friends - what's your favorite bakery for custom decorated cakes? I've used Madison Park Bakery in the past...they do a nice job on the desi...
Amy McCullough
about 1 year ago • Capitol Hill
Hi-We need to replace some old single pane windows with some new, likely wood clad, upgrades for our home in Capitol Hill. Some might be repairable...
Adam Doppelt
about 1 year ago • Magnolia
The last handyman I hired was a complete fail. I need a new one! I spent a few hours digging up recommendations for Ballard / Queen Anne / Magnolia...
Steve Dossick
about 1 year ago • Capitol Hill
We’re moving into a new house, and we’d love to find an interior designer who can help us with making the spaces something we love and reflective o...
Adam Doppelt
over 1 year ago • Magnolia
OK, friends. Does anyone have a gastroenterologist they love? I'm happy with my current gastro (Dr. Drennan) but he's semi-retired now. I'm looking...
Adam Doppelt
over 1 year ago • Magnolia
My house has an iron railing running along the front stairs. Last month the end of the railing rusted and fell off. Oops, bad homeowner award... W...
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