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Steve Dossick


Mad Scientist and entrepreneur, living in a 115 year-old house on Capitol Hill.
Joined 10 months ago

Steve Recommends


Better Meat Inc.
Amazingly old school...need a leg of lamb for Christmas or Easter? Best place to order it from.
Create a Scape
Michael and his crew are great at keeping our lawn and plants looking great all year long!
Froula Alarms Systems
These guys have gone the extra mile to adopt a security system in our new home, rather than trying to force us to buy something new. Family-owned local Seattle business as well!
Greenwood Heating & Air Conditioning
Awesome and thorough service every time.
Lee Smith Electrical
Super professional guys, always go the extra mile to get the job done quickly.
Marquiss Construction
Marquiss Construction did a great job on some smaller repair projects for our house. They are great to work with!
Nancy Ralston Interior Design
Interior Designer
Super organized and really understands our priorities with regards to our interior design needs.
Rain Shadow Meats
Excellent butcher, and they have a great service where they email you a "Fresh Sheet" on Tuesdays, with free doorstep delivery on Thursday afternoon.
Seattle Sight and Sound
Home Automation
Easy to work with, and listened to what our needs actually were while putting together some great recommendations.
Simply Desserts
Simply Desserts on Fremont Ave makes amazing cakes with enough notice. We are always happy with their service.
Sugar Bakery & Cafe
Sugar Bakery is a great place for custom cakes.
The Fixit Sisters



Real Estate


Steve's Conversations

Liz Pearce
28 days ago • Montlake
Murphy's Law: the dishwasher dies the day out-of-town guests arrive. The appliance repair person (Mark Wiseman) said to cut my losses and get a new...
Steve Dossick
2 months ago • Capitol Hill
Looking for someone who can disassemble an upholstered sofa so it can be moved into a (finished) attic. We have a great couch for our upstairs atti...
Abbe Tolzmann
3 months ago • Queen Anne
Who are my best choices for all the home A/V, automation and networking projects I have piling up? I want to set up a new home theater, and I have ...
Liz Pearce
5 months ago • Montlake
Hi, FC friends - what's your favorite bakery for custom decorated cakes? I've used Madison Park Bakery in the past...they do a nice job on the desi...
Amy McCullough
5 months ago • Capitol Hill
Hi-We need to replace some old single pane windows with some new, likely wood clad, upgrades for our home in Capitol Hill. Some might be repairable...
Adam Doppelt
6 months ago • Magnolia
The last handyman I hired was a complete fail. I need a new one! I spent a few hours digging up recommendations for Ballard / Queen Anne / Magnolia...
Steve Dossick
6 months ago • Capitol Hill
We’re moving into a new house, and we’d love to find an interior designer who can help us with making the spaces something we love and reflective o...
Adam Doppelt
7 months ago • Magnolia
OK, friends. Does anyone have a gastroenterologist they love? I'm happy with my current gastro (Dr. Drennan) but he's semi-retired now. I'm looking...
Adam Doppelt
8 months ago • Magnolia
My house has an iron railing running along the front stairs. Last month the end of the railing rusted and fell off. Oops, bad homeowner award... W...