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Steve Dossick

Capitol Hill • Seattle, WA
Mad Scientist and entrepreneur, living in a 115 year-old house on Capitol Hill.
Joined about 2 years ago
Q Timex Reissue 38mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch
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Autonomous Ergo Chair
Office Chair
Got one of these to go with a Fully adjustable standing desk at the beginning of the pandemic and haven't regretted it at all! Very comfortable for writing / sketching in a journal or for keyboarding for long periods.
Casper Original Hybrid Mattress
We have a Casper Wave Hybrid, which is super comfortable. We put one in our guest room and my parents loved it after an extended visit so they got one for their house too...
Cuisinart Electric Kettle
Electric Kettle
If you're a coffee or tea snob, you need an electric kettle that is accurate. When I want 175F water for green tea, or 190F for morning coffee, that's what I get. Also super easy to clean if you live in a place with hard water.
Cuisinart Griddler
Electric Griddle
Do you have kids? Do they like grilled cheese? Buy this.
Cuisinart Smart Stick Immersion Blender
The number of dishes this improves is never ending. Restaurants use high-temperature blenders for soups and sauces, you can get similar results in your kitchen on a smaller scale with an immersion blender.
Doane Paper
This is a great line of project or idea notebooks that are great for writing or sketching ideas in. I generally buy a new one for every new project as I get started!
Fully Jarvis Monitor Arm
Monitor Arm
Just get this one. Totally adjustable, and good even for heavier widescreen monitors (up to 20lbs). If you're using a monitor on the stand it came with, you won't realize how much extra desk space you can reclaim with an arm instead. Plus you can push it out of the way if you really want the whole desk for a project.
Fully Standing Desk
I got the electric adjustable version of this desk at the beginning of the pandemic when I commandeered a room in the house to be my office. Love that I can switch from standing to sitting any time, and that it can save 4 presets -- so I have one set for my son to use the gaming pc in here too at the proper height for him.
Dog Treats
I'll recommend Greenies, our vet has said at the last two annual checkups that our dog has amazing teeth and gums :)
Haflinger Slippers
Super comfortable and they hold up over time. The indoor/outdoor ones with rubber soles are both more sturdy as well as more versatile.
Honeywell Cool Mist Humidifier
Works super well for keeping our son's room a little more humid for better sleep, especially in the winter when we've got the heating system on. Easy to find replacement filters for it to keep things clean too.
Kitchenaid Undercounter Refrigerator/Freezer
Got this unit for a kitchenette/wet bar we added to our basement. It's quiet and takes up minimal space, but still manages to hold drinks in the fridge area easily plus have some freezer storage and an ice maker in the freezer drawer.
Lg Dle7300ve Dryer
Great dryer, with a super cool door that can either open vertically or horizontally. I love this feature for removing clothes...with the door opening vertically (like a dishwasher) I never accidentally dump clean clothes on the floor!
LG Laser Projecter
This is the greatest projector I have used for a small home theater, bar none. You can sit it just inches from a projection screen and get up to a 120" incredibly sharp and bright picture on the screen. If you don't like the noise of a ceiling mounted projector above your head, this is your solution. It's bright enough to be used with some light entering the room as well, unlike many home theater projectors.
Lg Wt7300cv Washer
Washing Machine
Great, quiet top loader with an impeller, not an agitator. Keeps clothes looking great, and simple enough that you can make your kids do their own laundry!
Magnetic Measuring Spoons
Measuring Spoons
I love these magnetic measuring spoons. They nest like a normal set but stick together in the drawer so you never spend a minute looking for a missing one that moved to the wrong spot. There are about a million varieties on Amazon and elsewhere.
Miele Dishwasher
Super quiet, and seem to need repairs much less often than other brands we've had including Bosch and Asko.
NutriSource Chicken & Rice Kibble
Dog Food
I’ll second the recommendation of NutriSource...we use the grain free varieties. Our labradoodle gets tired of the flavor after a while so we just order a different flavored bag in the line each time and mix, happy dog :)
Seal Krete Non-Skid Grip
Silpat Silicone Baking Mat, Half-Sheet Size
Baking Sheet
If you or someone in your house likes to bake, these will change their life. Nothing will ever be ruined because it burned to the pan or got stuck!
Sonos Beam
Awesome for a smaller room. Also an interesting choice for computer / gaming PC can plug into them via an optical audio adapter but still use as a Sonos speaker for listening to music.
Sonos One Gen 2
Literally it just works. Plop a speaker into a room, set it up instantly, and you've got music. Yes, they're more expensive. But if you don't want your spouse staring daggers at you every time your hacked together alternative doesn't work when he or she wants to play music, just get the Sonos system. Their soundbars are similarly great, and you get the bonus of great music playing when you're not using the TV.
Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones
Got these at the beginning of the pandemic. I like to listen to music while working, but my wife (whose home office is next door to mine) needs quiet. These were a salvation. Sound is amazing, comfortable for extended wearing (hours per day), and the battery is super long lasting so I'm only charging them once per week.
T-Mobile Home Internet Service
Internet Service
We got this as a backup service during COVID while 4 people are working and schooling remotely at home. Any outage on our main internet provider impacted everyone, so we have this running as an easy-to-switch to backup. If you have decent T-Mobile coverage at your place, it's a great option, either as a backup or as a main service.
Taco vs. Burrito
Bought this on @lizprc's recommendation and my kids are obsessed. Fabulous game!
Thermoworks Thermapen Mk4
Food Thermometer
Just amazing, truly instant read and i love that the display rotates itself so you can always read it no matter what angle you use it at. I've used mine nearly daily for a year and it's still on the original batteries. More expensive than the knockoffs but totally worth it!
Tramontina Nonstick Pan
Pots & Pans
Holy crap, you want a non-stick pan that you can really use and that won't lose its non-stickiness instantly? Tramontina is probably the brand your professional chef friends are using at home or at work. The handles even have silicone handle covers that can go in the oven to 400F. They've even got an extra-large 14" size that is amazing for cooking for your family if you've got the space on your stove.
U-Line U-Bi95 Icemaker
Ice Machine
If you're renovating a kitchen, consider making a drinks area with a builtin ice maker. I am constantly shocked that this ice maker is one of the most used devices in our kitchen.
Wusthof Serrated Bread Knife
This is a great knife for slicing bread, ripe tomatoes, or even steaks off the grill. It's also small enough that an older child can handle it easily (with proper supervision of course). It holds a sharpening super well for a long time too.
Zojirushi Rice Cooker
Rice Cooker
Even plays you a tune when it's done!


Andonian Rug Services
Carpet Cleaner
Amazing place to handle higher end rugs, whether cleaning or repair. They also have an amazing showroom if you're looking to buy new rugs.
Better Meat Co.
Amazingly old school...need a leg of lamb for Christmas or Easter? Best place to order it from.
Blue Oak Builders
General Contractor
If you’re the owner of an old house and need true craftspeople to come help with renovation while caring for the old techniques that make your house special, call Floyd.
Capitol Hill Handyman
Just amazing service, came for a quick outside gate repair, great communication and got the work done same day. Highly highly recommended!
Internet Provider
Centurylink fiber is great once you get through the install. Cheap too, often they have a $65/mo unlimited 1gbps symmetrical offer for homes.
Chimney Specialists
These guys came and did a great job on our fireplaces...super professional and were careful with a 100+ yr old fireplace with some delicate tile and woodwork. Highly recommended.
Clear Skies Cleaning
Window Washing
Clean Skies did a great job power washing our garage roof and some stone and concrete surfaces in our yard, as well as cleaning gutters and repairing a couple of downspouts.
Create a Scape
Michael and his crew are great at keeping our lawn and plants looking great all year long!
We've had good luck with Elmecco Electricians...they tend to work on residential properties on behalf of landlords, so they're very professional. Not necessarily the cheapest around but the work is high quality.
Froula Alarms Systems
These guys have gone the extra mile to adopt a security system in our new home, rather than trying to force us to buy something new. Family-owned local Seattle business as well!
Greenwood Heating & Air Conditioning
Awesome and thorough service every time.
Harold's Lighting
Great showroom and super helpful staff who can customize things for your needs.
Jack Russell Wildlife Control
Super great work sealing up an under porch area that had seen some raccoon/critter intrusion.
Lee Smith Electrical
Super professional guys, always go the extra mile to get the job done quickly.
Marquiss Construction
Marquiss Construction did a great job on some smaller repair projects for our house. They are great to work with!
Mr. Electric of Greater Seattle
These folks were willing to come out for a small job and made sure to bring all the right parts based on our conversation beforehand. They gave me a firm quote after taking a look at the work and had it done quickly. Very professional.
Nancy Ralston Interior Design
Interior Designer
Super organized and really understands our priorities with regards to our interior design needs.
Puget Sound Gas Works
Gas Fireplace
Oh man, Neil and his crew are incredible. We live in a 115yr old house, and the MBR has a fireplace originally sized to burn coal...much shallower than you normally find "off the shelf" gas conversions for. Neil was able to build us a custom gas burner unit, including remote control, that sits inside the coal fireplace and looks amazing. Plus it was cheaper than many of the inserts we had looked at. Bonus: when the inspectors came to look at the new gas line, they said "Oh, this was done by Neil, it's going to be great".
Rain Shadow Meats
Excellent butcher, and they have a great service where they email you a "Fresh Sheet" on Tuesdays, with free doorstep delivery on Thursday afternoon.
Seattle Sight and Sound
Home Automation
Easy to work with, and listened to what our needs actually were while putting together some great recommendations.
Sky Nursery
Just a great place to buy beautiful things for your garden, and super knowledgeable staff to answer questions about the plants and keeping them happy.
The Fixit Sisters
Washington Energy Services
Big fans of Washington Energy Services for water heater work and maintenance.




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