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Mikaela A Kiner
14 days ago • Mount Baker
Hard Wood Flooring - Repairs vs Total Refinishing
Hi all,

I see lots of suggestions for hardwood flooring. We are not ready to replace or refinish but have several spots (thanks to three cats) that need to be fixed. Any vendors you know of who are willing to do this kind of work?

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6 days ago
Is it from them going to the bathroom. If so call me I’ll tell you how to fix it,Anne😎
  • 14 days ago
Hi Mikaela,
Great question. I think you might need a handyman rather than a flooring company. We replaced some carpeting that our dog ripped up a few years ago and handyman helped us out. Not all of them are trained to work on flooring so it might take some digging around. Try the Capitol Hill Handyman, John Pierce. He might be able to help you out, if he can't he might know someone who can. I also recommend checking with Hawks Home Specialists and Temo Chavez. They both have experience with flooring. Hope this helps and keep me posted!
Handyman - Madison Valley
  • 14 days ago
Great suggestion, thanks so much - I'll send John a note now!
  • 6 days ago

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