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Meredith Fife


South Sound homeowner, 3 boys, one dog, longtime runner and Fresh Chalk team member.
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Meredith Recommends


A la Mode Pies
They make a fantastic Mexican Chocolate Pie. They also offer pie baking classes!
All-Pro Carpet Cleaning & Dyeing
Carpet Cleaner
Rob is really responsive and gives you a quote upfront. Easy person to do business with.
Bakery Nouveau
They have the best chocolate croissants. This is by far my favorite pastry in all of Seattle.
Computer Shack
Computer Repair
Can accurately diagnose problems with your computer, great help.
Corina Bakery
Great place for specialty cakes! I ordered a birthday cake for my son and not only was it adorable, it was delicious. I like that they don't use an excessive amount of frosting like other bakeries. They also have other pastries and desserts for purchase. I need to go back and sample one of everything.
Henry Art Gallery
Art Gallery
This is more like a museum than a typical art gallery that sells prints. The gallery hosts contemporary artists and is well known internationally for its research. It really is a great place to spend an afternoon.
Kamp Construction (Remodeling)
Kamp Construction is great for large projects and small projects, like getting siding fixed after pesky birds have put holes in them.
Modern Pest Control
They are great at responding and are always available.
Northwest Tree Surgeons
Tree Service
These guys were amazing! We had a couple of high risk trees next to our house that needed to be removed. The team was not only fast, but efficient. Our whole neighborhood came out to watch these guys work because they were so good at what they do.
Parker Eco Pest Control
PCC Market
I love that they carry local vendors!
They can help with your large marketing projects or your small "cheer" banners. If they can't help, they will help you find someone who can.
Sea Wolf (Wallingford)
The cheese pretzel rolls are amazing. A great location with a great atmosphere.
The Secret Garden Tea Room





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Meredith's Conversations

Looking for a Primary Care Physician (Kirkland/Bellevue)

I've moved back to the area a few months ago and I need to pick a new PCP. Any strong recommendations around Kirkland? I just want to be prepared i...

I need someone to clean my gutters.

Looking for some spring cleaning and need someone trustworthy to come out and clean my gutters.

Looking for a professional chiropractor in Santa Clara

I'm looking for a good chiropractor in Santa Clara or surroundings that takes Kaiser Permanente Insurance.

Restaurant in Seattle for groups

Does anyone have recommendations for a restaurant in Seattle that is good for business dinner & groups? Looking for something ideally with a privat...

Adult and child singing lessons

So I'm looking to get myself and #theLentil (our pre-K child) some singing lessons. We're on the south end of Seattle. Any recommendations for good...

Leak in our sprinkler system

I think we have a leak in our sprinkler system. Is there a special-purpose plumber anyone would recommend, or will a regular plumber do?

Help me setup my home herbal garden

Hey - I want to do a small herb garden at our home to start with. I don't have a green thumb. Are there any good contractors or consultants that yo...

Photo printing

Has anyone had success getting say a photo off an iPhone if not professionally printed, but at least printed at a quality level that I could frame ...

Vacuum cleaner repair

Looking for a vacuum cleaner repair provider who can clean and unclog a vacuum without sucking all the cash out of my pocket.

Piano teacher for my daughter

I'm looking for a piano teacher for my daughter. She's beginner-ish in skill level. I'm hoping to find someone who makes house calls (we live in th...

Dumpster rental in Magnolia

Hello Fresh Chalk Community, I am looking for a dumpster rental service for a project in Magnolia. Any recommendations for a firm that is close by ...

Handyman to assemble an exercise bike

Looking for a handyman to help assemble an exercise bike in the Seattle area

Headshot photographer

Looking for a headshot photographer for kids (for professional headshots for acting stuff) Thanks

Sharpening manual reel lawnmower blades

I need somebody who sharpens manual reel lawnmower blades

Donating chairs in West Seattle

Looking for a place not too far from West Seattle to donate 4 older chairs. They are well loved and have served us well, but they need a new home. ...

Washer and dryer repair in the Redmond/Sammamish area

Looking for a repair specialist for LG smart Washers and Dryers who operate in the Redmond/Sammamish area.

Does anyone know a good welder in Tacoma that might be looking for some extra work?

Does anyone know a good welder in Tacoma that might be looking for some extra work? A friend of mine (who is a welder) got hurt recently and is loo...

Looking for a reliable jeweler in the downtown Seattle area

I am looking for a reliable jeweler in the downtown Seattle area, preferably someone local.

Kaiser Permanente in-network massage therapist

Hi there- Good news, my Kaiser Permanente doc prescribed massage . . bad news, I'm having trouble finding North Seattle or First Hill located thera...