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Meredith Fife


South Sound homeowner, 3 boys, one dog, longtime runner and Fresh Chalk team member.
Active In 2A, Seattle Moms Group
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So I'm looking to get myself and #theLentil (our pre-K child) some singing lessons. We're on the south end of Seattle. Any recommendations for good...
I think we have a leak in our sprinkler system. Is there a special-purpose plumber anyone would recommend, or will a regular plumber do?
Hey - I want to do a small herb garden at our home to start with. I don't have a green thumb. Are there any good contractors or consultants that yo...
Has anyone had success getting say a photo off an iPhone if not professionally printed, but at least printed at a quality level that I could frame ...
Looking for a vacuum cleaner repair provider who can clean and unclog a vacuum without sucking all the cash out of my pocket.
I'm looking for a piano teacher for my daughter. She's beginner-ish in skill level. I'm hoping to find someone who makes house calls (we live in th...
Hello Fresh Chalk Community, I am looking for a dumpster rental service for a project in Magnolia. Any recommendations for a firm that is close by ...
Looking for a handyman to help assemble an exercise bike in the Seattle area
Looking for a headshot photographer for kids (for professional headshots for acting stuff) Thanks
I need somebody who sharpens manual reel lawnmower blades
Looking for a place not too far from West Seattle to donate 4 older chairs. They are well loved and have served us well, but they need a new home. ...
Looking for a repair specialist for LG smart Washers and Dryers who operate in the Redmond/Sammamish area.
Does anyone know a good welder in Tacoma that might be looking for some extra work? A friend of mine (who is a welder) got hurt recently and is loo...
I am looking for a reliable jeweler in the downtown Seattle area, preferably someone local.
Hi there- Good news, my Kaiser Permanente doc prescribed massage . . bad news, I'm having trouble finding North Seattle or First Hill located thera...