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Meredith Fife

South Sound homeowner, 3 boys, one dog, longtime runner and Fresh Chalk team member.
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Meredith Recommends


Black Diamond Trekking Poles
Trekking Poles
I'm not a huge fan of trekking poles, but when I do need them, these are my favorite. I like the fliplock features which makes adjustments quick and easy when you are on the move. I also like the variety of tips and cages that you can quickly change with the elements, especially in winter when you go from snow to pavement. The handles have a great gripping function that work for both myself and for my kids. It's nice that it feels universal for all of us. Great product and solid choice.
Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones
I really like my Bose Soundsport Headphones. The battery lasts about 6 hours which is great since we now live in a world where headphones are needed for work, school, and exercise. I also love that I no longer deal with headphone tangles, which seemed to be a constant problem. The sound quality is great and I appreciate the fact that I can tune out the chaos around me...sometimes they are are a little too good at cancelling out the noise around me. I wish they came with more replacement parts ear pieces. I seem to loose them frequently, but I think that's a personal problem, rather than an everyone issue.
Brigenius Rechargable Hand Warmer
Hand Warmer
My husband put this hand warmer in my stocking last year. I thought it seemed a bit ridiculous at the time, but I quickly changed my mind. I loved having it for long walks to and from the train stations and it was great to have in our cold office in January. It's a great little gift.
CHI Ceramic Flat Iron
Hair Straightener
I have been through A LOT of hair straighteners in my life and none have compared to my Chi. I love this thing. I have had it for 5 years and it has never failed me. I have fine-textured curly hair that is prone to static and frizz (especially while living in the PNW) and this straighter is a life saver. I don't know that I can ever change brands! I'm hooked!
Cosmo 300 Headlamp
I won this headlamp in a drawing and it has been one of my favorite camping items. I use it for everything! My kids use it for slumber parties and neighborhood night games. It's easy to work and has a long battery life that seems to never run out. It's also extremely light and easy to carry on backpacking trips as well. I know it has strobe feature for nightime bikers or runners, however I have yet to use this.
Laundry Detergent
This detergent is a game changer. I bought this product based on a recommendation on Fresh Chalk and it truly great. I bought both the Lavender spray and the detergent. The spray is great and has a subtle smell that lasts for around 48 hours. The detergent really removes odors instead of just masking the smell. I am really impressed.
Duck's Back Rain Cover
Rain Cover
This is a great tool to have on hand when backpacking. It keeps the rain off your back and helps you avoid getting the contents of their pack saturated with rain. The stuff sack is attached to the rain cover so you never wonder which pocket you ended up stashing it in.
Kelty Cosmic 20 Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Bag
We bought two of these bags for our kids. It's a lightweight bag that weighs 2lbs 10 oz and can be used up to 20 degree (F). My kids really like them and never complain about being cold. I think it is advertised as down but I think it's only 80% down. Nevertheless, it's still a great summertime bag for kids.
I've been using Libby for quite a few years and it's my favorite. I love being able to find nearly any book and have the audible version within 6 weeks. I use it on my long runs and I am always amazed how easily I can tune out the world with a good book playing the background.
Little Hotties Footwear, Glove, and Helmet Dryer
Winter Sports
My kids walk to school and since we live in the PNW, their shoes get wet-- a lot. I decided to buy this to combat mildew and smell. It worked great. The kids know to come home and put their shoes on it if they want dry shoes for the next day. We have also used it for gloves and hats on snowy days, but mostly just for the shoes.
Mountain Hardwear Ozonic Rain Shell
I bought this jacket in preparation for a rainy backpacking trip and it totally delivered. I stayed dry in 24 hours of serious wind and rain. Of course like all rain jackets, it allowed some moisture inside the jacket, but I was prepared with wool clothing underneath and I kept dry for the entire day. The pockets are deep and everything I kept inside them stayed dry as well. My only small complaint is that when the jacket is fully zipped-up the mouth piece would rub on my chin. In wet weather that can be a bit uncomfortable, but that was just a minor issue. I highly recommend this jacket for anyone looking for something to keep them dry for long hours in the rain.
Nalanda Balance Board
Balance Board
We bought this for our kids to play with during quarantine. We had a lot of fun with balance contests and made-up challenges (like eating Oreos and milk while balancing) with our kids. Great for kids 6 and up!
Nemo Fillo Camping Pillow
Camping Pillow
I'm a little bit of a princess when it comes pillows and camping. I feel like this pillow is a perfect solution. I fill it 3/4 the way up and it works great--I wake up with no neck pain and it seems to keep any moisture from spreading if it gets wet. The Velvet is also keeps you face and next nice and warm.
Nikon Monarch 5 Waterproof Binoculars
I got these binoculars for my birthday and I think they are the best bang for you buck. They weigh less than two pounds and are great for day hikes and backpacking trips. They have a great resolution and work well for spotting goats high up on ridgelines.
Proactive Skin Care
Skin Care
This has been great for my son. He has struggled with acne and this seemed to do the trick (when he remembers to use it). Great product but on the pricey side.
RexBeti Stainless Steel Meat Injector
Meat Injector
We were really happy with this purchase. We smoke a lot of meat and this was a great purchase to help some of the prep. The needle is sharp so be careful!
Sawyer Micro Squeeze Water Filtration
Water Filter
This filter is small and lightweight and great for backpacking trips. It works great on on most water bottles and makes filling up water so much easier. The filter can get a bit clogged but just flush it out under the kitchen sink and it's good to go. It's a great choice.
Sea to Summit Thermolite Sleeping Bag Liner
Sleeping Bag
This is a great way to avoid buying a new expensive sleeping bag. With this liner you can make your bag extra warm. It takes up hardly any room in your bag and easy to carry around. It is thin, but I did feel like it worked well for me on some of those cold wet nights in the Cascades.
Stashers Reusable Food Storage
Food Container
This is great for small snacks. I like to take it on hikes and fill it with trail mix or grapes. It washes and dries easily and it's great for the environment. What's not to love?
Traeger Grill
I know that I am way late to the Traeger craze, but we love ours! I bought our grill right before Covid hit for my husband's birthday and it was a game changer. We grilled and smoked meat all during quarantine and we were so happy with it's results. The electronic start ignition is great and there is plenty of room for extra vegetables and meat. It's also super simple to clean. We also kind of love the wood pellet smell. It makes us crave whatever is cooking all day. I recommend purchasing a cover for it immediately. The weather elements can make it dirty quite quickly, just be prepared. Worth every penny!
Ultimate Direction Fastpack
I've had this bag for about 5 years and I still love it. It has a pocket for everything and a large main well for bulkier items like jackets and binoculars. It's really a great bag and I haven't found one that I like better.


Absolute Heating and Cooling
Very helpful and easy to work with. Competitive pricing as well.
All-Pro Carpet Cleaning & Dyeing
Carpet Cleaner
Rob is really responsive and gives you a quote upfront. Easy person to do business with.
Computer Shack
Computer Repair
Can accurately diagnose problems with your computer, great help.
Henry Art Gallery
Art Gallery
This is more like a museum than a typical art gallery that sells prints. The gallery hosts contemporary artists and is well known internationally for its research. It really is a great place to spend an afternoon.
Kamp Construction (Remodeling)
Kamp Construction is great for large projects and small projects, like getting siding fixed after pesky birds have put holes in them.
McLendon Hardware
Hardware Store
We love this place--they have everything! The employees are so enthusiastic and excited to help you. We get all our grilling, gardening and hardware supplies here.
Modern Pest Control
They are great at responding and are always available.
Northwest Tree Surgeons
Tree Service
These guys were amazing! We had a couple of high risk trees next to our house that needed to be removed. The team was not only fast, but efficient. Our whole neighborhood came out to watch these guys work because they were so good at what they do.
Parker Eco Pest Control
They can help with your large marketing projects or your small "cheer" banners. If they can't help, they will help you find someone who can.

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Meredith's Conversations

Jacob Hollenbeck
about 3 hours ago • Delridge
Does anyone know of a good chiropractor in the Renton area? Preferably old-fashioned (don't need x-rays) and not trying to up-sell me on a "treatme...
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4 days ago • South Lake Union
I recently have many pimples growing on my face, which even leave many red spots and dark spots after they disappear. Since Sephora is going to hav...
Jeff Gibb
24 days ago • Wallingford
We are looking to replace a 4 ft tall retaining wall with smooth concrete and front stairs/walkway leading up to our door.
Alvin Loh
29 days ago • Kirkland
Does anyone have a recommendation for some folks who have experience with concrete resurfacing or new concrete?
Edward Yim
about 1 month ago • Bellevue
I need to do an appraisal for some land in Thurston county for estate tax purposes. It is raw land with no buildings on it.
Brooklyn Benjestorf
about 1 month ago • Capitol Hill
Hey y'all - I'm in search of a good tailor and dry cleaner on Capitol Hill. Any suggestions?
Gowri Shankar
about 1 month ago • Bellevue
Hello Looking for a vent & duct cleaning company recommendation for cleaning our rental in North Seattle, a single family & single story house. TY
Mikaela A Kiner
about 1 month ago • Mount Baker
Hi all, I see lots of suggestions for hardwood flooring. We are not ready to replace or refinish but have several spots (thanks to three cats) tha...
Amy Woidtke
about 2 months ago • Northgate
A client is looking for somewhere she can take her laundry to have it done for her that is near the south end in or near Rainier Valley. I did a se...
Christopher Penaloza
about 2 months ago • Redmond
Looking for a good furniture repair to make new cushion inserts for a leather sofa. They are a little flat after use and want to get news foam for ...
Melinda Lane
about 2 months ago • Madison Park
I've tried nitrous, meditation, visualization, and soothing music—nothing quells my anxiety at the dentist. I had a sort of understanding with my l...
Brooklyn Benjestorf
2 months ago • Capitol Hill
Does anyone know of a great eyebrow threader on Capitol Hill? I've never done it before but would love to try it.
Carly Canter
2 months ago • Puyallup
My parents house was built in 1910. The roof was last replaced in the 80's. They are looking for a reputable company that can replace their current...
Meredith Fife
2 months ago • Auburn
Hi Everyone, We are starting to think about a kitchen remodel and I was wondering if anyone has installed Semi-Handmade kitchen cabinets? If so, wh...
Dawn Zedonis
2 months ago • Seward Park
I need someone to help with realigning a section of gutter and potentially adding a downspout.
Stefan Cordova
2 months ago • Kent
Two busy working parents who are looking for some help around the house. Looking for more than just a cleaner/maid but someone just to do whatever ...
Stephanie Pederson
3 months ago • Tacoma
I can’t believe our sone has already outgrown his bike! Does anyone have a favorite place lace to buy a kid bike, preferably in the Tacoma area?
Heather Redman
3 months ago • Downtown
Welp, looks like we may need to make lemonade out of lemons and relocate for the winter. Since I became an over-zealous plant parent this year, I n...
Marston Gould
3 months ago • Seward Park
Hi folks. We are in the unenviable position of having to sue our neighbors for the damage done to our property for their unconstrained bamboo. I've...
Jen Hope
3 months ago • Queen Anne
Hey y'all! I'm looking to find a wonderful copywriter to help with small ongoing projects for an HR solutions firm. It would be ideal to find someo...
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