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larissa Cole
20 days ago • Bethel Park, PA

I need a new couch.

I recently moved into a larger place and need a second couch. My current couch (that I love) is the Sven from Article and has a mid century modern vibe. I’m looking to add another that will look good with it, but have it’s own unique character. I’m open to a loveseat too, or even something with a sleeper. My budget for this one is probably under $1k but if it was perfect, I would go higher. I’ve heard good and bad things from friends/coworkers regarding other online couch companies like, interior define, inside weather, burrow etc. Any thoughts on these or others?
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19 days ago
Have you heard of They have a decent selection of couches, chaises, sectionals, etc.
  • 19 days ago
We got our second couch from Macy's Furniture Gallery in Alderwood (Macy's Radley with presidents sale we got close to 1k and I'm sure there will be good Memorial Day sales!) It isn't too mid-century modern but we got to pick the specs like color, material, and the size was a big one for us. We like it almost more than our bigger couch inside (Ashley's furniture...meh). I also follow an Instagram designers and she raves about her couch from Clad Home. Looks like a lot are higher than 1k but super great selection and modern vibes.
Furniture - Hollywood
Furniture - Lloyd District
  • 19 days ago
Thanks for the replies so far - I def have some more research to do! :)
  • 19 days ago
@rebeccawest - What do you know about Larissas sofa query?
  • 19 days ago
We got our couch from Macy’s and it’s great!
  • 19 days ago

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