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Sanjay Puri
30 days ago • Bellevue
Looking for a good plumber
We've had very poor experiences with plumbers in the past. So I want to be extra cautious hiring my next one. Our kitchen sink is clogged (yikes!) and we need someone to come in fairly quickly.
13 replies
14 days ago
Terry Love, and his son, have done a lot of work for us. I'm not sure if he does emergency repair still, but if he doesn't, he'll refer someone.
  • 29 days ago
I highly recommend Pete with Northsound Plumbing. Prompt, reliable, very knowledgeable. 206.227.4600
Plumber - Downtown
  • 30 days ago
I highly recommend Fox Plumbing
HVAC - South Park
  • 30 days ago
I've had a lot of bad luck with plumbers, and over the years have resolved to pay more for better quality. We've used Mr. Rooter exclusively for years now, and in particular one or two specific people at their company, who have been great.
  • 30 days ago
Just used this company and think they are great! Fast, efficient, reasonably priced and non no nonsense. Highly recommend!
Plumber - Lake City
  • 30 days ago
Best Plumbing is awesome. Use them for a lot of emergencies.
Plumber - Central District
  • 30 days ago
Jeff Nadeau of Radiant Heating and his team are the ultimate professionals for plumbing. I’ve been astonished at their knowledge on every aspect of plumbing including radiant heat installation. I mean amazing. Not inexpensive, but worth every penny!
  • 30 days ago
We had an uncommon issue with the plumbing in our newly remodeled house when we moved in, and the folks at Zoom Drain came in and helped us solve AND fix the mystery. Highly recommend them!
  • 23 days ago
Following. I've had poor experiences too.
  • 23 days ago
following. We've had many, many bad experiences. Still looking for a good one!
  • 16 days ago
Hi folks, thanks for all the responses. We ended up using Fox Plumbing and Heating (, recommended by Sara Eizen. Made an appointment the same day, the plumber came in, he had all the tools, fixed the issue in an hour, problem solved. They were steep ($360/hr) but good.
HVAC - South Park
  • 14 days ago
YAY!!! SO glad it worked out.
  • 15 days ago

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