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Jennifer Haller
10 months ago • Bitter Lake
Looking for a low-impact orthodontist
Looking for an orthodontist for my 13 year old daughter. Specifically someone who is comfortable with lowest-impact intervention. (Our previous ortho had her in braces, “accidentally” removed them early and then wanted to do a second round). Right now she just wants a retainer to do some minor realignment.
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10 months ago
We've been pretty happy with Green Lake Orthodontist (GLO). Our daughter's need for braces is somewhat optional and they haven't been pushing them. Also had an expander from them earlier which went well. They have a fun gameified reward program which kids like.
Orthodontist - Greenlake
  • 10 months ago
I highly recommend Dr. Amrit Burn's office. See my recommend's page for more details. Both my kids are working with her and the entire office is amazing. My favorite part about Dr. Burn is that she is very conservative. We really value that, too, and I really trust her. She really customizes her treatment plans to each patient, and errs on the side of less is more. Let her know I sent you!
Dentist - Pinehurst
  • 10 months ago
We love Ballard Orthodontics! The team there is friendly and enthusiastic every single time. Our son has done invisalign and it looks like he will even finish ahead of schedule. Appointments have been a breeze and there hasn't been any anxiety about it all. Highly recommend!
Orthodontist - Ballard
  • 10 months ago
We had great luck with Dr. Wong in Cap Hill. The practice is super flexible and responsive. My daughter actually feels comfortable going to her appointments on her own! We did Invisalign there.
Orthodontist - Capitol Hill
  • 10 months ago

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