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Edward Yim
5 months ago • Seattle

Need AV person to run HDMI cable through wall

The HDMI cable for my home theater broke. I need someone to either fix the end connector which broke or run a new cable through the wall.

Any help would be appreciated.
3 replies
5 months ago
Something small like that might be a good job for Capitol Hill handyman? Alternately you can probably purchase your own cable, protect the end with tape, and use the existing bad cable to pull the new cable through the wall...
Handyman - Madison Valley
  • 5 months ago
Agreed - start with a handyman or try to do it yourself. I'm not great at this, but I've managed to pull a cable or two. It's not too hard, assuming there is some room in the wall. Google "how to pull cable". If you need a true home automation professional, I recommend Wipliance. They can fix your whole setup no matter how complicated, including hardware, electrical, etc for $$$.
Home Automation
  • 5 months ago
Have had the same issue and thought about doing it myself and was told it was not hard but this was not encouraging -
We were having some electrical work done anyways and the electrician was able to pull the cable through the drywall. Better off paying a professional :)
  • 5 months ago

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