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Anne Gravrock
over 3 years ago • Seattle

Need electrician

We are looking for a reliable and available electrician to do some work in Madison Park. We have a detached garage with old electric that is not working both inside and outside the garage. It's likely we need a new circuit breaker installed.
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over 3 years ago
I HIGHLY recommend @Wire_Craft - they are GREAT!!!! Let them know Sara Eizen sent you.
over 3 years ago
Hey Anne, Check out any of these. I had this list for myself and got these from my bro in Laws who have a remodel Co.
Mirsky Electric- Matt Morningstar​ - (206) 931-4395‬) - ​
over 3 years ago
I recommend Ken Lanter of Lanter Electric, 206-498-0869
over 3 years ago