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8 months ago • Central District
Need new nail salon
My go to nail salon has become very dirty and worn. Actually scary so I’m looking for a CLEAN place for pedicures.
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7 months ago
Hey Tina! You should try Jolie Nails & Spa on 12th Ave.
Nails - Central District
  • 8 months ago
I like Gene Juarez downtown.
Hair Salon - Downtown
  • 8 months ago
Apollo Nails on Capital Hill is nice.
Nails - Queen Anne
  • 8 months ago
+1 for Apollo Nails, I also love Sen Salon in Madison Valley.
Nails - Madison Valley
  • 8 months ago
Sen Salon in Madison Valley is my favorite. They are closed on Tuesdays, so a good back up is Apollo Nails.
Nails - Madison Valley
  • 8 months ago
Sen Salon is the best kept secret in Seattle! Clean, personalized service, and great selection. Woman owned and operated with fantastic staff. Very community oriented. I've tried others, but can't find anywhere that competes!
Nails - Madison Valley
  • 7 months ago

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