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Kristy Morrison
about 1 month ago • Seattle
Need some concrete help for stairs and walkways
Have a project in progress and looking for someone to help us finish the job. Looking for a Brownstone type stoop build out along with a smaller stair and platform and walkways. Anyone have any reccs?
1 reply
about 1 month ago
I think SHD Landscape Design (Scott Holsapple Design) would be a good place to start. it's fairly inexpensive to get a quick design - which can go a long way towards ending up with concrete stairs and a walkway (there are a *ton* of options for this type of work .. from acid-reactive stain to drainage to iron work to planting).

Scott is a super nice guy - he did a design for me, which i'm looking at right now.
Landscape Architect - Lake City
  • about 1 month ago

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