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Kristy Morrison

How long do you have to live in Seattle to be considered from here? Over a decade living in Belltown and now in South-West Seattle. Or...that weird area that's officially Burien but closer to White Center named Shorewood. First-time homeowner!
Joined about 1 year ago

Kristy Recommends


Kindle Paperwhite
While I love paper books, sometimes you need something more specific. I absolutely adore reading on my Kindle Paperwhite. It's light, had adjustable backlighting and the new waterproof feature means I can take it anywhere without worry. I love that's it's small enough to toss in my purse for my bus trips, and light enough I can read in bed without hurting myself when I inevitably fall asleep and drop it on my face. The battery lasts forever too which means I am never without my book. I have the ad-supported version and wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. The ads are very unobtrusive and I never even notice them.
Kitchenaid Dishwasher
We replaced our Bosch with a Kitchenaid and have never looked back. It's so quiet I have to actually put hands on it to tell if it's running. Cleans fantastically. 10/10 would highly recommend
Air Freshener
I absolutely adore this air freshener system. With pets in the house I don't feel comfortable with lit candles. The pura device plugs into your outlet and you can control it via your phone. It let's you create schedules and even has a night light. You can order the scents from their site and even set up recurring shipments and save some money. They partner with companies like Nest, Brooklyn Candle, and Apotheke for their scents. So good!
Traeger Scout Smoker
I bought this little guy for my husband a year ago or so. We absolutely love it. It's small enough that we could take it camping, or even just easily put it away when not in use. We had some troubles getting the temperature right and realized the key is to manage the grease flare-ups. Keeping extra drip trays on hand makes that an easy thing. It's not super big, so if you're cooking for a huge group you might want to size up. But it's perfect for our family of 3 and we still have enough for tons of leftovers!



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Kristy's Conversations

Chelsia Andreassen
about 2 months ago • Ballard
Can anyone recommend a responsible and trustworthy cat sitter that can stay at your house?
Liz Pearce
7 months ago • Capitol Hill
Hi, FC friends! My favorite local yoga studio, Ritual House, is on a (hopefully temporary) schedule break and I need to find a new option quickly. ...
Kristy Morrison
8 months ago • Seattle
We are considering painting the exterior of our 1932 stucco house. It's never been painted, and the stucco is in good shape. I want to look at gett...
Detlef Schrempf
9 months ago • Bellevue
I know alcohol seems to help too but I hear the apps Headspace and Calm are pretty good.
Kristy Morrison
9 months ago • Seattle
Have a project in progress and looking for someone to help us finish the job. Looking for a Brownstone type stoop build out along with a smaller st...
Liz Pearce
11 months ago • Capitol Hill
Murphy's Law: the dishwasher dies the day out-of-town guests arrive. The appliance repair person (Mark Wiseman) said to cut my losses and get a new...
Jenny Vaughan
about 1 year ago • Seattle
Hello everyone!! Looking for some recommendations for wedding dress shopping for a friend! Anywhere from Bellevue to Tacoma! Thanks!
Liz Pearce
about 1 year ago • Capitol Hill
Hi, FC friends - what's your favorite bakery for custom decorated cakes? I've used Madison Park Bakery in the past...they do a nice job on the desi...
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