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Kristy Morrison

How long do you have to live in Seattle to be considered from here? Over a decade living in Belltown and now in South-West Seattle. Or...that weird area that's officially Burien but closer to White Center named Shorewood. First-time homeowner!
Joined 8 months ago

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Liz Pearce
about 1 month ago • Montlake
Hi, FC friends! My favorite local yoga studio, Ritual House, is on a (hopefully temporary) schedule break and I need to find a new option quickly. ...
Kristy Morrison
3 months ago • Seattle
We are considering painting the exterior of our 1932 stucco house. It's never been painted, and the stucco is in good shape. I want to look at gett...
Detlef Schrempf
4 months ago • Bellevue
I know alcohol seems to help too but I hear the apps Headspace and Calm are pretty good.
Kristy Morrison
4 months ago • Seattle
Have a project in progress and looking for someone to help us finish the job. Looking for a Brownstone type stoop build out along with a smaller st...
Liz Pearce
5 months ago • Montlake
Murphy's Law: the dishwasher dies the day out-of-town guests arrive. The appliance repair person (Mark Wiseman) said to cut my losses and get a new...
Jenny Vaughan
7 months ago • Seattle
Hello everyone!! Looking for some recommendations for wedding dress shopping for a friend! Anywhere from Bellevue to Tacoma! Thanks!
Liz Pearce
9 months ago • Montlake
Hi, FC friends - what's your favorite bakery for custom decorated cakes? I've used Madison Park Bakery in the past...they do a nice job on the desi...
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