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Michelle Flandreau
about 3 years ago • Seattle

Outdoor BBQ Island Countertops & Install

We just had our outdoor cabinets and BBQ delivered and now need countertops before setting the BBQ in place. I've heard granite is best for outdoor countertops, but would love suggestions for Seattle weather, places to purchase and people to install. This is more challenging than I would have thought. Help!
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about 3 years ago
Carly Kiser told me about her experience with Integrity Stonework for a blog post we wrote about her remodel. I know she put a lot of work into sourcing her suppliers!
about 3 years ago Please let the owner, Jennifer, know I sent you! :)
about 3 years ago
Linda Lowry I wish I had seen this before I started ordering things - they look great- thanks!
about 3 years ago