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Maile Bohlmann
3 months ago • Ballard
Responsive Appliance Repair Person
Our dishwasher is broken and we've had an impossible time trying to get a repair person during this stay-at-home time. We've tried four people and even our regular guy isn't returning calls. Any recommendation for a reliable and responsive repair person? Thank you!
6 replies
3 months ago
Hi Maile. Last time I had a broken appliance I called Appliance Service Station and they did a nice job. It depends on the brand, though. Not sure how busy they are during the lockdown. Report back when you find someone!
Appliances - Bitter Lake
  • 3 months ago
Luwa Luxury is great but they only do certain brands.
  • 3 months ago
Dave at Dave's Appliance Repair
Appliances - Capitol Hill
  • 3 months ago
Hi Maile! Sorry to hear that! Have you tried getting quote from Yelp? Our furnace broke earlier and I used yelp to quote multiple repair services, those who are still operating would reply and give you some idea around pricing and timing, I found our plumber and furnace repair from there and it worked pretty well. Hope your dishwasher gets fixed very soon! Missing you!
  • 3 months ago
Despite some weird reviews online we were blown away and happy with the service from - this outfit is probably a franchise of the larger reviewed one. The Jimmy Z folks were super nice and helpful.
  • 3 months ago
AA All City Appliance Repair. Greg runs a great business, and is ethical. He can get busy, though. But I know he is working right now.
  • 3 months ago

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