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Susan Stocker

I have an MFA in Poetry! I own Susan's Green Cleaning in Seattle! I am an ergophile, a bibliophile, and I love kind people.
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AA All City Appliance Repair
AA All City Appliance Repair. Greg runs a great business, and is ethical. Great to work with.
City Vacuum & Sewing Center
Great, honest company run by a super ethical family! They fix our cleaning company's Mieles and he charges a fair price, is fun to work with, and will make you laugh every time you go into his shop.
Eco Lighting Electric
I love Daniel, the owner. He is always reasonably priced, quick, knowledgeable, careful, thoughtful, respectful, and honest. He is also just a super nice guy to work with, as are his employees. I purchased an older home several years ago, and every so often will get a wild hair about, say, adding a wall sconce on a wall, or adding an outlet directly behind a new table so no cords are showing, etc. He is always ready to give me a date he is available, completes the task at the price quoted, and always does beautiful work.
ES General Contractor
General Contractor
I hired Zeke Vicenio from ES General Contractor - they specialize in custom kitchen cabinets. He does beautiful work -- he did the cabinets under my stairs and, because my house is a hundred years old and not perfectly even, it was a challenge. They turned out gorgeous!
NW Hoarding
Junk Removal
This company is wonderful for taking loving, gentle care of hoarding situations. We've referred to them numerous times, and every time we've had great feedback. Hoarding can be such a delicate and sensitive issue -- often with the owner feeling vulnerable, judged, a bit lost or scared. This company approaches with kindness, and that is exactly what the hoarding doctor ordered!!
Recycling Services
Ridwell is amazing, and they recycle plastic film (the main reason I have them) -- this includes your Amazon Mailers! They also regularly collect batteries, light bulbs, "threads" (clothing), Styrofoam (fee is $9), and other items are rotated throughout the year: plastic forks etc., toner cartridges, toothpaste tubs, and tons of other things! I paid upfront and the entire year was only $120 (not including the Styrofoam pick ups).
Zerorez Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaner
I recommend this company to all of our move out cleaning customers. They do GORGEOUS work! And they're green. And they're ethical! Anthony, the owner, is awesome. He donates carpet cleanings to good causes (youth homes, etc.) and so cares about his customers. They have a great odor removal service for homes that've had pet accidents. And on my furnished rental with some unexpected, and quite significant, staining on white chairs, they got all of the stains out and it looks brand new. They're reasonable, their cleaning disinfects without harsh chemicals, and I can't say enough about their customer service.


Accutint Northwest
Auto Mechanic
Greg, the owner, is awesome, and so is his wife. They take good care of me and my cars and takes care of my special, quirky requirements (I don't like any scents as they give me a headache), and they even have the car doors open (while it is on the red carpet waiting for me to pick up) to let any scent air out. It is that extra level of care and personal relationship that I really treasure. That, and the good work and very reasonable pricing.
Brown Bear Car Wash
Car Wash
I love that they make an effort to be green, conveniently located, take considerable pride in their business (those bear statues cannot be inexpensive) that makes it fun and pretty to drive through, and their monthly pass is only $22 (unlimited). We use them for our company cars, my personal cars, and the employees remember things (such as I don't like the hand held cleaning brush used on my car).
Russell's Mobile Car Detailing
The most detailed, thorough, attention to detail car detailing I think I have ever had. Every single crevice, nook, cranny was tended to. Russell's Car Care has more mobile equipment I think I have ever seen (and a lot of it was so tiny it looked like dental drills and equipment!). He does not skimp on time -- it was about 4 hours. And that they come to you is such a bonus. I cannot recommend enough.
Stones German Garage
Auto Mechanic
They work on my Porsches, they are friendly, honest, fair, and I trust they are doing to do a good job and not overcharge me. The owner is also just a personable, cool guy, and a fell crow lover!

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Susan's Conversations

Jacob Hollenbeck
8 days ago • Delridge
With the push to be more conscious of the environment I was wondering if anyone has successfully migrated over to using a bidet? It has always seem...
Carol Butler
about 2 months ago • Capitol Hill
I have multiple prints and photos that need to be arranged and hung throughout my home which has 3 floors. I also don't have the correct "stuff" ne...
Ryan Bruss
2 months ago • Redmond
I'd like to make a locally sourced fresh turkey this year. Does anyone know of a place to order one?
Liz Pearce
5 months ago • Capitol Hill
Hi, friends. Hoping someone in my network has some guidance on getting a home security system in place. Do you have a company that you’re happy wit...
Meredith Fife
5 months ago • Auburn
Hi Everyone, We are starting to think about a kitchen remodel and I was wondering if anyone has installed Semi-Handmade kitchen cabinets? If so, wh...
Susan Stocker
5 months ago • Seattle
I love my detailer, but I don't want to wait in the shop during COVID for it be done or risk taking an Uber back home while it's being detailed. Th...
Ryan Bruss
5 months ago • Redmond
After 2 years, the CO2 tank for my kegerator is finally empty. Does anyone have any idea where to get it filled? I first got it filled at a party s...
Kelly Crimmins
6 months ago • Seattle
I'm looking for some yummy restaurants that are adhering to CoVid guidelines with outside tables. We live in North Seattle, but will travel for a F...
Chris Boutee
6 months ago • Downtown
Getting ready to redo a kitchen in a 1939 home. Need an electrician's advice for lighting and electric outlet possibilities.
Linda Lowry
6 months ago • Seattle
Bloodworks NW, a non-profit and first responder that services 90+ local hospitals is in need of O+ blood donors. O+ blood supply has dropped by ove...
Maile Bohlmann
7 months ago • Ballard
Our dishwasher is broken and we've had an impossible time trying to get a repair person during this stay-at-home time. We've tried four people and ...
Ryan Bruss
8 months ago • Redmond
Does anyone know if Honeycrisp and Fuji apple trees will pollenate each other?
Detlef Schrempf
9 months ago • Bellevue
I know alcohol seems to help too but I hear the apps Headspace and Calm are pretty good.
Liz Pearce
10 months ago • Capitol Hill
I promise, this was on my list long before the current crisis! But now that I have some extra time on my hands, I'd love to cross it off my list. W...
Anne Gravrock
10 months ago • Madison Park
This seems like the best forum for consumer reporting! We are in the market for a new vacuum. We are a family of 5 with a cat and soon to be dog ow...
Steve Banfield
about 1 year ago • West Seattle
Looking for a vacuum cleaner repair provider who can clean and unclog a vacuum without sucking all the cash out of my pocket.
Matt Gamboa
12 months ago • Bellevue
Anyone have experience replacing a 2014+ BMW battery? The local dealership is quoting way more than I expect. It's the first time I've had to repla...
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