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Mark Taylor II
over 1 year ago • Atlanta

What Black-owned businesses are you patronizing for Black History Month?

I shop and partake in a variety of businesses, but this month, I’m dedicated to getting my resources, products, and services at least one a day from a black-owned business in honor of Black History Month.

Whether it’s a bangin’ brunch spot, a cool fashion boutique, great hair care products or even a healthcare provider, what businesses are you patronizing?

Help me find more venues to patronize locally and online.

I recently visited and talked with a few black businesses in the community. This month, I’m dedicated to patronizing at least one black business per day in honor of support for the good works and great products black businesses provide!

Some include:

- Tassili’s Raw Reality Cafe: for some wholesome natural vegan food |
- Zinah’s Artistic Retail Boutique: to look at nice home decorating pieces and some grooming/beauty products |
- Clutch Bicycle Shop: to check out some new wheels |
- OneSource Atlanta: in search of rental properties |
- Eyecare 1: Vision Centre: to get contact solution for a relative |
- Innovative Smiles at the Forum: for my dental hygine needs |
- D Cafe Atlanta: for good southern fixins to tantalize my tastebuds |

Check them out and let me know the best spots or cool entreprenuers your communities that you like to support!
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over 1 year ago
My favorite local black-owned business is the Clean Juice at Sandy Plains. They opened during the beginning of the pandemic, and still managed to do great because they fill a big need for healthy food in our area. The owner, Kim, is often in there, greets me by name, asked about my kids, cares about the community. I'm so grateful for this quick, healthy, good food nearby!
over 1 year ago
I love Zion Rozier. He's a local artist and entrepreneur. He did an amazing portrait of my girls. I also love Donata Joseph skin and hair products, they're vegan and made with love.
over 1 year ago
More good stuff for us to try!!
over 1 year ago
Great suggestions! Sally Peter - I’ve wanted to try out Clean Juice for a while now. I’ve heard about them through quite a few associates. Clau C That’s awesome! I love to see great artwork. I think I might want to give the Skinfood a try!
over 1 year ago
Highly recommend Bibama Chocolate! The owner is from Cameroon and has become a successful chocolateer here in Denver. I love that his product is sustainable and grown on a family farm in Africa- such a cool story.
over 1 year ago