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Lawrence Lerner
over 2 years ago • Seattle

Where do you buy your bulk coffee?

I love my morning coffee. Every week, I go through about a pound of beans. I've asked around a few roast about selling in bulk but no joy. PCC has a decent section with Tony's brand being the one they sell.

Do any of your buy-in quantity and if so, where? Thanks in advance!
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over 2 years ago sells in 5 lbs bags. you get a discount when you buy that much as well. So online. :)
over 2 years ago
How many pounds are you thinking at once? Not sure if you're familiar, but BeanBox, a local company, has an auto-ship option that might get you fresh coffee on the regular delivered to your door :)
see - Bean Box
over 2 years ago
2 - 5lbs for some cost savings and lower shipping costs. $21 for 12 oz on Bean Box is a non-starter. Everyone has some form of subscription but it's still the same price plus shipping.
over 2 years ago
We get most of my coffee from Amazon. I find that they have very reasonable pricing on some pretty good organic whole beans. There is a lot of variety, but our main go tos end up being Kicking Horse and Equal Exchange. I do love Tony's however, especially the Espresso Noir :-)
over 2 years ago
For those following along... I decided to go with Café Umbria. Local roaster and they have 5 lb bags that I can pick up in their café. I went with ARCO ETRUSCO.

Thanks for everyone's time and advice.
over 2 years ago