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Julie Joyce
over 2 years ago • Austin

Wii Console

Has anyone purchased, or know anyone who has purchased a new or refurbished Wii console? We have one from at least 12 years ago and it finally croaked. We have quite a few Wii discs and didn’t know the quality of the new or refurbished units.
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over 2 years ago
I would check pawn
Shops! They’ll let u try them out
over 2 years ago
I think if you went through a local gaming store they would be able to help you find a refurbished unit and would probably offer some sort of safety measure to try it to make sure it is working. We are still using our original console.
over 2 years ago
Try! Also, if you like Nintendo, I'm in love with my Switch :)
over 2 years ago
I got 2 Wii's at for $25. They made a ton of Wiis back in the day, so they are a lot of them out there. Most listings are auctions, but if you're persistent you can get good deals. There is a big video game shortage right now, and used video game shops are charging top dollar.
see - Goodwill
over 2 years ago