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over 2 years ago
Allied Roofing Installation Service re-roofed my home and I am very impressed with the job they did for me and for their operation. From the first phone call to the last conversation, it was a pleasure doing business with them.

I had met Eliseo, the owner, a year ago on another job site. Allied Roofing had reroofed a flat roof on a commercial building that I leased to build our newest dance studio, American Dance Institute-Magnolia.

The landlord used Allied Roofing for all of his properties. That building had a very old roof for a space that had been unoccupied for 28 years.

Flat roofs are notoriously difficult to seal up and not unexpectedly, I had to call Allied back several times for leaks during heavy, wind-driven rainstorms. He always answered my phone calls and promptly sent good crews over whenever a pesky leak appeared. They are all fixed now, thank goodness.

I knew that I too needed a new roof on my home and that I wanted to use Allied Roofing Installation Service because of the service Eliseo provided.

My home re-roofing job consisted of the removal of two layers of old asphalt shingles and the installation of the same shingle color and style as the previous shingle. Eliseo went out of his way to find the exact shingle we wanted.

His crew showed up on time each day and worked a full day, always cleaning up before they left. They communicated well, always wore their masks, and respected my home, yard and family.

We just concluded two days of rain and not a single leak.

In summary, Allied Roofing Installation Service roofing is an excellent company and I highly recommend them.