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about 2 years ago
Ascension vegan meals are such a delicious life saver! The quality, variety, and value of the meals offered each week keeps me interested and coming back week after week. I look forward to the delivery every Sunday and Wednesday as I don’t even need to leave my house for excellent, vegan meals prepared with love by Cailey and Vinny. The portions are large and the instructions on heating up (if needed) are clear and very easy. The sauces Cailey makes from scratch are so good and she provides you with plenty for each meal. If you love good “clean” food and don’t have the time or energy to prepare it yourself I highly recommend giving Ascension Foods a try. The only thing you have to lose is weight!
about 2 years ago
I love our weekly "Vinny and Cailey meals!" They are so tasty and healthy. The best part is, my kids love them too! This is an easy way to eat a plant-based diet without having to think about it. The weekly menu comes out on Wednesday, you order by Friday for Wednesday and Friday deliveries. Check them out!