Big Sky Pediatric Therapy

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over 2 years ago
The staff at Big Sky are caring and understanding. Big Sky has been such a positive influence in our child's growth. Our son's development has improved significantly with the help of Big Sky therapists, he's always looking forward to visiting with his OT specialist. We can't recommend Big Sky enough.
over 2 years ago
We have been going to Big Sky for now over 2 years with our son. We have done speech and OT and have been extremely happy with our experience. The facility is wonderful with so much for them to be able to do and the therapist are all just so wonderful with the kids. We drive 20 min to get there, that is how good it is, when there are many others closer to us. We just love Big Sky.
Cindy Hawkins They are really very good with children.
  • over 2 years ago