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LFR for a financial advisor here in Austin. I’m looking for a fee-only advisor so someone who is a NAPFA member is preferred.
2 replies
Last reply about 1 month ago
Ajay Waghray I'm working on one for myself! Here's the thread where I asked about the same thing -
Christopher Conner Perfect, thanks!
Does anyone have a great accountant that they use in Austin? Want one that I pay on a rate basis, NOT one that makes a commission from products or ...
8 replies
Last reply about 2 months ago
Dustin Claudia who Nathan linked to above is who Marc Perlman uses. Also John Knox likes and uses Pat Galle linked here -
Dustin @Nathan why does my link above not auto resolve to look nice like yours or what usability did I mess to recommend from sources 😁
Nathan Kriege @WeGoRTW check again. The links don't fill in immediately.

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