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Daniel Lindsey

Electrical Engineering for a living, Kung Fu for balance, Hiking and camping for the spirit, Gardening for peace, and Anime for eyebrow raising.
Joined 4 months ago

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Ryan Bruss
5 days ago • Redmond
I'm finally getting around to setting up the smart home devices at my new house and now have as many Google Home devices as Alexa devices (they lov...
Ryan Bruss
2 months ago • Redmond
After 2 years, the CO2 tank for my kegerator is finally empty. Does anyone have any idea where to get it filled? I first got it filled at a party s...
Zaris Shen
2 months ago • Woodinville
Hi Everyone 👋, Today is my first day at FreshChalk! So excited 😁 . I just graduated from UW in Summer 2020🎓 and just (August 2020) bought my first...
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