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over 2 years ago
What can I say, I dig some funk! While setting up your outdoor space, be sure to explore local junk and vintage shops to find unique items that speak to you for your space. I was lucky enough to find two awesome vintage lawn chairs and a table at a local junk shop while visiting family in Michigan. The chairs are extremely well made with great personality. Plus, reusing old items keeps them out of landfills and reduces waste. I also found an old oil pan that I use as a candle holder on my porch. Be creative! Give that item a new purpose other than the one it was designed for. Explore vintage shops, flea markets, garage sales and antique shops to add a personal touch to your outdoor space.

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About Deer Creek Junk

What started as a hub for "great barn junk" has now evolved into a studio/warehouse for a curated collection of rescued goods. Karen Brennan is the lead junker, picker, engineer, maker, and lover of all things salvage and second chances. Make an appointment to visit Karen and Deer Creek Junk to view a selection of rescued and repurposed pieces.

Shop by appointment only. Visit the Deer Creek Junk website to schedule.